Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party In The Star and NST

Ok wait.. important announcement before I go on to the rest of this post.

Yesterday was Shaolintiger's birthday. He turned 30... damn old right the fella.
Happy Birthday Shaolintiger!

Ok back to my entry.

In case any of you guys missed it, The Star and New Straits Times both covered our Nuffnang Pajama Party in celebration of our Nuffnang's First Anniversary.

Here's the article from The Star.

And here's the article from The New Straits Times.
Lol... Nuffnangers... give yourselves a hand. And also give Nuffnang's PR Agency KimKomm a hand for whom this would not be possible.

It's not every day anyone gets to be on the country's two top mainstream newspapers IN YOUR PAJAMAS.

Hey on another note, in the Pajama Party, we printed this fun Nuffnang booklet with the Nuffnang story told from Ming's eyes and also some Memes from some of our team members.

Download it here and read it.Especially read Ming's story.

When I read it... a very nostaglic feeling came over me.


Anonymous said...

gosh! i missed the fun!

Hui Yi said...

congratulation, it's some kind of touching feeling after read this blog. good job

Suet Li said...

eh abit outdated but iphone is only like $500 here. tsk tsk. the end dunwan talk about your booklet hmmp!

LogicYuan said...


meow said...


happy birthday Nuffnang... hope can join the 2nd birthday celebration of Nuffnang!


Anonymous said...

congrats on the party! all the best in the years ahead!!=)

Unknown said...

I'm.. er.. I mean, My HELMET is famous! :D

Just BoB said...

Tim, i think kau ni baik hati la....AHAHahhaahah


now give me some beer infidel!!!1

ps: i left my mat rempit mannerism at home that nite. :P

-AH Bob :D