Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Creative a Conman Can You Be? (Part 2)

Okay you guys came out with such creative answers to the last question, that it makes the story I have look like crap.

If you haven't read the creative ideas my dear readers came up with to sell this stupid piece of plastic, then please click here to view the previous post and read the comments.

Okay, here's the answer.

This stupid piece of plastic that I'm holding here is supposed to be.....

*Drum roll please*


Now screen filters are meant to be placed on your computer monitor to reduce glare and radiation.

Of course, there is no real way for you to naturally tell whether it really reduces radiation or not (unless you carry one of those FBI devices or unless you're Mighty Mouse).

But you can see if it reduces glare or not... and if it does.. by how much.

So I ran a little test.


See any difference?

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE (or at least not much of a difference).

Then I decided to cover half the screen with the "filter" to have a more face to face comparison on whether the "filter" brings any value at all.

So I took this picture (Notice half the "filter" is on the left half of the screen).

Do you see a difference?

Not much apart from the fact that there's a stupid piece of plastic in front of the monitor.

Think about it, if each of these pieces of plastic costs 50 sen, and you can sell it for RM25, you make 50 times the amount you put in.

So if you sell a hundred pieces of this. it will cost you RM50 for all the plastic.

And you the amount of money you can earn when you sell it turns out to be... RM2,500.

What a brilliant idea this is.

Of course the next step would be to find someone who would believe your story and buy it.

In this case... that someone was....


I was walking around my home a few days ago when I suddenly heard my sister shout to herself when she was sitting in front of the computer


I went over to find out what happened and she told me the whole story.

She went to look for a screen filter at this shop in Penang. She had a good idea what screen filters look like since her college had those hung from the top of their monitors and it really reduced glare and the strain on her eyes.

So one afternoon she walked into a shop confidently and asked for a screen filter.

The salesman at the shop took out this stupid piece of plastic and showed it to her
"This is our best screen filter... it costs RM25 and it's super thin, doesn't make your monitor look ugly.. you won't even know it's there". (He was right about this... you really wouldn't know if it was there or not)

But my sister was suspicious at first.

She said
"Eh??? I thought screen filter is much bigger than this and hangs from the top of the monitor?"

The salesman said
"Oh no ... don't worry.. that wan is for CRT monitors, this one is for LCD monitors... this one better".

So my sister believed him, bought the "filter" and went home.

The minute her feet touched the warm wooden floor of home, she ran to her computer and placed the "filter" there
only to find that... IT DOESN'T EVEN STICK ON TO THE SCREEN!!!!

That's when she yelled

That's when I came over only to see her in front of the computer surfing the net with one hand and holding the "filter" to the monitor with the other.

So there you go everyone, the conman wins again.

Now we don't know what to do with the stupid piece of plastic. Anyone have an idea?

Maybe we'll start wearing it like this... start a new trend.

It won't be long before the teenagers at school start saying

PS: Some people might actually know something that I don't... that this stupid piece of plastic actually works! Please enlighten me if that's true... and tell me how I could test it or at least find a way to see the difference.


Wilson J Q Quah said...


Wilson J Q Quah said...

boss i only have 1 thing to say...... LOL and LOL

but seriously, i wasn't kidding when i said can spoof a ghost photo

Boss Stewie said...

boss: show me!!!

unnamed said...

haha kena conned.
once bite twice shy.

Daphne Maia said...

hah.. RM25 can buy 1/22 of a tub of haagen daz's ice cream. hahaha. ok...

but that besides the pt.. is.. why don't u just turn the screen slightly dimmer so that it doesn't "glare" that much? or is that not the point of it all?

haha. ur sis looks like a photostat copy of u. cute. hehe.

electronicfly said...

Go get refund la... pls say your sis kept the reciept..

Gwendolynne said...

Take some guys and go whack the conman. Your sis is too hot to be cheated. My gawd.

Anonymous said...

walao eh!! think hard-earned money nice to cheat one ar?!?!?! I say get your brothers (i mean in the wa lang si brudder way) all together and go whack that bloody ball-less/no-dick conman. GO DROWN HIM IN HAAGEN DAZS OR SOMETHING!!!

kesian lah rm25 can buy me a ride home.. :p

lookenneth said...

kena cheat 9999999999!!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy! To test wheather the filter is UV blocked is simple. Place a LCD caculator's display showing all the digit like eg 88888888 or any number will do. Now u look at the caculator display no throught the filter. U can still see the number. Now slowly rotate the filter, at one stage the caculator display will be black, if u can see the display all the time while u rotate the filter then cumfirm coned big time. U can also use digital watch with LCD display if no caculator. Have a try hope ur sis is not conned.

