Friday, April 27, 2007

Something For The Penangites To Do

A friend of one of my readers Daphne recently e-mailed me to spread the word about a play she's doing, asking if I could help her spread the word and the answer I gave her was... SURE.

She was quick to ask if she had to pay me for it... but nahhh... if there's anything I could do to help any of my readers (or friends of my readers) I'd be more than happy to do it for free as long as its still under control.

Anyway, here's information of the play.


The Oral Stage enters its fourth season with an all-new line-up of original shorts and monologues, a contemporary take on the timeless issues of identity, gender, relationships, meaning and purpose.

Screwed reinforces the fact that being human is nothing short of being screwed, after all. This season's ensemble stars Waimin Lee, Emily Yoon, Doreen Loo, Gary Ooi, Branavan Aruljothi, Christine Ellis, Prakash Gopalakrishnan, Lam Wai Yee, Zalikha Harun, Erin Victor, Nick Davis, Rachel Lai MS and Elza Irdalynna.
Directed by Kelvin Wong and produced by Christine Ellis. Pieces written by Joyce Hooi, Gary Ooi, Davina Goh, Priya K., Gavin Yap, Patricia Low, Doreen Loo, Kelvin Wong and Rauf Fadzilla. Supported by The Dram Projects, KLPac and The Actors Studio.

After a successful weekend in KLPAC, Screwed will be staged in Penang!

May 4th 2007 @ 8.30 pm May 5th 2007 @ 3.00 pm & 8.30 pm May 6th 2007 @ 3.00 pm

The Actors Studio Greenhall, Penang
Ground Floor, Zhong Zheng School Memorial Centre 32,
Lebuh Light, 10200 Penang

Tickets @ TAS Greenhall, Penang RM25 (Adults) RM15 (Students, senior citizens & the disabled) Ticket Contact
TAS Greenhall @ 04-2635400

For more info - visit

Now go go go for it!

And stop reading about my scout log book!


Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Bossy!!I will like to help in whatever way i can ( even act out in the play if acceptable as I am very play play wan )but I am too far away & poor also. So I just wish ur friend all the best & to u have a nice day.

P/s I go back to reading ur scout book & try to figure out ur 'delightfull' pic.

Jason Lioh said...

Haha! I was about to ask you do me a favour by posting it in your blog. Never mind. Will disturb you at a later time. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there Boss Stewie,

Cool ad for "Screwed", I caught it at KLPAC and thought it was good. Keep up the cool work on Nuffnang.

PS: Good thing you stayed away from art. Ha Ha!

hao said...

I'm curious why they name it "Screwed"? Let's say someone asks them:"Are you screwed?" and they reply:"Yes, we are screwed." Sounds weird? Hehehehehehe...

Arsky said...

taoke lets go~~~

HK said...

I didn't know my former classmate was acting in it. Woah! Too bad I'm 10000km away.. :P

A Black Cat said...

Loved it. Highly recommended =D

Boss Stewie said...

hor ny: hahahaa u said "have a nice day again"... ahhahaa

jason: hehehe ur friend acting

v: thanks sooo much... eh! don't diss my art ar :P

hao: hahaha yes the are screwed

arsky: can also.. show some support

ares: awww!!!1

jun-e: hehehe okok

jlshyang said...

My coursemate Christine is in it! Go go go Penangites! Support em! Heard it was good, some of them caught it at KLPAC. Too bad i won't be back in Penang to catch it.

Jason Lioh said...

Nolah, it's about something else.

Daphne Maia said...

my sister was the one who emailed you lah! blur. haha. my sis is doreen loo! please support her at penang next weekend! hehe! :)

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