Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Accidental Bloggers' Meet

I was gonna write about a BIG ASS Plasma TV that I saw in KLCC. I had it all typed out and saved in the draft but I found out Nicole beat me to it two days ago!!! ARGH!!!! NICOLE!!!!!


Kenny was down in KL this weekend.

I had to meet up with him to pass him something so we decided to have Sunday lunch at our favourite Pan Mee place.
Since Kenny was around, I decided to call perhaps a couple more bloggers.

Somehow those few more bloggers called some other bloggers and we ended up with a small meet with some of Malaysia's Top Bloggers and Nuffnang staff.

I guess one of the benefits of working at Nuffnang is at some point or another, you'll probably meet some of the famous bloggers in Malaysia or Singapore.

Almost as good or even better than the famous one at Kin Kin.

So all of us decided to meet up there.

There was...
Seated on my left there was (from left) KY, Nicholas, Suanie and Cheeserland.

Seated on my right was (from left) Skyler, Pink Pau and Samantha.It's nice to have Samantha around because for all of you who may or may not know... Samantha is the one who approves all the cheques for HSBC to send out each month.

Nuffnang sends out over a hundred cheques each month in Malaysia alone (not counting Singapore), and Samantha is in charge of making sure everyone gets their cheques at the right time.

And seated in front of me is... Mr Kenny Sia.

Now some might wonder what these top bloggers talk about when they meet up for lunch.

Well.. a little bit about Nuffnang, a little bit about the Innit Community... a little bit about work... but mostly casual fun things most normal people talk about.
Of course... we also make sure we have some content to blog about after our lunch so I asked everyone to make a face so I could all take their pictures and put it up on my blog.

So here's Pink Pau's.



And Suanie!
Oh and lets not forget KY.

Speaking of KY.

He told us the most disgusting riddle of the day.
The riddle goes
"Knife can cut meat... what can meat cut".

The first reaction was from Skyler who said
"Is this something pervertic?"

And Ky said
"No lah... it's something really normal".

Naturally we all couldn't figure out what the answer was so finally Ky said
"Meat can cut Shit".

All of us gave a very blur look... similar to the look Samantha gives when she's confused.So Ky went on to explain
"Well when you're on the toilet shitting.. at some point your butt would have to cut off the shit right? Like it or not.. you do it every day!"

Everyone went

Except for me who went
"HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHhahahaha... wait... wait... I mean... EWWWWW!!!!!"


TNS said...


KY is right

haan said...

is that the Chilli Pan Mee place?

pinkpau said...

hahahaha you must do that sound that KY does!!! that's what makes it funny. stewie actually how come you're not sien of pan mee by now.

samantha wong wenqi you have the cutest confused face in the world hahaha!!

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hahaha yes he is

haan: yes that's the chilli pan mee place

kok: by jove?

pinkpau: hahaha what sound eh?

pinkster: hahahahaha you tell me leh?

k0k s3n w4i said...

jove refers to Jupiter, and "by jove" is a a remark expressing surprise :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahah!!But how to cut it just finshes coming out ma then habis nth to come out d maa..?

Unknown said...

OMG OMG.... Samantha real cute confused face man !!!!

Boss Stewie said...

kok: ohh... thank u.. i learned something new today

cbb: that's what i said... but ky said no... he said sure at one point kena cut

keith: ahhaha yah said...

hmmm.. this is the place where me and earl met you right?

you guys tried the opposite one before?

Kimberly Low said...

count on ky for a joke like that -_-

u didn't call me out... *sniff*

KY said...

just a normal biological process ok

LogicYuan said...

i totally dig the riddle! nang it!

TNS said...

just notice samantha's confused look really cute. jz like those kitten

Nicole said...

suanie's photo's the best

Nicholas Chay said...

love 'em accidental bloggers meet!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Bwahaahahhaahhahah adoiiiiii and eeeeeewwwwwwww that's soo sick... KY you blog on food laaaa..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wat a joker hahaha..better then kin kin? are u sure?

suanie said...

best pan mee evar!
i want to hump samantha

Boss Stewie said...

cincauhangus: yes yes! the one opposite is kin kin... i dun go there anymore

kimberly: hahahaha! eh sorry ler.. last minute thing

ky: hahaha

ji yuan: hahaha lol nang it!

jason: hahaha yah

nico: lol!

nicholas: yeah ha

aronil: hahahaha!!

joe: yes better than kin kin wei

suanie: hump samantha? with what?

Chee Ching said...



*Jots down joke*

Boss Stewie said...

chingy: LOL!!!

pinkpau said...

stewie i am online on a MOVING BUS to singapore. maxis does not cease to amaze me.

Suet Li said...

PAN MEE WITH EGG? OMG can u see my saliva from there wtf

pinkpau, i am online in the toilet! again wtf

kimfei said...

eooqwe........tats really disgusting...cant wait to meet all these blogger during the coming weekend ...ahaha

Cheng Chun said...

Where is the Pan mee shop??? Hungry la.

wai lum said...

u mean super kitchen?it is better then kin kin? in tengku abdul rahman over there?are u serious? @@