Sunday, April 15, 2007

How Creative a Conman Can You Be? (Part 1)

Okay I'm going to show all of you something.

Take a look at this piece of transparent square plastic I am holding up.This piece of plastic probably costs 50 sen at most. Probably even less.

Now the question is this.

If I gave you this piece of plastic, what would you try to sell it as to make the most money as you can out of it?

The reason I'm asking all of you this question is because I have a brilliant answer to that which I will reveal within the next two days.. HAHAHA.

Okay... so tell me what you'll sell it as, and realistic suggestions only please.

Don't say "I will sell it as a time machine!"...

It has to be something that an average person would at least consider buying.


andrew said...

*wears throne shamelessly and proudly*
stayed up whole night until 1pm, just on cheezels :D

陈一豪 said...

Well, the photostating cartel at my Institute photostats infuses little bits of carbon blobs on them and charges RM1.50 for them. Is that 'con' enough?

andrew said...

i would sell it as...

a. a computer screen/TV monitor filter, to filter out the radiation

b. a picture frame glass cover


anthraxxxx said...

Sell it as a Feng shui plastic that will bring good luck for striking 4D.

Anonymous said...

I'm an average person. I'd buy it if it had you doing your belly dance printed on it in sequences. hehehe :p

then maybe i'd sell it off again saying it's a time machine to go back in time to see you doing the belly dance! woohoO!

aL said...

how to tell you when there's no rewards to motivate us?


lufiasism said...

This "unobtainium" film is good in home protection against break-ins. Protects from glass shatter and parang-proof. Complies to ANSI Z87.1 requirement for basic and high impact protection.

amacam ?

electronicfly said...

wah, lufiasism's one very chun..very believable.

I would cut the plastic into a box, and sell the box. plastic=rm0.50, box=rm5.00 at least.

*see, fei smart, can save money.*

Unknown said...

Ask boss stewie to write some inspirational words and sign it. Then sell it two years later when boss become a millionaire. I think this masterpiece could fetch at least hundred by then.

Unknown said...

Fuiyoh. So easy. Put it through the government procurement mechanism.

1) Have an "open" tender to supply transparent plastic. $5,000 for each tender package submitted.

2) Have my expert transparent plastic consultant, Timothy Tiah, to evaluate the tender bids. Needs special skills, so pay Timothy $500,000 (eh, you buying me that Alfa Romeo in my wife's name, right? Later I call you ah, we go choose color & options)

3) award the tender to my Auntie May. She's not really my Auntie. But anyone who pays me $300,000 to my Swiss account can be my sister for all I care. :))

4) Aiyo, this Auntie May, so generous! Only charge me $1,000 for each plastic wor. Why so cheap? Even though it has special properties. I can't reveal the special properties. It's an OFFICIAL SECRET. All you Opposition people trying to reveal it, I will JAIL you.

5).. what 5?? What am I doing posting on a blog? I WIN!!! Cheerio!! I'm off to my $20 million yatch!!!

BTW, I'm talking from my experience as a Zimbabzean citizen, not any country you are familiar with.

Utterly Frustrated said...

a pda/handphone/laptop/mini-LCD screen protector.

or some funky transparent bookmark with the nuffnang logo printed on it.


Jed said...

One can probably craft something out of it and sell it according to the complexity of its outcome...

Money does not come easily, right?

Boss Stewie said...

dr tan: hahaahha!!! yes maybee

andrew: how much do you think you could possibly sell it for as a photo frame cover?

antraxxx: hahaa okok this one maybe can sell for quite a bit

suicidal: ahahahahaha u and your belly dancing

al: hahahaha... aiyoooo

lufia: hahaha okok! PASS... i would have bought it

her feiness: LOL... it would be a very small box then

richard: ahaaaahaha... i wisshhhhhh
you might've just made a bad investment if you did that :P

a: lol!

kristin: screen protector eh? hha

jed: well no matter what you carve out of it.. how much can you possibly sell it for?

HK said...

mine isn't really conman-like, but it goes like this.. if I print something on it, for say, an artist/idol/superstar/footballer's autograph on it.

There you go, authentic autographs for RM50 each. (9900% return)

can also be used to laminate your desk. extra RM10 for special all-surface, multi purpose, stick-on glue.

HK said...

shouldn't use glue. Need more fancy words..

Ok, let's call it adhesive.
Speccciialll Adhesive. So powderful the word that people will buy it.

If I say that it comes from amarika, extra rm10.

Chee Kui said...

I think you can sell it for USD197 if you use it as an ebook cover that you bind with 3 ring binder.

Just a wild guess :D

Kiss my ass said...

