Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My New Business Idea - Monetizing Boobs

I've just got a new business idea for anyone who might want to start it.

Okay here's the thing. I've always been thinking about the blind spot that some people eventually develop with advertisements. Whatever medium you use, sooner or later some people might just stop paying attention to the ad you have.

For example, you may drive on a road but not notice a billboard ad or you might be watching TV and not notice the ads because every time there's a commercial break you go get a drink.

So I was thinking... what is it... that people will always watch or look at without fail and it came to me just recently.

Here's how.

Somehow quite a number of the female friends I hang out with tend to be very well endowed and they're not afraid to flaunt it. So they wear fairly low cut tops sometimes to show it off a little.I notice when I walk with them anywhere in public, say at The Curve, out of every 10 people we walk past, 8 of them will take a good look at the breasts and it doesn't matter if the people passing by are guys or girls, both guys and girls look at Cleavage.

Now this is something that people are ALWAYS gonna be looking at.

I mean fine you can say that say if you run a social-networking site and display ads, maybe one day people might get bored of social-networking and you'll lose your audience but hey... correct me if I'm wrong but BOOBIES HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR BLOODY CENTURIES... AND YET US MEN HAVE YET TO GET BORED OF THEM.

And here's another good thing about it. Boob Ads... ARE MOBILE!!! They go everywhere!!!!

So ladies... you're all soo very very powerful and all hold SOOOO MUCH POWER IN YOUR HANDS... all we need to do is find a way to monetize all the booby space out there.

And to do that... all we have to do is... PUT ADS ON THE CLEAVAGE!!!And it can work like that... First you gotta convince the dear ladies to join your so called "Ad network" . So all these nice ladies become your publishers and will run the ads.

All you have to do is produce the ads (ie paint them on the boobies or whatever) and find advertisers (okay fine this is easier said than done but nothing worth having comes easy).

You see people putting ads on everything these days, from envelopes to greetings cards to benches to walls... why have we missed the place that EVERYONE IS BOUND TO LOOK AT?!?!

And here's the thing.. if you're a guy... BoobAds will do you some good. Say the next time you get caught staring at a girl's boobs, you could just say

"Hey sorry... was trying to see what the website address was for that awesome computer you're advertising on your boobs".

So who wants to start this business?

We can call it... BoobAds - Monetize your breasts today!Lets start on a business plan to get some funding.

Anyone keen on investing?


PS: It's hiring time again at Nuffnang and this time we're looking for Web Designers. Anyone keen on joining our ever so funny team e-mail me at lengmoublogs@yahoo.com okie?


meow said...

let's try it on guys' muscular body too~~~ woohoo~~~

Anna T said...

thats what i tot too!

abs+shoulders :D

pinksterz said...

wtf boss wtf.

Anonymous said...

boss, good idea boss!!
I wanna invest!!
but im still a college student..
so, RM1 for first timer okay ah? XD

KY said...

don't forget about manboobs too!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

why la.. of all things why again..... sigh you're like 'yaboos' and big kahooi frenzy... I can just imagine you standing infront of a lady and going **honk honk** with your hands and then saying "aauuuuooooogggaaaaaa"... bawwhahahahahah

pinkpau said...

stewie i want to apply as web designer!!! i got skillz also wan. better than firdy's. haih just imagine how nice the nuffnang homepage will look in PINK!

Monica said...

seriously - great idea. the only difficulty is going to be the font size. it's got to be humongous for it to be visible in 2m distance. will be difficult for advertising something with profusely long name. UNLESS you get more than one woman chained together. hm...

RealGunners said...

i think u will make guys stay away from boobs once and for all :D

Mun said...

RM10K as a start. Count me in.

.:Baby Gin:. said...

leah dizon ! *hearts*

-tAkEmOtO- said...

Wah boss...ur "friends" damn cun wo...where did u find all those pics? Is it your personal collection? Wah ur laptop more valueble than Edison's lo XD

Not all the adds are proper u know... Imagine insecticide ads or diaper commercials... XD sounds so wrong...

But it's a nice idea. Just need to gain acceptance from the females then. Btw i think at alot also look at the behind de wo...kena tampal there then? XD

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I wana join!
I wana join!
I wana join!
I wana join!

For the BoobsAds thingy. It sounds promising. HAHAHA!

Boss Stewie said...

serena: nobody wants to see that rite! i know i don't

anna: haha

pink: what what? :P it makes sense

joe: hahaha wanna invest ar.. RM1 ... .. you can buy our office office pen.

ky: i dowan see!!

super: haih i kena caught before.. it's true.. but i also catch a lot of epopel also every day hahaha

aronil: yes i'm into boobs.. it's true

pink: haha

monica: no mah.. people only look at cleavage when nearby.. so don't need to be so big

real: hahahaha

mun: hahaha okok!!!

baby: *hearts too*

takemoto: ehh... those are not my friends ler.. that's leah dizon man.. if leah dizon is my friend... every dude will wanna know me :P haha and uhmm... thikn about durex ads on there... wondeerrffull

michelle: hahahahaha okok wait i start the business then u can sign up

curryegg said...

