Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year And The Thing About Ang Pows

It is Chinese New Year! Some of us love it... some of us hate it.

Those of us who love it... love it because it's an opportunity for us to meet our long lost relatives in which we have so much to catch up on with.

Those of us who hate it... hate it because that means we have to go back to some secluded hometown and meet up with relatives that you never really shared too much in common with anyway.
For me... I enjoy visiting my relatives and friends but dread the times when I'm asked
"What internet business you doing? Why didn't you want to be a lawyer or banker?"

And when I try to explain that I'm in blog advertising... I get a response like
"HAMIK?! Block advertising? Hamik lai? Can make money wan or not???"

And when I say
"Uhmm.. no not really.."

They'll tell me
"Then what for you do?!?!?!"

But I guess all that still isn't as bad as the occasional

So whenever I go visiting, I try to sit down quietly and eat the yummy Chinese New Year biscuits or snacks like this.

I particularly love this.
Let me prove how much I love it.

When I first came... it was full.

When I left... all that was left was this.And the only reason why there were any left overs was because I didn't exactly want to look bad for finishing it all off and not leaving anything for everyone else.

Anyway, a very common question among the young right after Chinese New Year would be
"What is the biggest Ang Pow you got this year?"

Most Ang Pows to me are like RM20 or if I'm lucky RM50 but to be honest, I never really bother to check who gives me what.

I'm just happy I get money just for saying "Gong Xi Fa Cai". Money will never come any easier than that in life.

But since we're talking about big.. how big is big?

I mean seriously... BIG is RELATIVE.

For me... a big Ang Pow is RM100... the biggest Ang Pow I have ever got in my life is RM1,000 but that's one of a kind. Most of my Ang Pows are between RM10-RM20 or if I'm lucky once in a while I get RM50.So RM100 is BIG for me.

But if your family is filthy rich like if your grandfather owns Genting or something, you might even get Ang Pows in the region of RM10,000 or RM20,000 each.

And if you ever get a RM5,000 Ang Pow from one of your relatives you'll go complain to your mum and say
"MUMMY!!! Aunty Susan only gave me RM5,000 Ang Pow this year!!!"

And your mum would probably reply
"WHAT?!?! Really? HMPH!!! Fine.. then next year I also don't give her so much. I will give her ONLY RM5,000."

So how big is big to you??


Chris said...

Wow, First?

They asked you to get married soon so you'll lose you "immunity" from the ang pow giving tradition...

Ahhh, I love being single... It's just. No Ang Pow to pack..
Now if your'll excuse me, I'll need to start reminding my "just married" friends to start packing the angpow for me...

Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai for everyone!

twosuperheroes said...

habisla u.. become fatter.. hehe.. eat eat think later rite..

nway, Gong Xi Fa Cai.. :D

p/s : when la nuffnang want to give us RM1000 angpow ar.. hurm... TGI eat ald.. angpow otw kua :D :p

happy holiday ( although tomolo hv to ready to go back d.. :( )

Genova said...

u should've sweep clean the cookies.. that's the boss way

pinksterz said...

okeh, after you are married i go your house for cny to redeem my rm100! :D

don't care whether it is big amount or not. i laf money xD

Boss Stewie said...

chris: haahah! yeah! i told them that! purposely want to make me ineligible for ang pows! imagine all the potential loss in ang pows over all the years

two: hahahaha RM1,000 ang pows... for so many bloggers... die lor

genova: haahaha!! no ler.. i leave leetle bit for them .. haha

pink: hahaha okok can can... if u come all the way then you deserve an ang pow at least

TNS said...

RM 50. but my family din ask me "HAR?!?!? STILL NO GIRLFRIEND AR!?!? HAIHHH!!!!" guess they gave up hope on me ald, hahahah

haan said...

remember control yourself a little when biting.. remember what your mum said before..

i've also faced some probs when explaining my job. short one would be "mobile services" but most ppl will mistakenly think i'm selling mobile phones..

then i need to list out the common services offered by telcos.. and this is the best i could do :) and hope they have an idea. if still don't understand, will change topic liao!! boh bian!!

Terence said...

Hello! (this stalker finally comments hahaha)

OMG! *tries to imagine how ppl can actually stuff RM5000 in a single angpao*

n yeah some relatives can be so conservative about non-conventional jobs. mine were over the moon when they found out i was going to take medicine. i bet they're gonna have a heart attack when i tell them i'm planning to major in psychiatry and then scold me for not being to able to save them cuz im not a cardiologist. *rolls eyes* hahahaha

anyway, happy chinese new year!

XiangMei said...

I know what that RM 5,000 mean,it's mean 5 bucks right? Even my close relatives give me only 6 bucks and my mom give them 10 bucks back...that not fair right?

*Evil~Cat* said...