*stupidly stands in the corner trying to copy jawapan...

Wilson J Q Quah said...

you could make a spoof ghost photo and sell it for loads, creating artificial traffics etc

Wilson J Q Quah said...

I know i know cut it into pieces and sell as screen protector for hand phones :D

Utterly Frustrated said...

yes, screen protector.

coz i use it for my macbook too ;p

-blake- said...

cut it into some designs like dogs, cats, christmas tree, etc and attach a string with the suction thingy to sell it as a decoration piece. Probably could market it for RM5 each. Each plastic could probably make 4 of it.

Flyz said...

This is the latest in projection technology, you might just see it as a piece of transparent plastic, but don't be fooled.

With this 'special' adapter, you can plug this into any CPU and it'll be a computer monitor. The screen is one-sided, you can see what's on the screen, but the other side will see it as transparent. It is also water-proof, drop proof and scratch-proof.

The adapter and monitor is a registered patent of Nuffnang Corp. You can check the patent registration at the website.

This adapter cannot be found anywhere else, well, not yet because the US company that developed it didn't have the rights to sell it in Malaysia yet. So they can only sell it directly by cash. When they finally managed to get the Malaysian government to sell it, you're already a proud owner of this new technology. You better buy it now because when we start selling it retail, I'm sure it'll be sold out within days, then you want to buy also cannot, better buy now.

You know what? Since you're such a good listener, I'll give you a special deal. If you buy 1 set of the screen and monitor, I'll throw in another monitor, FREE OF CHARGE! What you say? It's a great deal, in US, its sold for 499 USD, but this special new deal, it's only RM 1499 per set, and you get an extra screen some more.

Oh yeah, can you keep this a secret please, remember we don't have the rights to sell it yet.

Thank you

Gwendolynne said...

New nicotine patch that you cut to fit and put into the soles of your shoes. Supposedly the nicotine will go into your system through your feet. This would work especially if you are standing all day or walk a lot. Instead of the tiny 2 inch patches that you use, cutting the nicotine patch to match your shoe size would balance out the nicotine your body needs based on how big your feet are hence making it more effective.

Or nicotine patch could be replaced with "WEIGHT LOSS PATCH" and sell it to women with the same reasons and methods of use.

Gwendolynne said...

Oooh oooh I terthought of one more idea!!!

Cut the plastic up into ridiculously small pieces and by ridiculous I mean 1 cm bits or less, and then bundle them in a pretty bag and sell it as the world's most difficult Jigsaw Puzzle!!!

MUAHAHAHAH *evil genius laughter*

hao said...

With some small pieces of paper underneath it, rub it with a piece of clothes or anything until it has enough static charge to make those small pieces of paper stick on it. Tell your customer that's magic.

Horny Ang Moh said...

I am selling to u one special multiuse clear protection sheet.
1.U can use it as coputer monitor screem protector against finger print smudge harmfull ray blocking.
2. U can also as notebook screem protection, advantage same as above.
3. U can use a book cover protector.
4. U can also use in office to cover your coffee cup, food bowles cover etc.
5. U can use as transparancy also.
6. This protector sheets can be cut to any size u wan
7. Now the best deal this wanderfull sheets only cost u RM1.50!! But waite if u buy 10 sheets only Rm1.00.

Wilson J Q Quah said...

hor ny is da bomb, niama u once a salesman forever a salesman

Jess said...

firstly, i would use glass paint to paint it with beautiful patterns..

then i would hot glue into the shape of a cylinder..

then i would put light bulbs in it..

then i will have a customised lamp..

well thats what i would sell it as anyway

Unknown said...

willy tries to sell: look, here's the deal. here's a clear sheet of transparency. you can do WHATEVER WITH IT... and i do mean WHATEVER. all you need to do it just buy it. and that guy/girl over there, says will give you a kiss if u buy it. how deal?
(damn i suck at selling)

Donny Ang said...

Cut them in a few square pieces and cross sell to drug addicts 50cents each to promote cleaner surface in snorting cocaine :D

Boss Stewie said...

ares: lol... sooo creative

cheekui: wah ebook cover so many expensive?? Yau mouuuu

shireen: hahaa

lepton: good one boss hahah

kirstin: ooooooo!!!

blake; so that's RM20 that you can sell the whole piece for.. ahh


gwen: lol... nicotine patch for shoes... this is getting soo creative

hao: lol... simple and effective

hor ny: ahhaha coming from a true salesman!

jess: and how much do you think taht will cost?

william: hahaha... but then u put in the extra effort to get the girl to give the buyer a kiss

donny: hahaha u think the drug addicts would care bout hygiene? heheheh