How about guy? I mean if I'm using guys as my advertising target, where should I place my ads?


Scud said...

That's what I'm thinking of too.


1) Wee~! Yahoo~! It's Boobies~!

2) Should works more efficiently than the tradition beer ads or garment ads.

3) How can one resist to watch?

But the CONS,

1) Majority girls will not give a f*** on the ads, usually they just argue bout their boobs size.

2) Only male will stare and look longer, then get notice bout the ads.

3) I don't think we can find anyone here in M'sia to be a advertising' booboards.

4) Even if there is a few who wants to advertise, they mostly are not man-attracted.
[Yes, man's eyes will work automatically very well, even their aged 100]

5) If man DO watch, they may get pissed off by their mother, wife, gf, sales girls, etc.

Risky business, I may say. If it's not, more millionaires is born!

C said...

sex always sell. however, it only targets a certain group of people. what about conservative people? it might be good marketing but imho, it's not feasible.

Falcon said...


3POINT8 said...

Hmm... But then hor, don't people take a sneak peak of boobs and turn their head in the other direction?
you want to place an ad where someone stares at it for a less than a millisecond and looks away rite?
I mean, guys would be just like. "Oooo... Boobies and computers!!! What was the brand name again?"

Avijit Paul said...

Really funny entry haha..
But somehow I felt very sad to see the line "You see people putting ads on everything these days, from envelopes to greetings cards to benches to walls..."

after all thats quite exactly what my business enveluv does - sending printed cards for free with ads.

But yea, you can start the new trend, boobvertising in Malaysia.

.kitty said...

LOL!! not a bad idea..

Boss Stewie said...

curry: then u place it on the boobs cuz men are the ones looking most of the time :P

scud: hahahaha no lar dude... it's not meant to be an idea that really wroks.. hahahaha i think we're far from that culturally to be able to accept this.. it's just for fun

yeong: yeah dude it's not feasible at least in malaysia. this entry is just a joke

falcon: haha

3point8: hahaha but if you put the ad there and give them a reason to stare.. they may stare longer :P

avijit: ohh cool hahaha... why does it make you sad? it shouldn't la... it's just another place where we put our ads

kitty: hahahaha

MaN|acZ said...

mebbe can ask help from gals who were in Pajama party? (either those Cosplay wan or the participants??)

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha u ask i shy

Anonymous said...

WTH u're indeed some smart arse! lol. Genius! Wish i had creative brains like yours. Looking forward for the ads. Make us man proud!

"Owh no! Booby traps everywhere on the streets!!"

Anonymous said...

i hereby volunteer are the first mobile boobad-person, whatever you call her.

Boss Stewie said...

jacky: hahahahahaha!!!! yes sometimes too often I think of stupid ideas like this


kennysia said...

Ads on boobs?


What are you gonna call it?


Boss Stewie said...

kennysia: hahahaha... hahahhahahaa great idea

MaN|acZ said...

boss, kennot so shy wan...

must be brave a bit...

Simon Seow said...

Hey why hiring send to lengmoublog@yahoo.com instead of hr@nuffnang.com?

Simon Seow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ThOmAs said...

Kenny! You siao ar???

Nuffneng?? Later chao ah beng who know half engrish half hock chew but dunno IT hear you say nuffneng he cry laughing ar.

Sounds like you'd have enough of neng.

luxen said...

In Hong Kong, they have something like that. The in thing at events now is that they stick stickers with logos of the event sponsors on the celebrities who attend it.

So when press photographers take photos of them, the stickers are visible.

I haven't seen a celebrity stick it on her cleavage yet, but I've seen a lot of photos of female celebrities with different sticker logos on their arms.

A lady auctioned of ad space on her forehead in ebay.

If you can overcome the feminists and conservatives in Malaysia, then your idea might take of. Malaysia not as open as other Asian countries lar.

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...

sayang sekali that LOLO FERRARI sudah mati...if not she'll be the first...


u go to the old folks home there see got any volunteer or not

Unknown said...

What's the pay for boobies ad model? I'm interested. :x

CJ said...

Hmm i might not have the cash to invest, but i will be glad to do QA for you, even for free! you know, they come in all shapes and sizes, must be more selective...

anyway thanks for the nang on my 'sex lives of med students' post. really appreciate it

joanne liyeng said...

stewie, i apply as your office tealady can?