Sunday, July 08, 2007

Making a Police Report

This post is sequel to my previous entry about my near death experience.

After posting up that entry, so many of you guys commented. All saying that we should make a police report.

One important thing that I almost oversaw was what some of you brought up... that if we don't report the bitch, she might hurt someone else in future.

So on Saturday afternoon, Samantha and I headed to the police station to file a police report.

We walked into the quiet Subang Jaya police station and asked the friendly policeman at counter what to do to make a police report.

He directed us to a booth where Samantha was supposed to write an essay on what happened.

At first, Samantha shot a very worried look at me.... thinking that she was going to have to write and describe everything in BM (she can't speak BM to save her life, let alone WRITE).

But on the front of the booth pasted was an English sample of the report... meaning... she could write about it in English...

She was overjoyed.

She sat down and wrote away furiously.Samantha said that the policeman who filed the report joked with her on a few occasions.

First, he asked her if the guy she walked in with (ME) was her boyfriend.

She said "Nooooo!!!" (Yes... apparently I'm not good enough for Samantha).

Then he said
"Are you sure? I think maybe the lady driver who tried to run you down must have been in love with your guy friend and got jealous when she saw you walking with him so she tried to run you both down... I've seen many cases like that."

After filing her report, Samantha walked back into the waiting room and asked me if I had a crazy girl fan who would do such a thing.

I said...

I mean... I'm right right?

None of you would do such a thing right?

Well anyway, I don't know if they would catch the bitch and even if they do, I don't know what consequences she will face.

The cops are probably so busy trying to solve other more important murder, robbery or rape cases, I'm not sure if they could spare the time.

But in the event that they do, I look forward to the day when they'll bring the bitch back in one of these cars.
And have her handcuffed and bitchslapped over and over again.

Then maybe if I'm lucky, they might give me a chance to try run her down with my car.

You know, put her in an empty car park or something with me in my car.

And then tell her
"Okay lady... your job is to last 60 seconds in here without Tim knocking you down with his car".

I mean, if I get a chance like that... I'll call it even.

(Anyone wanna lend me a 4WD or a tank? Anybody?? anyone?? nobody??? awww...)


Yvonne Foong said...

My goodness. The woman committed the tort of assault and battery. I hope the car plate number is helpful. It would benefit the woman also, because the experience of being detained may teach her a lesson and change her for the better. I hope Samantha is okay. And Tim got to play hero! wooot!

Danny said...

That was what I was similarly thinking. You got the number plate, all the police need to do is run a CODIS (I think that's what they call it in CSI :P) - or we don't have that kinda thing? LOL!

Anyway, pleasure to meet you and obviously Sam's your girlfriend right right? Sure do look like one. LOL!

Well, don't forget to pass me the pics and we'll have to set a lunch date.

Mun said...

Hi Tim,

Did the right thing. Leave the case to police.

Call me when you're in Subang next time. I stay around here.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's not business rivalry related.

Who knows, maybe the target was really Tim himself.

xes said...

Tim: to get the case moving, call up the police station, get the Investigating Officer's name (IO for short), and bug him everyday.

If the IO is hard working, he will call Samantha to record her '112 statement'. Samantha would have to answer some questions e.g. car plate number, car model and colour, time and date, witnesses. If IO thinks there's a case, he may arrest the driver for reckless driving, attempted murder etc.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeap i remember samantha..hope shes alright and hope that biatch is arrested..shes probably emo that samantha hotter then her..take care..nite @ kl is naturally more crazier then pg..

MikeM said...

wah... the ganas side of Timmy... hmm... im not good @ judging if u and sam got that couple looks or not... but certainly im sure the possibility of some chick got jealous wif sam is kinda high... cos u sexy mar... said...

Wuah...the plot thickens...

But I am glad you can find the humor of it.

Innocent^^Guy said...

crazy gurl fan?


nola i'm just kidding. She's not in Malaysia when that happens rite? :P I hope she doesn't read this...

Anyway, glad you guys did the right thing! :)

Cely said...

i was telling samantha that the bitch was jelous about her being hot and sexy! haha

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy! Unfortunatelly nothing will happen! Yes u made a report & that is what it will remain, a report!
From ur last entry I think the driver gun down ur gf for two reasons!
1.U have a secreat admirer, so jealous, u with Samanther so try to wack her first
2.Women driver with auto car! U know once they panic instead of brake padel they press the fuel padel!
When the driver saw that samanther is,Ok of couse drive off.

Anyway wish u all the nice day.

electronicfly said...

Ahahahha...boss thinking of GTA when you were typing the last few sentences right?

Lance de'Cypher said...

Want my Camry?

*evil grins*

The Despirited said...

My uncle got bulldozer..but it's back in Sarawak :P

Mr Gin said...

I would think i'd like to do it the jack bauer way! Find that girl and squeeze the truth out of her! U know what i mean...

HK said...

hey boss! It's really unlucky for Samantha to be in another accident. I'm guessing the lady in the accord must have accidentally floored the accelerator pedal when she panicked or something like that.

I mean, what motive does she have to run down another pedestrian? Unless she's one crazy helluva biatch.

Oh well, hope samantha and you can get over this episode real quick. My best wishes to both of you. Things sure are wild in KL at night.

MY said...

Jealous crazy girl fan who wants to run you down ? Hmmm... in the first place, how is she gonna recognise you while she's driving in her car, in the dark ?
Your mole, probably.
I know you have a good sense of humour, don't get angry.

Anyway, I hope the crazy biatch is arrested soon.

DolphyN said...

good for u, making that police report. hope samantha gets better quick. =)

sounds like competitor trying to run u down to me. haha. be more alert n vigilant when u go out nowadays lah.

Jerry Ong said...

God Bless U all~~ i think the lady driver must be "Drink & Drive" >>>

Unknown said...

Boss if u wan my F50 to run her down, just holler! But i think paling banyak also give her blue black only.

Eddy said...

Woh i think u should post the no. plate here and maybe she's your blog reader (slim chance) but yea wat xes said is true u knowla if u dun push the police they usually do things very slowly i've seen lotz of accidents and i do mean lotz and pretty lucky of samantha only a painful thigh to walk away from. The next thing that you need and MUST do is chase after the police so they get the investigation going! Take care ler ya