Saturday, July 07, 2007

Near Death Experience

I'm sorry to say, this post doesn't have many pictures... you'll understand why when you reach the end of the road.

Last night, I was out with Kenny, Eyeris, Icyqueengoddess, Samantha (Wen Qi) and David for supper.

We finished supper at about 12.30AM and we decided to meet next at Sunway Pyramid, looking for a place to chill for a while before we decided to call it a night.

It was just about 1AM by the time I parked my car somewhere between the One Academy and Sunway Pyramid. I started walking across to meet Kenny and the rest at Sunway Pyramid. Samantha was with me.

Pic: For those of you who forgot, Samantha is the pretty girl on the left.

We were chatting away just before we crossed the narrow one way street.

Naturally, I looked to my right to see if traffic was coming before we crossed.
There was an old Honda Accord at the end of the street moving very very slowly so we decided that it was safe to cross the road.

We started walking, with Samantha on my left.
Just as we took a few steps across the road I heard a loud engine roar to my right.

It was the Honda Accord and it was picking up speed so quickly it was obvious the driver was "flooring it".

The Honda raced down the street towards us but a part of me thought he was going to slow down once he saw us crossing right in front of him.

He didn't.

As the Honda got within a few meters of us I begin to realize that he wasn't going to slow down, and even if he did at that point, he wouldn't stop in time without hitting us.

I jumped out of the street and leaned towards a car parked on the other side of the road. Just as the palms of my hands felt the car I was leaning on, I felt the pressure of the Honda's metallic body swift right behind me, missing me by an inch.

My heart sighed a second of relief until I heard a loud bang.
I looked to my left in horror to see Samantha lying on the side of the road after being hit by the Honda.

Almost like a natural reaction I yelled


And I reached down to her looking to see if she was bleeding seriously anywhere on her body.

She was conscious and like a brave woman she was, she said

"No I'm okay.. don't worry. Just feeling some pain on my thigh".

I couldn't believe that such a hard impact only resulted in some scratches and bruises on her body.

"Are you sure you don't have anything broken?"

She nodded and she stood up just to prove it.

As she did that I looked to the left again to see the Honda that almost killed us.

It stopped further up in front to for a while with the driver probably looking in his rear mirror if he killed anyone.

After he saw me looking back at him, he sped off.
I couldn't see inside the car.

But a witness ran up to us with a mobile phone in her hand and said

"Ini nombor kereta dia! Pemandunya perempuan!"
(This is her car number! The driver was a woman)

As I took the number down in my phone, the helpful witness said

"Belakang ada Klinik 24 jam. Cepat bawa dia pegi doktor".

I nodded and looked at Samantha who was standing up with the help of the 2nd witness who was much closer to us when the accident happened.

I asked Samantha
"Can you walk?"

She said
"Yes... I can.."

As she limped with me all the way to the 24 hour clinic just 3 minutes walk away.

The Indian doctor at the clinic was calm when we barged into his room.
He told Samantha to sit down while he examined her.

8 long terrifying minutes later, the doctor concluded that Samantha really had no bones broken or anything, just a few scratches and bruises.

In his own words he said "She must be bionic woman".

We thanked the doctor and left his room to wait for the medicine he subscribed her.

That was then I saw for the first time that night, Samantha breaking down in tears.

I put my arm around her and asked "What's wrong?".

She said "Nothing nothing..."

I leaned closer to her and asked

"Do you want to make a police report? I have the bitch's number plate".

She said "No need... nothing's wrong with me.. don't need to go through all the hassle".

We sat down on the waiting room couch that night.

I was thinking

She was thinking
"I'm glad we're okay.."


MikeM said...

yeah, first to comment here... when i got to know last night, i was a bit worried bout sam... glad she is ok now...

hey sam, if u reading this, chill ya, dont think so much bout the incident...

tim, when u realized the car speeding, u should have hug sam and jump to lean to the car on the other side with u mar... like movie huh? jokin lar brother...

mahai bitch, i think she fucking forget where is the break pedal lar... phew, glad everyone is fine...

bout clubbing, let's make it another day another spot lar... i never like sunway...

FeR said...

some people are crazy. the purposely floor the pedal when they see someone trying to cross the road. and so irresponsible to just drive off without asking if everything was okay!

i say, report her! hmmmph!

and samantha is still so nice to say nothing, everything okay. i would've been cursing the person to the next 10 generations (natural reflex)

hope she's much better!

nyx said...

I say report the Honda. My goodness! She could have killed Samantha ... and she might do it again to someone else. Moreover she did not even have the guts to stop and see the damage she did. Clear cut HIT AND RUN.

