Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay two days ago I watched Cloverfield.

I must say... I thought it was a movie that I wasn't gonna like.

I mean... just by watching the trailer you know it's one of those movies that are made to look like the entire movie was taped on a camcorder.

That means... a lot of shaking around when the camera man runs.

Watch the trailer here to get a feel of that.

That really annoyed me in the beginning.

But as I watched the movie to the end, I kinda liked it.

It was a rather different monster/disaster movie...and it really really made the viewer feel as if he/she was really in that situation.

So I loved the movie... except for a few really really UNREALISTIC points in the movie.
Now I can accept unrealism in movies... but for a movie that tries to give a close to reality take on a disaster like that... some of the unrealistic parts in this movie were a little pushing it.

First of all... how is it that this chick Beth who was injured with an iron rod through her chest was able to walk, run, scream and hey... even drag Hud out of the helicopter wreckage.

Unless of course she's WOLVERINE and heals as fast as you can say the word "BULLSHIT!!!".
The second thing that I find that annoyed me was all the soldiers shooting their guns at the monster when they know it's not doing anything.

Is that even natural?

Lets say you're a little kid.

And you go try tickle your friend.

Then you find after a few seconds of attempted tickling, your friend doesn't laugh or anything.

What do you do next?

A) Say "Oh ... you're not ticklish... I guess I'll have to find something else to get you at".


B) Say "KOOOOOOTCHIE KOOOTCHIE KOOOO!!!!!!!" and continue to tickle your friend.

Unless you're a moron... your answer would be A right??

Same thing with the monster. If your rifle isn't even denting the monster.... stop shooting and RUN AWAY.

Now the last and final thing that bothered me about the movie was...

Throughout the whole movie there was a bad monster turning Manhattan into an open air car park. Towards the end of the movie, we know that since the movie started, to the end it was about over 7 hours.

Now in that all that time...


I mean.. Optimus Prime would've pwned that monster!


twosuperheroes said...

wah early morning go to work then directly post a review.. hehe..

the movie is just another horror movie / science fiction movie from hollywood. I hope I can watch it too, but I'll wait my friend buy the cd la baru watch :D..

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha yeah watch it.. really worth watching

Michelle Chin said...

Uh... That's not Transformers as far as I know.

So, what has Optimus Prime gotta do with Cloverfield?

McGarmott said...

Hmm, Ewe Tiam, your opinions clashing with mine, hehe.


Unknown said...

boss... contrary to your review, i disliked the movie coz after watching it, i had this pounding headache due to constant shaking of the camera...

there was these little baby alien-like creative that looks like they jumped out of starship troopers that is irritating as well....

the other thing which they didnt explain well was "wtf happened after you've gotten bitten by the alien"

ending sucks as well...

XiangMei said...

Aiyoyo...view the trailer and the pic ,i also know it's not a nice show already....
wasted your money ,watch a stupid movie..hehex...Transformer is still the best(although it's kinda lame now)

Anonymous said...

the whole movie sucks, imho. i'd laugh at people who tell me i have no taste in movies. just because it's something different doesn't mean it's good. \=

sorry abt tht. i'm jz letting my frustration on ppl who liked the movie.

i rmbr watching it and saying to myself, 'woahh bionic woman...' when i saw the blonde up and running, & thinking, 'fcking director!!' throughout the rest of the mv.

btw, u forgot another unrealistic part. is the camcorder made from adementium or something? falling and possibly breaking doesn't seem to hurt it at all.

Horny Ang Moh said...

Ok bossy will watch this movie once DVD Rm5 clear vision is out!

(e+ho)ng said...

Boss, I'm one of the few who actually dig this movie. ;)

Pertaining to the illogical facts that you pointed out, I think there are times when those impossible can turn into something possible during emergencies.

Who knows? Maybe Beth has some kind of adrenaline rush that she could ignore her wound?

I was also wondering why those soldiers did not retreat but once I heard one of them cursed "DAMN! I'VE BEEN SHOOTING ALL THE PLACE BUT STILL CAN'T FIND HIS GROIN AREA WHERE IT HURTED THE MOST!" You missed it? Aww... pay another RM10 to watch it all over again. ;)

Last but not least, please get real. You can hope and hope but no Transformers ain't gonna save the day. Either you wish for Ultraman or...

Doraemon with Minifying Torchlight.

Super Gentleman said...

LoL...my frens been bugging me 2 watch dis movie bt shes currently holidaying sumwer else... d agony of waiting... yah i agree optimus will pawn deir asses hard if he showed up... mebe cz d alien isnt d decepticons so he can detect dem on his radar sensors, so he din bother... LoL...

Super Gentleman said...