Chee Kui said...

wah? good idea :p Hmm, I think I can start this business, hehe!

MaN|acZ said...

first of all, I haven't never heard of the need to purchase a filter for LCD screen before.

correct if I'm wrong, but the reason a computer user buys a screen filter is to reduce radiation of the monitor towards the computer user.

LCD monitor are known to have "low" radiation (didn't really check) than CRT monitor, so there's no need to use a screen filter compared to CRT monitors.

from the screenshot, I think I can assume that is really a LCD monitor.

so, if your sis is not IT savvy person, I can understand.

not to be rude, but that's my 2 cents. :|

hao said...

WAH! Like this oso can? *speechless*


Boss Stewie said...

vicky: haih!!! sad lorrr kena cheated!!

daphne: where's the fun in life is we always find the direct solutions to solving problems... why not beat around the bush :P

her feiness: i don't even think my sis got a receipt

gwenny: lolll!!!

suicidal: hahaha drown in haagen dazs.. what a terrible death

hor ny: wah.. what's the logic behind that ar?

cheekui: hahaha yes.. go and be a conman

maniacz: you're right! lol

hao: heheheh

Wilson J Q Quah said...

actually, the screen protector is really a screen protector. it prevents scratches and marks on the LCD screen, so technically your sister is not conned, but she's just sold a very expensive one.

Boss Stewie said...

boss: CON MEANS CON!!!!! and i think she asked for screen filter... not protector

Ryudiculous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Utterly Frustrated said...

screen filter eh?

so i was right?!


Lance de'Cypher said...

Technically, LCD's provide alot less glare n hurt onto one's eyes compared to the CRT. This is due to the CRT using a ray gun while LCD uses liquid crytals. And that's where their strong point stands.

I highly doubt you actually need a screen protector in the first place. If it's too bright, just drop the brightness level.

Well, since you've come this far, it works as a handy table mat when you feel like eating near your pc too. =)

Unknown said...

Is your sister born in the year of the rabbit? If she is, then the star combination in her chart is not that good.

Unknown said...

Why bother with BS screen filters? They almost never work and fuks up your monitor/LCD cos you need to turn it up a notch.

Unknown said...

boss, the logic behind horny's thing is that calculator display LCDs are polarized when it is exiting the crystals. thats how the black and white showing can happen. the crystals 'twist' when electrical charges are applied to it, blocking/unblocking light. i agree with horny on this.
another part is i too agree that LCD screens do not need filters. normal monitors uses CRT which is working on the principle of ejecting high speed electrons from the back. This is bad coz not all the electrons can be absorbed by the screen, so the user in front of the screen is affected. LCDs on the other hand have no electrons involved. its working principle is like calculators and watches too, just that it consists of more colors (RGB) and a whole lot complicated electronics. bottom line is, there's no electron radiation.
sorry to say this dude, but ur sis got conned.

earl-ku said...

aiyo ... that is a lcd monitor you got there rite, lcd monitor does not produce anything which radiates which requires you to get a filter unlike the conventional crt monitor ...

you guys got conned nicely ...

mae said...

If I'm not wrong hor, that "screen" your sister got is really.. transparency. That is if your "screen" fails the test lah. If its transparency plastic then I'm sure you know whats it for right? There's only two things you can do with transparency plastic that I know of.
a)use it in your presentation by going old school and bringing back the good ol' projector and screen; b) use it as a cover protector for your projects.

Otherwise you could pretend its a time machine! :P

Boss Stewie said...

kristin: yes u were right :P

lance: hahahaha yes yes... point taken

giovoni: the star combination??? explain moreeeee

toxicle: HAHAHA lol.. but that just means... u're defeating the purpose of the screen filter.. just like the screen filter is meant to defeat the purpose of the brightness knob

william: lol my poor mei mei!!!

earl: lol leng!!!

mae: hahahaha... yes.. it's a time machine

VIn©ëNt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VIn©ëNt said...

i thought this piece of transperant plastic is a transperancy from OHPs in case MY dun have OHPs... OHPs is a kinda(old) machine which shoots light from underneath a piece of transperant plastic and projects the things written on the plastic to a bigger screen... more for presentations in the past...so i think u kena cheated?
and ya i agree LCDs dun hurt ur eyes... no need for cover... unless u look at the screen from 6cm la... ar boh i dun think will hurt ur eyes as much as CRT... its liquid crystal u know... :)

JPP Papa said...

oh man... that is suck man. kesian your sister kena tipu besar2an. nasib RM25 kalau RM100 or more.. isk isk.