Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Monday morning was an exciting morning for me.

I haven't been back at our Penang office in weeks, and I kinda miss the mornings where I would walk into our office lobby.

I woke up in the morning hearing the morning birds chirp, signaling that it was time for me to wake up and head to work.

Naturally I opened my eyes but just as I did, I felt a blistering pain on my left eye. It felt as if I had a piece of wood stuck in the corner of my left eye and I couldn't even open my right eye without having the pain from my left eye make me want to scream like a cheerleader.

My right hand reached for my phone as I called someone in my family for help. They rushed me to the hospital to see an eye specialist.

2 hours later I found myself in a room with the eye specialist at Island Hospital.

He rested my chin on one of his hi-tech gadgety devices and said
"Open your eyes please Tim".

I said
"I can't doc... that's why I'm here".

He nodded as if he's heard his patients say that all the time and he said

With my eyes closed, I could only hear him ruffling through his stuff to get something out.

At one point I thought he was going to whip out his baseball bat, hit me hard on the head and say

But he didn't.

He ended up bringing out a special eye drop that numbed the pain in my eyes so I could open them both.

After I had my eyes opened, he looked thoroughly at them and he said
"Okay Tim.. it looks like you have a wound on your cornea. Did you have some kind of injury to your eye?".

I said "Nope".

Then he went on to say
"Then you must've scratched your own cornea while sleeping".


I lay down for an hour while 2 nurses constantly gave me a new eye drop every 3 minutes. Treatment for my wound.

After that I headed home and was instructed to sleep, something I didn't have to be told to do since there wasn't anything else I could do if I couldn't see, especially with a very uncomfortable eye patch over me.

Fortunately for me, I wrote a blog entry over the weekend about Nike's Jangan Togel campaign and I got a friend of mine to post that up for me while I lay motionless on my bed the whole day.

I could barely get any sleep over the afternoon. Every 10 minutes I would receive a new phone call either from a client or a potential client but hey what can I expect... it was a Monday afternoon and if anything, I am supposed to be working.. not in bed.

By the time night came, whatever winks of sleep I got over the afternoon was kicking in. I was fully awake and that's where I had another problem.

Now that I was fully awake... and had nothing to do... what do I do ? I can't possibly go back to sleep.

I found a solution in a beautiful drug called the Sleeping Pill. Popped one into my mouth and was asleep within the next 10 minutes.

Tuesday was the same as Monday for me. I found myself in the hospital the whole afternoon seeking treatment and asleep at night.
Then came today.

I woke up in the morning and it was a miracle! I could open my right eye!

I hopped my way to the hospital feeling as good as new and saw the doc.

Doc said
"Tim, you're only 50% into recovery, I would suggest you stay in bed for another week".

I said "Sure doc...."

And went straight back to the office.
The Nuffnang team was surprised to see me back again with my eye patch, but it feels so good to be back at work.

So much to do, so little time.


Leon said...

Now you look like a real pirate.....

Wilson J Q Quah said...

boss now u the pirate har...

how r u boss? feeling better?

Christine said...

How are u now? Feeling better?

Ur suppose to be resting in bed, not going to work.. LOL.. Ur really very the hardworking!!! =P

hao said...

Scratch your own cornea without feeling any pains during your sleep? You must be sleeping like a pig. lol

Get well soon!

Boss Stewie said...

leon: lol yes i do.. come watch movie with me tonight..> LIFE MUST GO ON!!!

boss: hehehe yes i'm feeling better now boss thanks

christine: thanks christine.. feeling much better now

hao: yah.. must be... hehe

electronicfly said...

i bet boss watch notti notti thing until your eyes tak tahan edi and scratched themselves. =P

but seriously get well soon kay?

voch said...

Take care bro :D
A new pirate has been borned! Hehe

Wickedsa said...

hey, take care ya.
i understand how hurt isit when the wound located around optical area.

baggie said...

Wow, nice eye pad, LOL kidding... take care of yourself, and hope you'll get well soon. ;)

*mumbles mumbles, must have been a very rough one the nite before, tsk tsk* LOL

Observer said...

Hmm.. who shot those pix when u r asleep ?

aL said...

oiks boss! go back to bed wey! hahaha.

get well soon =)

Jason Lioh said...

Stupid Google Reader, 8PM only detected your new post.

Take care man! Seriously, take another week off from your work. You don't want to have even more serious injury after this.

By the way, I have emailed you about Giovoni at your GMail. Do check it out.

Jason Lioh said...

Freethinker : Who else but Wen Qi? :P

J u n e said...

Get well soon boss!

Kiss my ass said...

1. is that your PJs when you go see the doc??? YOU HAD BUTTERFLY ELEMENTS ON IT????? i mean,. butterfly..

2. dont wear watches or bangles or whatever to sleep la... that could be the cause...

3. Seems like you have quite a big house.. u have to use your mobile phone to call someone to get to you... that's SUPER.

get well soon :)

Kiss my ass said...

having said that.. no one claimed 1st.... so ...


Annachuu said...

Ouch, that looks really painful. Hope your eye feels better already. D:

celyycl said...

Ouuuchhhhh... it seems superbly pain.

Glad that u are fine now.

The Despirited said...

Maybe someone should get you baby gloves -- you know the kind of gloves newborn babies normally wear to prevent the babies from anyhow scratch themselves :D (Just joking lah) Get well soon ok :)

Jess said...

get well soon :)

mae said...

