Sunday, October 07, 2007


Rambo has had so much influence in my life.

I mean just not too long ago in my Counterstrike days, whenever I felt ball-sy and decided to go alone against an entire team of bad guys (and of course died), my friends will always say

And I bet that prior to reading the title of this blog entry, you have never ever heard the words
"Rambo" and "Fag" in the same line before.

Even after I put that line as my blog title you can't believe that I really mean that.... and it's true.. I don't... Rambo is no fag!


And it doesn't matter that his first film debut was in a hardcore porn film called Party at Kitty and Stud's.

I mean, put 1,000 of the most dangerous and violent people in the world on a jungle island.

Give them all the machine guns and bombs in the world and tell them to work as a team and kill anyone else that comes on to that island.

Then, throw Rambo on to that same island and give him nothing but a giant Disneyland lollipop and Rambo will still have them all beaten to death with that piece of candy.
Now Sylvester Stallone is old.... last I checked, he already passed 60.

That's grandpa territory over there.

But I recently came across the trailer of his new upcoming Rambo movie: John Rambo.


Watch the most violent movie trailer of all time!

Note to self: Don't phuck with Rambo!
(And don't call him no fag... he has balls so big it makes a bull's nuts look like marbles)


Chris said...

Sigh... it was "Rocky Balboa"... then "John Rambo"... so uncreative. But hey, it's better than "Rambo Returns" or "Rambo and the Chamber of Secrets" or something...

Nicole said...

can't wait to watch it

HK said...

What the.. same storyline again, sh*t happens, rambo gets sent in, kills everyone, gets everyone out, big boss arrives, dies at the hands of Rambo, then finish.

Although this time got more visual effects, and gore. I'm not really anticipating this movie hmm..

TheBeerCrusader said...

I seen many ppl being blown up !!

In his first film, he blown up girls with his co** too !!

He's no phag after all !!

He's still da man !!

Cheng Chun said...

I wonder whether this will even come to Malaysia. The first 2 minutes was so tranquil mana tau it gets so violent after that. Goodness.

kimfei said...

Ya,same feel..but it is too violent...

Boss Stewie said...

chris: "rambo and the chamber of secrets" lol.. so harry potter like

nico: hehehe me too

hk: bwahahaha isn't that the best storyline for an action movie ever? u forget there's always a girl

gila: yah... yah! everyone gets blown up in rambo.. everyone except rambo of course

cheng: hahahah yah!!! the part when he machined gun that guy from the back of the car.. damn cool rite

kimfei: hahahaahah

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Bossy! I watch Rambo when I am a kid! I even got the nick 'Rambo the big' while in school! Put him on an island? He sure sure win wan! He will ask people to suc*k on the candy while he poke in with his big 'gun'!He! He! Have a nice day!

Wingz said...

wuah!!! that was intense!!!