Thursday, January 03, 2008

Boss Stewie Shoots!

For some of you who may remember, I was in Phuket a few weeks ago.

Phuket is like the place of outdoor entertainment in Asia.

I mean there are just so many things to do.

Everything from just lying in the beach
to riding on elephants,to shooting.


It's true.

Me like many other men are fascinated my guns.

So while in Phuket I made it straight for the shooting range to shoot a gun for the first time in my life.

There were so many guns to pick from.

Everything from pistols (like a million different kinds of them) to rifles to shotguns... everything short of bazookas and machine guns of course but how happy can a man get.
So I put on my head phones to prevent myself from going deaf when I take my shots, and I picked out a gun.
I picked a 9mm gun that cost me 890 Baht for 10 bullets.

That's like RM89 for 10 shots.

Now every man can't help but wonder what part he'll play if he's ever in a war, and whether he'll be any good at all or not.

So at the shooting range I found out.

I picked up my gun and shot at a target 15 yards away.

Now the Singaporean dudes that go for NS probably go
"*Yawn*... I used to shoot guns in my sleep Timmy".

But for someone who has never shot a gun before in his 23 years of life... that was one cool experience.
You know the theory that people have right... that people who play a lot of CS are good at shooting in CS but are lousy shots when you put an actual gun in their hands.

Well I played a lot of CS but I must say, I am a pretty good shot.

Of all the people that I went with there, I had the highest score of 74%.

Even my instructor was impressed... it being my first time.

The others who went with me got...


Gloat gloat.... bwahahaha!!!

I was feeling good about myself for being such a good shot (of course "good" is relative... and I was good only RELATIVE to the people I was shooting with).

After taking a few shots I sat down and admired an empty shell that I shot out of my gun.

It looked so cool for a while I was thinking of bringing it back home with me as a souvenir... at least until I remembered that even bringing home an empty shell to Malaysia would have you sentenced to death if you were caught.So I sat down to watch the other people around shoot... which was about when I saw it.

There were rifles for us to shoot at th shooting range but I didn't want to use them because I thought... well start with the small guns first right?

Well there I was sitting down and watching this 9 year old shoot a gun so big that he can barely hold it in his hands.
I was wondering to myself.. wtf wtf wtf... until I saw my 11 year old cousin shooting a rifle taller than him.

And you know what.. the little kid got 77% and was GLEAMING AWAY.

He came up to me smiling after his shooting and said
"What you got? What you got? I got 77%!!! HEHEHE!!"

I mumbled a reply
"I got *ahem* four".

So there you have it... an 11 year old kid shoots better than grown adults.

I pretended to ignore him but he kept asking me what I got... wanting me to admit that I lost to him (which I did).

I was thinking of a way out... I glanced at the tens of guns on the table near me... you know... put a bullet in my head and end my misery.But soon enough I shook myself back to reality.

Ish what was I thinking.

Anyway, I managed to take a video of me shooting the gun close up.

Check it out here.


Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy! The title of the post!!! Arrr the title! Bossy shotting his 'gun'!!! Turn out to be a real gun & not his 'gun'....'pistol'!!! He! He! Happy new year! So did u practice shooting in Thailand bar??? Do post up ur 'shooting activities'! This is very 'educational!!!

Boss Stewie said...

hor ny: hahahaha!! fahney ler u hor ny.. unfortunately I didn't do what you would've liked me to do

Cheng Chun said...

Boss you now have the license to kill or not. Wahhhhhh. Better to be in your good books if not I'm dead X_X.

pinkpau said...

stewie can you teach me how to shoot! so i can shoot ming because he always says malaysia got no nice food -_______-

Genova said...

oh...boss's new sport.

KY said...

did that "head phone" play any music? lol

Super Gentleman said...

lao lose to a kid is a pain lahh... u noe y u lose 2 a kid?? cz d rifles barrel is longer n nearer to d target compared to d 9mm... giv dat excuse mahh den mebe he bliv... LoL...

Zephyr said...

Coz rifle got crosshair to aim but not a gun. Remember those days, CS sniper very easy shoot 1

TheBeerCrusader said...

LOL ~~

Boss.. You should have grab the gun more tight ~~

Anonymous said...

Whee so nice i wanna try also!! where's it in phuket boss btw?

XiangMei said...

The gun gone upwards 75% when u shot it....Amazing....
U don't have to shoot urself,just shoot the boy and end up staying in jail..hehexx

mae said...

I'm scared of guns!!!!!!!!!!!!


sry, bit irrelevant :P

Happy New Year anyways Boss ;)

Weird Dan said...

You shoot.... with 74% points.. OMG!! I should try!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i was wondering what you were shooting and what you were using to shoot...hahaha

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Oiii.. welcome back and happy new year.. hahaha so cute, u got beaten bwakakakaka..

kimfei said...

boss...go join wataniah in malaysia loo...they pay u for shooting...haha

Daren said...

Your gun you choose look like a toy pistol lel.
75% above is good,but below that,for a middle aged man,is no-no.

Christine Wong said...

LOL!!!! Sweet this type of sports there for public..but letting a kid to play is erm...dangerous...especially when the kid is a pro shooter..HAHA!!

77% to 74%

Jackson said...

Wow, that is some massive recoil! I'd love to go to a shooting range too someday :P

What type was the gun that you shot with?

lufiasism said...

nice shots you got there on the handgun... 9mm 1911 ehs.... why didn't use the Colt 45 ???