Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Poor Rich People"

I was having a happy morning.

I strolled into the office a little late this morning since I had a late night last night... and I was happy bouncing around until I checked my e-mail and found this.

Yang Huiyan (26 year-old) tops this year's list with a net worth of $16.2 billion, seven times the $2.3 billion that retailer Wong Kwong Yu needed to rank No. 1 in 2006. Yang's father, the low-profile chairman of Country Gardens, turned over his shares to his daughter in 2005, and her wealth has soared with the company's stock price since the company went public in Hong Kong in April.

$16.2 billion.

Wait let me say that again.

SIXTEEN POINT 2 BILLION ($16,200,000,000)

It took me a while to fathom how much $16.2 billion is.

Okay lets say I am really spend thrift.

I buy 50 supercars, all a combination Ferraris,

Rolls Royces,

and Porsches.

And when I say Porsche, I don't mean the cheap Porsche like the Boxster.
I mean the Carrera GT... top of the line one!

Assuming on average, that costs me $1,000,000 a car, I would have spent only $50,000,000.

Money Spent So Far: $50,000,000
Next, a rich wealthy man has got to stay in a mansion.

So say I go buy a huge mansion that costs $50,000,000 to build.

Heck, say I buy 5 of those just for the fun of it.

So all that costs $150,000,000.
Money Spent So Far: $200,000,000.

Then say I am even more extravagant.

I buy a private jet.

Not just any private jet.

Not small ones like these.
Those are for fags.

I buy the biggest private jet in the whole wide world!

The Airbus A380 which when used in commercial airlines will be able to seat 586 passengers. for $300,000,000.

Then I'll spend another $100,000,000 just to do up the interior to put in my indoor golf course and all that.

Money Spent So Far: $600,000,000

How about yachts.... every rich man has got to have a yacht.

Well but lets say I'm extravagant again.

So I'll forget about that tiny little thing they call a yacht.

That will probably cost me another $500,000,000 but no problem.

Money Spent So Far: $1,100,000,000.

Then lets not forget football clubs.

Say I buy Manchester United for another $4,000,000,000 or so.

Money Spent So Far: $5,100,000,000.

That leaves me with $11,100,000,000 LEFT TO SPEND!!!


Say I put that $11,100,000,000 into FD in Malaysia with a very very low yield of 3%.

In one year, the interest I will earn is $333,000,000.

That's almost $1,000,000 to spend each day just on shopping.

How the hell do you do that?

Think of all the stress that would create.

Every morning you wake up and you think to yourself
"Shit... how do I spend $1,000,000 before the day ends..."


No wonder some people say.. with money comes stress.

I pity the rich people out there.... all the stress they must face.


Unknown said...

Me first!

How I wish I have that much $$$..
Oh well... I will still keep dreaming..muahaha

SaeWei said...

With money come hatred.. Boss, don't forget you need to save a lot of money too in case people kidnap you ler. Hahaha..

Dc said...

boss money is the root to all evil :P but give me your money, i'll do all the evil for you

Our Journey said...

boss, how come no donation?

Sharon said...

stress? what stress? gimme the money and i'll teach u how to spend :D

Evelyncyl said...

kesian those rich ppl hor~
oh well... to all rich ppl out there...
I'm here to help u out of your misery... so, I'll volunteer to "help" you spend your money "wisely"... teehee~

Cutiez said...

good calculation & everyone wish to have this kind of stress of how to spend the money a day than others.. *day dreaming*

Adrian said...

Good back-of-the-envelope calculation Boss!

You just have to wonder why the damning majority of people in China are still so poor...

Twinkle said...

U forgot to do 1 thing. Pergi bulan ulang alik 10 times. Hehehehe sure jadi Tan Sri when U balik Malaysia.

Evil Chica said...

twinkle's comment funny la ..ulang alik 2 de moon 10 times terus jadi tan Boss, dnt 4get to buy 3 island, and egg tart factory, since u like it so mch.hehe

Dan said...

U know I'm always here to relieve of whatever stress u might have... come come donate money.

[fong88] said...

i wish i have tis kind of stress rather than poverty stress..givme moneyy!!!XDDD

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah then u shud buy up the whole premier league maybe..n play actual fantasy premier league haha..

Aaron Tan said... the girl in front of the roller bottomless?????

MikeM said...

bro, if u r tat rich, and u got a chance to spend 1mil/day, share 1% with me daily, dont forget ya...

Wingz said...

boss gimme half of your money and i willing to share half of your stress plsss!!!

Nicole said...

I'm happy with one million every five years.

voch said...

Holy moly cow. I didn't realise how much that is until you breakdown it...gahahhaa.. Man, money does make a huge difference!

Bernard Yap said...

aiyar, that is just the paper worth of money only. HOPEFULLY next year she will still holding the first position but I doubt it. Economist should can predict the next year economy right?

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...


Boss Stewie said...

hahaha all of you have such funny comments!!!

but i'm surfing my blog while in the office now and have to run out for a meeting right now.

cathc u guys later okie


Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!Bossy! That fellow got anymore daughter?? For $$$$ even fat & ugly wan I can 'tahan' also! Have a nice day!

Boss Ming said...

oi boss, we make so much i definitely want to buy over man u! WOOT!!!

Ok lah, we can also invest in your foo chok factory.

Gwendolynne said...

*sigh* Timmy, Timmy chai ... you forgot to include your warehouse full of green tea haagen dazs! Shame on you!

I actually have a friend who gets a USD30k allowance on his birthday to spend on whatever he wants. He has 3 cars, BMW, Jag you name it, and every year he flies his friends to Vegas, rents a penthouse suite and pays for everything for them. I couldn't go because I got kid D: and no babysitter at the time.

The fucker is seriously rich, bought his ex-fiance a USD82k ring. Wtf man ... I think she pawned it already. But to be fair, his fiance was a model and kinda bitchy.

Genova said...

u just made me realise how BIG is 16.2 billion. OMG

Unknown said...

Hi, been a silent reader for quite sometimes already. Anyway, with this entry of yours, you make me think of HOW RICH PPL CAN BE and also HOW POOR PPL CAN BE. It's a BIG GAP. Oh my!

Belle said...

boss its ok..if you have tht amount of small money.. let me share with u
really wan
for yr whole life u will not have stress.
i can adopt 100kids for u..tht would be enough to ease yr stress a lil
thn marry any women u like.get divorce..alimony can took half yr ka chan.
see actually its easy lor..
come la..give me tht money i can help u rich ppl HAHAHAH