Friday, July 20, 2007

If you had the chance to name a soft drink...

Picture this.

One day, tycoon Vincent Tan comes up to you and says.

"My Good man.... I want to start a Malaysian soft drink brand. I am hereby now giving you this cheque of RM100,000,000 and I want you to take this money, and start a brand. But first... I want you to tell me what you're going to call your soft drink."

What would you say?

Well I would say
"SEI LOR!!!!!!"

Because the best name for a soft drink in this part of the world is already taken by this Singaporean drink called Anything or Whatever.

The idea behind this is simple.

When you guys go to Mamak or a coffee shop, you often get a man come up to you and say
"Boss... minum?"

In which you would sometimes say yourself
"Anything..." or "Whatever lar".

So in cases like this now... in Singapore.. they will literally bring you a drink called Anything or Whatever.

How cool is that?

Now I've never had the drink before but I did some research and found that the Anything drink is Carbonated whereas the Whatever drink is Non-carbonated.

However, the carbonated drinks can range anything from a typical Cola to Root bear and the non-carbonated ranges from ice-lemon tea to peach tea and quite a few more.

So every can you open... it's a new surprise! (Unless you want to spoil the fun by looking at the ingredients of the can before you buy it).

Now if you think that's cool.. check out their TV ads....


This is the Anything one.

And this is Whatever.

"Can you give me.... ANYTHING".



Suet Li said...

cheh not funny also see until don't want to see edi!

eh hello everyone, this guy here watches the two videos every single second ok i wanna work also cannot! ish.

Boss Stewie said...

suet li: WOI! You want to work outside our office?

unnamed said...

chehhh...hear until dunwan to hear edi.


electronicfly said...

hehe, my sis just bought those two when she came back from SG. The ingredients for one of the cans was basically sugar tho, so what flavour is that supposed to be?

Boss Stewie said...

vicky: u heard before also ar?

fei: hahaha just.. cola i guess

unnamed said...

Yes the concept was cool. Was in Singapore and talking with my advertising friends abt it.

Talking about creating brand awareness - DiGi (Naga DDB) still the best. Able to transform the "intangible" to "tangible". haha :D

When is Nuffnang turn? ;)

Innocent^^Guy said...

Actually, I had exactly the same idea many years back when I was having dinner with my dad. Just didn't had the money to kickoff -.-"

Someone manage to get hold of it. I also had the idea to open a restaurant with the name "Cin Cai" (means 'sui bian' in Hokkien)..apparently, someone really did open up that restaurant in Malacca but closed down a few years back..haha

davienne said...


do you know that BOSS MING OVER AT NUFFNANG SINGAPORE, watches this too at intervals of 10 minutes??!!??

Nicholas said...

I was about to suggest skyjuice for the soft drink brand but then I did google check to see if there was a minute chance the name had been taken and what do u know? It has been taken!

All the good ones have been taken. Competition so stiff these days. So hard for a poor man to make some money. Haih

TingTitLei said...

haha i was wondering what the hell is that too when i was in singapore... the founder must have been dman pissed off at his wife saying "whatever" or "anything" everytime he asks her what she wants to drink haha

Infectioner said...

oi u copy me i sue kau u!


u got try Whatever? so how it is?

Nicole said...

haha, cute drink!

Boss Stewie said...

vicky; hehehe one day!!! one day!!

innocent: how could a restaurant with a name cin cai close down? i mean... how many people say cin cai every day!!

omg: what's lboleh?

daveninne: ehh!!! eh!!!

nicholas: yalor.. stiff competition these days.. sniff

ting: yah! that's one way of looking at it.. hehehe

infectioner: eh i copy you? i've never had the drinks before

nicocoa: cute leh! :P

myname said...

This topic reminds me of two makan place with common phrases - No Eye Dear (at Prima Tanjung) and Mat Dou Yao (a dessert shop opposite Jelutong Market).

Wonder what's so yummy about Anything and Whatever??

MikeM said...


iwan c.m.n. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iwan c.m.n. said...

boss, have u heard (or still remember) about "innocent"?

The only brand where you can't thrash the bottle before reading a message at the bottom.

ahh.. miss that drink.