REPORT HER. Help the cops put her away for good if she evers does this shit again.

Stan said...

Hey Tim,
This certainly is quite shocking. Am really glad you guys are safe and ok. I echo the sentiments of the others who have commented. I feel it will do good to report this reckless hit-and-run driver, unless Samantha is totally against it. Thanks for the reminder to be careful on the roads.

mooiness said...

Report the driver - this is not about it being a hassle or not. A driver like that could actually kill someone else next time.

Christine said...

Glad that both of u are ok.. Thank god she didnt get injured!!! Should make a police report lah.. But is up to her!!! =).. Do take care of urself!!

Jason Lioh said...


Evelyncyl said...

OMG! better report to the police! it's a hit and run offense some more!

Innocent^^Guy said...

I'm glad you guys are ok..
I know this is her decision, but if people like this getaway with their actions, I don't know how many more is she going to hurt, or rather killed!

My uncle, a few years back was hit and run by a car. He was left crippled. The offender was not caught till today. Please do report.

iwan c.m.n. said...

There is a hidden message. whatever it is man, thing had happened. And regretting won't do us any good. The best education is the emotional pain caused by it, which everyone would say "if this will ever happen again in the future, I would surely act differently". :)

Anonymous said...

surprisingly it was a women driver. Girls watch to much Tokyo drift eh! Bitch right! Luckily nothing really bad happened. Give someone a car or 4 wheel and we turn into devils!

Nicole said...
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Boss Stewie said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the care and advice!

Unknown said...

Boss, seriously decided not to report it to the authorities? It's considered a crime already you know.
Thank God and her lucky stars that wenqi is safe this time around. Think about what if the driver does that again another time? The next person might not be that lucky.
Think about it boss.

jeez said...

it sounds like she got hit pretty hard by the honda. sure she doesn't need to go to the hospital for some scans to make sure everything's fine?

MaN|acZ said...

Thank God u guys are okay loh...

but I think die-die must oso report loh

miszmilk said...

I'm happy to hear that you and your friends are safe.

You should really report it. Plus you mentioned the other witness jotted down the number plate.

I understand that it's not easy to go through the situation, but we need justice too.

Tine said...

Whether you really do report the incident to the police, most importantly, Sam's okay (still, better to go for a checkup at the hospital, just to be sure).

Karma's a bitch anyway.

hao said...

Glad Samantha is alright. I think it's better to report that bitch, who knows someone will be her next victim.

electronicfly said...

report!!! these crazy drivers should be kept from the roads!

unnamed said...

it's already a crime committed. do a report will do her good! who knows there might be next victim. she has to be responsible to her act.

take care Sam. Gotta keep you in prayer for shield of protection.

Boon said...

wtf wrong with that bitch man! should have really report on her! and from what u'd described it seems that the bitch did that on purpose!

Course remember who samantha is, no way will forget her sweet voice and pretty face ;) glad she's alright...

It's really sux when seeing ppl purposely speed up with they see something's about to get on their way! And boss, just a piece of advise, places around or nearby LDP, it's not very safe to be on the road nowdays during weekend night time, either is by foot or on a car.

NoHz said...

Hey boss, glad that both of you are all right... my god, how come so many unfortunate events happened recently...take good care dude! and i think you should report to the police... this kinda ppl deserve to be punished...furthermore it sounds like she deliberately sped up when u guys were crossing... anyway, hope you get well soon Samantha!

kennysia said...

Hey Tim, what a crazy crazy night that was. Still in shock when you told me what happened and such a relief that she turns out ok. Take care alright?

Observer said...

That was a close call

Eve said...

Not sure what to say. I hope WenQi is alright. she's such a strong lady, going through the accident and now this, bravely.

R said...

report her!! dun let her harm others with her crappy skills of driving.

Antabax said...

yeah, that girl should be responsible and stop the car. instead, being a typical scared driver, she just sped off from the scene. anyway, thank god u guys are ok. thats the most important thing.

aL said...


Boss Stewie said...

ahahaha okok guys guys!!! said...

Tim - report 'cos this sounds fishy lah.

Samantha - I really heart break to hear that you kena again. I am sure you haven't really recovered from the last one and this must be very traumatic for you. Take care, dear.

MJ said...

THat was really selfish and cruel of the driver to hit and run. You two did the right thing to report it. Even if the driver may not get caught or punished, at least the police knows this driver had a bad record.

Glad to hear Samantha's fine.

MY said...

Bionic woman, Samantha is.
Thank goodness she's alright.
Take care of her.