LoL!!! Doraemon wif minifying torchlight... dats a classic!! hahahaz...

Unknown said...

Watched the movie and like you, I thought the handheld camera thing would be annoying, but after a while, I adjusted well to it.

I agree with you on the Wolverine Beth who survives having an iron rod through her shoulder being unrealistic...

However, your second point has a flaw... see, in the army, soldiers do not think. They only follow orders... if you're ordered to die, you die. I think it was pretty clear later on that the army higher-ups were experimenting with different strategies... until the incident at 0600 which I shall not elaborate more due to spoilers.

Also, I'm baffled as to how they survived a helicopter crash on top of being pulled down by that... thing :P... and the pilots were both dead (as well as the single soldier seating with the main characters)...

JenKin Yat said...

I guess if people don't like this movie, they will not like Blair Witch Project as well? Haven't watch this yet but will try to..


Accyee said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLLL! i LOL-ed when i read the last line, HAHAHHAHAH anyway eh eh i liked the movie too (H)

No man, where was GODZILLA?!??!?!?!! ask him to come back. mate with cloverfield monster, and then run off for honeymoon lah!

pinkpau said...

i vomited after watching cloverfield :(

Suet Li said...

eh i thought it was a nice movie and i liked the fact that there wasn't any heroes to save the day cause that's reality what. transformers can go die ok I HATE TRANSFORMERS

Observer said...

Well... u know the chic can still run and do all the stunt ?....

Hint : You watch Scary Movie's Carmen Electra Opening Scene ?


Boss Stewie said...

Michelle: haha!! Nothing really!

Mcgarmott: yeah I read your very long review.. I’ve been reading your blog you know.. through Innit :P

Vincent: yeah I guess.. but it just seemed like J.J Abrams style to have things like that… you know.. mysteries that you never really find out the truth of unless there’s a Cloverfield 2 or something :P

Xiangmei: hahahaha eh I quite liked it!

Selfairy: hahaha yeah… that part is kinda true.. hhaaahah hey nobody’s gonna say you have no taste in movies if you think it sucks.. honestly.. I have met a lot of other people that thought it sucked too.. and for good reason. I guess it was a matter of preference. To me it was just refreshing to see a disaster movie done in another style rather than the usual storyline you know what I mean :P the camera shakyness did bother me for a while at first but I quickly got used to it

Hor ny: hahaha don’t say these things online.. after your house kena raided wei!

E+ho: what?? The soldiers said that?? Are you serious??? How did I miss that? Apparently in the ending also… when they showed a scene of ron and beth in this island.. something dropped in the water… which must’ve been some… alien thing from the sky

Doraemon with mini-fying torchlight ahahahahah!!!!

Super: yeah! Optimus prime will whoop his ass!

Super: hhahaha

Nix: well we know how beth survived.. I mean she’s Wolverine.. but what about the other two.. hmm good question

Jenkin: hahahahaa yeah I heard that it sucked so bad

Abby: lol lol!!

Pinkpau: yeah I heard.. hahahaha


Freethinker: ohh issit the silicon boob thing?

LeangFM said...

Optimus dun come bcoz the monster is not Decepticons
unless u can prove the monsters comes from cybertron

amb3r1te said...

i heard that cloverfield sucks. but after reading ur post, im gonna reconsider watching it.

Anonymous said...

sorry..out of topic a bit..why boss stewie instead of Tim or other nicks??

-waiseng- said...

I was laughing when I read this. Good review and I kinda like that show too.

I heard someone said WTF just right after the movie ends

plo said...

boss you forget to mention what kind of dv cam battery can last so long...haha

miszmilk said...

Warning : might contain spoilers

I hated blair witch project (to the core), but actually like this movie.

The constant shaking at the start was horrible, I agree, but after a while you kind of get use to it (and have a mild dizzyness after)

I think one needs to know the director's vision for this movie. Why it is directed this way and such. I watched the trailer in the cinema in Melbourne, and it was one movie that had no movie name. Obviously, very strange and naturally intrigues people.

The movie, I believe was meant to be the same. Not suppose to reveal much because it's suppose to be an unknown entity. (And even allows the director to produce a sequel that might possibly provide the answers we are looking for or different point of views and raking in the big bucks.)

But of course, there are bound to be movie-goers who would be annoyed at the fact that there isn't a substantial closure to the film.

Just my view :D

As for the soldiers who continue to shoot at the monster even though it looks like it's not doing anything. I think they are just there to protect the citizens. Sacrificing their lives so the people of Manhattan can flea to safety instead of just allowing the monster to feast on them.

Although the movie does not explain much, plenty of speculations are going on in their official website and forums.

I kinda wish they never showed the monster. I would be so curious to know how it actually look like. Let a striptease no? :P