Friday, February 22, 2008

Shotgun Marriages

I just found out a few days ago that one of my childhood friends who has now migrated and working in the USA is getting married.
He is 24 years old this year.

The first time I heard that they were getting married, I shamefully asked
"Shotgun ah?"

But the fella quite clever.

He knew cynics like me would say that so he purposely announced he was getting married one year ago and is now only getting married.

So either... he managed to find a way to delay the growth of the fetus or... it really truly is a marriage out of love.It's embarrassing how many people (me included) are unbelievably cynical when it comes to couples marrying early.

How we just can't give them the benefit of the doubt for once and not ask
"Why getting married so early? Pregnant ah?

But if it's any consolation... in my career right now and at my position, I feel a little more comfortable with getting married. It's just a matter of finding the right one now.
Gone are the days when I would panic when my girlfriend said
"Darling... I'm late".

Seriously it wasn't funny.

I had one girlfriend who could be late for 1 and a half months... ONE AND A HALF FRIGGIN MONTHS LATE... ANY GUY WOULD'VE BEEN PISSED SCARED BY THEN.

But now if it happens... I'm a lot less scared, as long as I know I have the right girl.

And hey, I don't see any taboo with that.

In fact if I were ever to have a shotgun wedding I would have a HUGE Grand wedding dinner with all my relatives, friends and of course friends of my proud parents.

Then I would go up and give my bridegroom speech to the hundreds of people out there just like at the National Youth Convention.Before I start saying how much I love the bride I would say
"Ladies and gentlemen.... before I go on with the programme for tonight, let me just say that the rumours ARE TRUE.

My beautiful bride tonight... is carrying my child. It wasn't intentional. She told me that she was on the pill... but she was apparently joking".

Seriously, that's the best thing to do... SQUASH all the rumours.


pinksterz said...


Kimberly Low said...

hrmm..i think the taboo would be why weren't you wearing a condom with your gf? so naughty ah boss!

Boss Stewie said...

pink: which one can shock people... the announcement at the wedding or the gf who can be 1 and a half months late

Kimberly: kenot ler... all the sizes in the market too small for me :P

XiangMei said...

Hahahah! As if like you dare to say it out cause it's kinda shameful if your gf get pregnant first before marriage....If you are getting marriage,please please PleaSE invite all your blog fans! Muahahahaha!Hope that it will held in Penang so that i can go*i'm so perasan!!

vss3t said...

yeah!!! boss stewie rules! it's really an ideal thing to do to stop people from mumbering behind ur back rite? haha =D

Stella said...

they can pencil in the date for the baby shower! haha.. and prepare bigger ang pows =)

Simon Seow said...

Boss, you can afford Durex or Ansell right?

pinksterz said...

both. the former can give shock to the elders at your wedding. the latter to you only lor. :p

May Zhee said...

xiangmei, why is it shameful to be pregnant before marriage?

Wah boss! If the condom's too small for you maybe you can consider asking that friend of yours in the States to buy one for you. But then it'll probably come back too big. *shrugs*

XiangMei said...

may zhee: That is my opinion you guys,maybe it's different from mine lor

Boss Stewie said...

xiangmei: haha.. i'm actually not the kind of person that goes along with tradition one... quite the opposite really... heck if i ever shotgun.. i really will jsut go out and say it.. why hide the truth

vss3t: yah!!! hear hear!

stella: yah exactly!!!

may zhee: that wan also mebe too small.. need to look for one of those 'horse size' ones HAHAH

Michelle said...

well.. this is really getting into a "trend".. we always do hav the mis-thinking of couples marry early.. definitely pregnant.. 8 outta 10 of my seniors married early 'cos of the "accident-baby".. then after 2-3 years they divorced.. Sighhhhh...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA the old ferlers will kil you la boss!!

btw, still no right one in sight yet? ;p

kelly said...


LogicYuan said...

i will be one of those that will shout:"yeah" and give you a standing ovation!!!

XiangMei said...

Timothy: Obviously,people will backstab right? So,Prevent is better!Sometimes,i think its better to keep our mouth shut since everybody already know the truth.If you just say out,maybe your parents will feel a bit shameful.*that my opinion

Boss Stewie said...

michelle: well that's why it's becoming a trend for us to wrongly assume.. 8 out of 10 of them are shotgun marriages

cbb: really? i think they'll... appreciate the honesty? haha

kelly: haha!

jiyuan: hahaha thank u.. then i shall invite u to my wedding haha

xiangmei: hahahaha well.. we'll see

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

timothy... too cynical laa... sigh... you seriously need a girlfriend.. bwahahahah

Boss Stewie said...

aronil: *sniff* tas is true

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Well's so simple and cheap to get married in the US. No Tea Ceremony, no HIV test etc etc.

Think was $55 for marriage license and about $100-$300 to solemnise in Las Vegas itself... more info at their County site
, even the marriage permit is made known online..haaa haaaa

Best is..they are open 24/7 7-11 (and alot of 7-11 about)

or they go to Atlantic City....which is dearer.

So.. Viva Las need to go to Thailand etc etc as it is 100% LEGIT!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Hehehe since i am now so free, i shall see to it that i find you a date bwahahahaha....

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy! If u get married early by the time u r 55 ur kids will be working! That is the only advantage! The cons is u can't poke around! He! He! U can always say 'it is a POKEING ACCIDENT!!! See now I get married at 'discounted' price!!!'
But I think u r a good poker so for sure not pokeing accident!
Have a nice day!

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Ang Moh...Ah Meng dah mati ah....
no more use of Ah-Meng ok...

peggy said...

i totally with just mentioning it during the bridegroom's speech. i mean wth, sooner or later people will know anyways. maybe even before that. bridegrooms should just be the man and stop all talking behind your backs.

i dont see a point in trying to keep silent. like how my cousin had a shotgun marriage. i was the only one in the family to guessed it right and those people at home didnt even bother to tell me at all even after the wedding until i ASKED. can you believe it?! imagine suddenly going home months later and be told that i am now an aunt?!

p.s. yes boss, you do need to get a gf. get someone to share those huge ass greenteaicecreams with!!!

Jannah said...

"Darling... I'm late."

Takutnyer.. if the guy willing to be a man and marry you takpe. This one buatnya the fella said okay let's go clinic, tak ke haru?

Prevention is better than the A word?

k0k s3n w4i said...

OMG... the scariest 3 words in the world. "Darling, I'm late..."

On a sidenote, the nicest 3 words anyone can say are "I Love You"

the most unpleasant 4 words are "I Love You but..."

Belle said... this post telling your spesel "someone" u are ready ar??? HAHHAHAHA
..boss sometimes is not the guy..but girl. if im preggy ill be the one that begs for letting it go..