Friday, February 08, 2008

Why Computer Games Are Bad For Us!

Ahhh computer games!

I grew up around computer games... and I wasted much of my childhood on them.

Even right now I occasionally have phases when I crave computer games... like recently I have a Dota craze (I know, like 20 years too late right?)

In some countries, excessive computer game playing among the youth are increasingly becoming a concern.

Heck in China, they even send some of their kids to computer game rehabilitation camp where they even go there just to play Paintball ... to kinda help them get in touch with a real-life version of the Counter-strike they're used to.

I remember watching that on the news once. Heck they were interviewing all these teenagers and it was really like watching a drug rehab camp. You'll have teenagers saying
"Oh yeahh this is my 3rd time in Rehab after I relapsed again 2 weeks ago"
What's so bad about computer games you might ask?

Well... watch this video that I saw on Aronil's blog.

Haha Hilarious!

Now whether or not the video is real or not... don't matter! What matters is... some people really are like that.

Heck even I used to be minutely like that... I would slam the keyboard and shout


pinksterz said...

boys and games. pffft! hmph.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Hahahahhahahhaaahhaahahhaha....i tell you even just looking at the static video cracks me up

xes said...

here's a spoof to the video

LeangFM said...

thatz so sad....

errr, btw ...
how the hell u f**ks computer's sister/mother and even father?

TNS said...

i never like computer games, dunnoe why

Arsky said...

I wonder how unreal tournament addicts gets paint'balled or even hitman 47s. Hitman movie sucked ;(

Happy New Year btw taoke

amb3r1te said...

actually, i find that video quite scary!

btw, happy CNY!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i find that video interesting cause i know a few adddicts but they dont act like that...but yeah. computer games can make you addicted.

happy cny boss!!=)

XiangMei said...

Computer games kill kids...haiz, i almost kena heart attack when i view that stupid video....Should have send that crazy boy to T.Rambutan de

me. said...

that kid is damn sick wey. o.o

Miss Nobody said...

hahahaha...true cz we all get pissed off also if our com always lag.

why does dt boy sounds so.........weird

karis said...

Omg..That was pretty psychotic. Boss, you just made me terrified of computer addicts! lolz.

Unknown said...

hey tim, happy cny! :)

Timo said...
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Timo said...

Lol I've been following your post once in awhile and I can relate to this post for sure...which hot blooded males doesn't like computer games at all???? haha greetings from melbourne Tim!
Somehow I manage to wean myself away from dota only to find myself addicted to gears of war !o_0....maybe I should enrol myself in one of those bootcamps too *grin*

Genova said...

lol. the cs prime days are so over now...thank god

Michelle said...


Boss Stewie said...

Pink: oi oi oi!!! Games is a cost-effective way for us to enjoy ourselves

Aronil: hahahahaha

Xes: hahaha that’s quite cool as well

Sc_bone: hahaha I have no clue dude

Jason: why?!?!!? U don’t know what u’re missing!

Arsky: Happy New Year dude! And eh I thought the hitman movie was not bad

Amb3r: hahaha yeah me too

Cbb: but anything that’s nice to do can be addictive :P

Xiangmei: hahahahaha lol lol

Jin rui: hahahah!!!

Miss nobody: hahahahaha u mean he sounds… screwed up :P

Elie: hahahahah!!! Lol.. then u might have to fear me too :P

Immi: happy cny to you too Immi!!

Timo: gears of war? Fortunately for me… my mac can play only very limited games so I’m free from addiction apart from dota bwahahah

Genovo: hahahaha those were good days though

Michelle: HAHAHA

Timo said...

lol i'm using a mac too but I usually switch between win xp or os depending on the work I'm me gears of war will get you hooked as its like playing soldiers of fortune only its better!!

Joseph Li said...

Haha. the game is rather hilarious. anw thanks for the nang. =)

Eve said...

the video quite scary huh...but i know a few frens that when they play games they become so serious it looks like they have split personality..