Ang Pow just a symbols of CNY to me!Common question"When wana bring bf to meet relative"this yr they oledi give up hope too...kekeke.

oops...tat's my favour keropok even can mix wif my rice. eating now :P

Cat avoid eating then eat smart lar!intake of fiber must more then junk foods lor.

The Who said...

RM 100 is big enough. Happy Chinese New Year Tim!

Zephyr said...

wah, you so rich so many angpao!

For me, big or not big also not a problem coz most inportant is da wishes and blessings that comes with it.

and yes, when r u gonna get a gf or gfs? since got 1 so near XD, juz joking

Unknown said...

i dono how my friend manage to grab hold of the keropok... three of us polished the whole thing off in a few minutes! haha..

KeeMan said...

i thought you're supposed to give ang pows, at least an Ang Pow with Nuffnang logo on it, and inside got small piece of paper stating "RM5 Nuffnang Ad Credits".... :)

Haha. Cheers!

Super Gentleman said...

cheh... my mum actually tries to talk me out from getting a gf ahh boss... say dun wan to bring misery to other ppl's daughter ahh... imagine hw u would feel when sum1 tell u dat... LOL...

MaE : ) said...

omg boss.
step away from the ngaku chips.
i now carry a roll of cellotape to cellotape SHUT any ngaku chips in sight.

May Leng said...

haha........ i share your sentiments with the "nga ku" .. =)

my biggest ang pau was RM200. I actually know a friend who receives ang pau of RM5K and yet she complains used to be RM10K

May Zhee said...

Rm50 is big to me lor.

Wahahaha! You like every food that I like leh! Curly fries and that kind of chips!

FengY said...

Hey, I like that particular snack too! I can finish the whole thing by myself.

Btw, what is that thing called? :D

KY said...

but how do you stuff 200 RM100 notes in that packet?

Super Gentleman said...

use cheque guah o mebe online wiring.... muahahaz so high tech...

Eve said...

my biggest angpow is only rm50. but i know a fren who got rm1000 ang pow fr a stranger -__- like her father's friends. so nice

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah! U still got 'ang pow' kar??? So lucky! I only get new empty 'ang pow' which I have to fill it up with money to give to other people! I don't look like a kid so nobody give me 'ang pow'!!!
Have a very happy CNY!!!

Jackson said...

I get more and more each year from my parents. This year I got over rm1500!

But then again they did say I have to save it all up, cuz they're not gonna help me when I buy a house or car or anything... >_<

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Bwahahaha hey!! better than no ang pow and at least you don't get lines like. "Next year no more ang pows for you" or worse "So when are you getting married!" SIgh pressue laaaa

yapthomas said...

a cheque consider big???

TNS said...

boss, why my ads hilang from my blog? and is nuffnang down?

Michelle Chin said...

500 AUD is a big angpow for me. If I even have the chance to get it.

But now, I can only dream of RM 500.

Michelle Chin said...

500 AUD is a big angpow for me. If I even have the chance to get it.

But now, I can only dream of RM 500.

Boss Stewie said...

Jason: hahaha!!! Or maybe because they know they don’t need to rush you. You sure get wan! And eh I can see the ads on your blog… nuffnang isn’t down wor

Haan: eh what mobile services do you do?

Terence: hahahaha nice to know that you finally comment! Psychiatry is still… I mean you’re still a doctor!!! Not like if you were to take psychology :P

Xiangmei: hahahaha maybe you rugi this particular case but other cases you make leh?

Evil: hahahaha!!! Kenot! Junk food nicer to eat than fiber

Quen: Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Zephyr: hahaha no ler my ang pow all quite small one. Eh and who lar.. where got gf?

Em: hahaha!!! If I were there… then you’d finish it in a matter of seconds

Keeman: hahahaha that’s an idea for next year maybe hahaha

Super: hahahhaha then your mum never wants you to get married? Never wants you to get laid??? How lar liddat

Mae: hahahaha why? I love it!!!


May zhee: really? Aww so we have a little bit more in common

Fengy: hahahaha I almost did it myself

Ky: hahaha maybe put cheque leh

Eve: what? That’s crazy!

Hor ny: hahahahahaah you lucky mah… you get to GIVE ang pow!

Jackson: eh dude you came back for CNY?

Aronil: hahahah!!! I don’t get that married thing so fast… YET

Yapthomas: depends what is written on the cheque right?haha

Boss Stewie said...

michelle: why you wan ang pow in AUD wan?

haan said...

what u get from your operator loh. like apa background music, missed call notification etc. some services are really funny one :)

curryegg said...

I will only shout if I got RM4999 from any aunt.. That will be little for me.. kekekzz

3POINT8 said... ppl.
Someday, I hope to get a cheque with no amount written on it in angpao.

Resa said...

I got 500.000......rupiah.hehe

May Leng said...

yup ....unbelievable ? believe it.

Anonymous said...

the most i get is rm100 from my mom. i used to like cny because i can get ang pows but not because i've to give, i started to hate it..