Poor Timtim.. Hope you're better already ya.. *gives a comfort hug*

Unknown said...

kesian the old man. that day butt kena bang. now top kena poke...
hmmm.. that sounds seriously wrong.
well, go figure ;)

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey Tim...I read the last few paragraphs 6 times to double confirmed what the Doc said, "...I would suggest you stay in bed for another week." What the heck are you doing in the office? Go home and get a good rest and leave all the work to the good hands of your staff. Don't be such a bad pirate...haha. Just joking dude :)

NoHz said...

Gosh...dude, u all right? don force urself too much man... health is more important than anything... take care and get well soon!

Our Journey said...

kolian but still entao...haha :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

get well soon i guess u still havent gotten the person u look for yet eh? still so bz..

kahpeng said...

take care and get well soon, you should take the doc advise and rest to fully recover before back to work :D

TingTitLei said...

you should have gotten that before the nuffnang pirates of the caribbean event haha

Boss Stewie said...

Her feiness: hahaha I was wondering which one of my readers was going to say that

Voch: thanks dude :P

Baby sa: yah!! It hurts … and the discomfort of not being able to see!!!

Calvin’s wife: lol… I wish it was just like what you said but unfortunately I had a quiet night the night before

Freethinker: one of my friends

Al: go back to bed then next week nuffnangers complain “WHY NO ADS” then how??? Haha

Jason: hahaha okok thanks dude

Angry: thank you! :P

Shireen: haha no lar.. that’s just my PJ when I sleep! And I don’t have a big house ler.. just that I couldn’t get up and call anyone right?

Anna: hahaa thanks anna.. I feel better already.. at least now can see with one eye

Cely: yah thanks cely!

Veronicle: haahahahahaha.. that sounds like such a good idea… get me a pair and I’ll blog about it haha

Jess: thanks jess.. iw ill

Mae: aww thank you

William: haih… according to giovoni… I’m still gonna be in for more

Criz: hahaa thanks very much for your concern dude.. I really appreciate it!

Zhon wei: wah! I thought you disappeared from my blog.. suddenly come back

Our journey: where got entau leh

Joe: yes I am actually…heheh

Kahpeng: thanks fo the advice dude… but cannot ler… nobody to take my place

Ting: hahaha yes … if only eh

Boss Stewie said...

clare: yes madam PA.. shall stay in bed today

MikeM said...

tim, get well mate... seems like kinda serious thingy u had there... since u gotta rest, i do not think u can make it to the blogger's buff this sunday huh? i think u r one of the guest speaker tat day right? oh ya, get well real soon, wanna have a happy hour session wif u in KL ya... :)

Boon said...

dude! take care man! ur entry title really freaks me out!

i tot my eyes was bad that day, and urs is even worst :( boss..u have to blame me on this already...maybe is because of my eye man~~~~~

farahrozhan said...

As painful as it seems to be for you to endure, you made me chuckle while reading through your post for some reason. Just be sure to rip off the plaster carefully or you'll end up having a free eyebrow-wax look.

Get well soon.

Chee Hsien said...

hello captain stewie?? :D:D:D

aL said...

even if NO ADS oso nuffnangers wont blame you mar, captain stewie!

Jayelle said...

your eye patch is skin coloured! makes you look like a cyclops;P

Anyway, hope you're doing much better ya;( Must be tough!

KY said...

I thought you were trying to make up for the Pirate's costume thingy. :X

pinksterz said...

better rest la! go back home and sleep!

Boss Stewie said...

michael: haha i realyl wanna go.. maybe i'll find a way to go nevertheless

chan: hehehe no ler dude.. thanks thanks

farah: i already kena ripped of some of my eyebrow di

chee: lol dude

jay: yah! makes me look like i'm missing one eye rite hehehe

ky: hehee no lar dude

pink: okok going back to sleep this weekend

chocolat-latte' said...

told you not to be a bad bad boy.. never listens..

tsk tsk tsk.

Hope you recover soon though!

ahlost said...

may you recover soon :)

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hi tim... u poor thing >.<" rest more & hope u recover soon.

Boss Stewie said...

choc: hah audrey! taking every opportunity to have a swipe at me eH? hehe

rose: thank u rose!

christina: haha sure sure Christina

HK said...

wow boss, you can scratch your eye even when you sleep. Whoa... ok.. hahaha. Amazing what the body does.

Anyway get well soon.. you gotta admit, you look handsome with that eye bandage.. not that skin coloured eyepatch.

Annie Tan Yee Leng said...

I'm a frequent reader of ur blog. U're lucky dis time just got an eyepatch and eyedrops for ur treatment. My friend once suffer the same case as u. She scratched her eye during her sleep and end up tearing her own cornea. She was hospitalised for a month and lucky for her, she didn't need a transplant, just a long term medication and one eye of bad eye sight of life.

MaN|acZ said...

hello boss,
glad u're half way into your recovery.

hope you get well soon.

but i got suggestion, maybe you should draw an eye onto the eye patch...

haha.. and scare the daylights out of people you met.

FeR said...

wah! so ganas to scratch cornea when you're sleeping!

it does happen somehow...don't know how though. had a friend who got a paper cut on her cornea while studying last time. Paper cut. Champion. While studying - must be mugging real near the book.

Cut your fingernails? *heh*

Get well soon!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

My gosh what happened laaaa???? I knwo this is an old post but it looks really nasty... how did u manage to scratch ur eye???