Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Boss Stewie Cooks!

I live alone in my apartment in KL.

As a result of that, I always have to find my own dinners and most of the time it's fine because I'm out meeting clients for dinner most of the time.

But sometimes, whenever I find the time, I like to sit down to a dinner I made myself.

Any real man knows how to cook. He may not need to be a good cook but at least knowing how to cook is a sign that the man can survive on his own!

So one day, I left the office early. Went home.

Rolled up my sleeves.
And decided to cook!

I can't say I'm a good cook.. but I can say that I LOVE my cooking.

I never always knew how to cook and it was only in my student days in London that I learned how to cook bachelor like food. Simple meals like Pasta.

So that day I decided to make pasta.

Now I don't like tomato-based pasta and don't quite fancy carbonara as well. What I do like however... is Pesto-based pasta or Aglio Olio type of pasta.

Here's how I did it.
First, you need the ingredients.

Simple stuff.

Sausages, ham, fresh mushroom, garlic, mixed herbs, olive oil and pasta (Duh!).

If you want you can include some vegetables but I'm not a big fan of vegetables.

So after you get your ingredients together, chop them up into however you want it to be.

I don't believe in chopping anything down until it's small small pieces simply because, it takes too much time (that I don't have) and... whatever you do, it's all going into that one frying pan anyway.
So I don't even bother cutting my ham into small small pieces.

In fact I like it a little bigger so I can feel it when I bite it.

Then of course there are the sausages which are easy to cut.

Except for one thing that most noobs forget about.

For some reason, sausages seem to come in condoms.

I shit you not... they really do come in condoms.

So always remember to REMOVE the condom before you throw them into the frying pan.
And when you do... don't hold it up and laugh at it!


Just don't do that... especially if you're cooking for your date.

Because she's going to think you're a little kiddo that has never seen a condom before (let alone put one on later in the night).

Now the next thing and the MOST important thing you gotta do is... boil the pasta.

Just chuck it all into a pot, fill it up with water and boil away.

Now why I say this is the most important part is because... I am VERY particular about my pasta. IT HAS to be AL DANTE which means not too soft and not too hard, but a little chewy.

I like my pasta like that... and you can even give me Al Dante pasta with nothing but olive oil and I will eat it.

I get very very pissed off when I go to a good restaurant and pay RM30 for pasta and the damn chef can't even make the pasta Al Dante.

I mean.. how hard can it be!

If a noob like me can make it Al Dante, I don't see why a restaurant chef can't do it.

Here's what I do to make it Al Dante.

When you're boiling the pasta, just remember to stir it and every once in a while try a piece to see if it's the texture you want it to be.

Just right after you feel it is JUST BEFORE how you like it to be, lift it off the stove and pour all the water out.

Now when you're done, chuck it all into the frying pan along with the other ingredients that you should've started cooking 5 minute ago.
Note that this is not the way ALL pasta is made.

Some pasta especially those with sauce just needs you to pour some olive oil around it then pour the pasta sauce on top of it.
But for this particular one, I like to pour the pasta into the pan and mix it.

And before you know it... VOILA.. it's done!

This meal should take you 15 minutes to prepare if you've done it many times before, 30 minutes to prepare if you haven't, 1 hour to prepare if you're a noob and 3 hours to prepare if you're completely hopeless with a frying pan.

Now if you're making this for a date then you can go ahead and beautify it to make it more presentable.
But if you're cooking for yourself then don't bother.

And Voila... Boss Stewie cooks.


Stella said...

u made 2 servings? :)
Gosh, makes me want to do more than just heating food in the microwave! ahha

Unknown said...

Haha, when u started cooking, the sky was bright, when u're done with cooking, the sky was so dark, how long did u take? ;)

Unknown said...
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Cheng Chun said...

Nice cooking recipe there. I'm sure back in London you cooked damn a lot too. But wei, who is the other person did you cook for la!!! :P

Adrian said...

Haha! You learnt that at Frances Gardner didn't you? Thanks to you unto this day I still do cook my pasta Al Dente, and still love it as much as I did!

Jess said...

cooking for two?? *he he heeee*

Raven said...

Who took the pictures for you :O? Especially the ones when both your hands were occupied with cooking... unless you have a third hand ... O_O!!

pinksterz said...

wah! you even dressup smartly in the kitchen O_O

haha i like the pasta half cooked too. i even eat maggi mee instant noodle half cooked xD

electronicfly said...

camera man or wo<man? *does the eyebrow thing*

JacJac said...

Boss got a date!~


definitely not ah Bop rite?

>: }

Stella said...

I used to like to fried spaghetti when i was study in UK..U know make it like mee goreng mamak..its just tasted SUPERRRRR....u should try it boss stewie....

Jason Lioh said...

If you are staying alone, why are you cooking two servings / plates? :P

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! So whos is the lucky gurl? Have a nice day!

Evil Chica said...

heheheh....cooking for two leh...so nice la , ur cooking 4 sumone ...and hell!!!! i like ur kitchen..can i borrow or nt???

Adino said...

Umm, I always like to eat the 'condom' part wor... It's crunchy crunchy.

Nicole said...

are u starting your own cooking show? timothy stewart.. erm..

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha why you all ask so many questions about who i cooking for ? :P

TheBeerCrusader said...

2 plates ma.. HAHA

you spend how much time to cook it , boss ?

Boss Stewie said...

gila: haha i think.. from the time i rolled up my sleeves.. to the time i eat.. maybe about 30 minutes?

Jess said...

cos everyone like me is very kaypo :P

tell la~!! spill!~

meow said...

woohooo~~~ boss stewie can cook!!!!


looks delicious ya!


Melissa Leng Lui said...

bosss why got 2 plates wan :P :)

Boss Stewie said...

jess: hehehe dowan ler !

serena: aww does it? thank u.. it was yummy

huiyin: haha ermm.. for myself?

MikeM said...

i know u cook for who... :P

Evil Chica said...

aihhh...so difficult meh to tell u cook for u??share2 la ..if u can share ur recipe.thn why nt de ppl u hv it wif?? chica wants to know...am sure all wants to knw

Boss Stewie said...

michael: who wor?

chica: hehehe kenot lor.. shy

Anonymous said...

Eh boss with who laa... i noticed at the last pic one plate got veggie one doesn't ;P

Boss Stewie said...

cbb: hehehe!!!! shy lar

Evil Chica said...

ceh...chica disappointed ...i tink i knw la who...its either ur mum or ur dad or ur sista visiting u ...sapa yg malu dia la yg rugi...

MaE : ) said...

haha i bet you first time cook ya?
SO CLEAN WAN ur kitchen?

a n n n a said...

Boss the chef.. Hou yeng orh.. GOnna try ur dis pasta recipe.