Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weirdest Autograph I Ever Had To Sign

Adrian is a good friend of mine whom I got to know back during my A-Level days.

He's one of those people who is... really really smart (he got straight A's for SPM and A-levels) but enjoys doing really stupid things sometimes and as you can imagine, he's a big fan of the US TV show Jackass.

To name stupid things he does, he once brought his own toilet bowl into an elevator and took a dump there.
And there was the legendary time when he went for an interview for a shipping company and they asked him "So why do you want to work with us?"

His answer was
"Because you guys have lots of ships... and I like ships".

So anyway, Adrian's now settled down and working in Canada. He was only back in Malaysia for 2 weeks and left for Canada just a week ago. While he was here, he took the opportunity to meet up with a lot of our friends from college who are now all doing very different things.
The bulk of our college friends are working at the Big Four audit firms or banks, one or two of them in PR, one or two of them in Law and just one of them running his family business.

We were all catching up in his home and Googling our names when Adrian suddenly saw the BusinessWeek article where I was nominated as one of the Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia last year.He jumped up and shouted

And he lifted up his T-Shirt.
At first I thought he was joking. I mean anyone would have thought so right?

But when it comes to Adrian and when something stupid is suggested... he's never joking.

So I got myself the nearest marker I could find and signed on his left tit.Signing on a boob is harder than it looks actually.

I could barely make out my signature once I was done with it.

So there you have it everyone.

Brad Pitt or McDreamy probably gets a nice set of boobs from a hot girl to sign on.
I get to sign on a hairy man boob.

Doesn't it RAWK being Timothy Tiah?


May Zhee said...

Oh my God the way he look at you when you sign his boob.

Michelle said...

& I loved the way he looked at you when you signed his *cough* tits.

JuLJuL said...

Haha. It sure does. =) Congratulations. You now have your no.1 biggest fan.

Kay said...

I want an idiotic friend like that too!! XD

peggy said...

adrian is crazy. but cool. hahahaha. you have one very interesting friend :p
and the look on his face while you were signing?! priceless tim! so much adoration

XiangMei said...

i know why signing on a boob is harder....cause his boob is sticky!*gross

Ohkulala said...

first boob ads and now tit signing? lol. what next? :P said...

omg boss, u really did it? haha

Qian said...

Wahh, a crazy straigh A student! But he is an interesting friend!!!
And ur signature is really funny...

Boss Stewie said...

may zhee:hahahahahaha

michelle: hahahaahaha LOL LOL

jul: yes.. my biggest friend and my signature on his tits

kay: hahaha .. adrian's MINE!!!

peggy: hahahahahaa

xiangmei: yah and hairy too

ohkulala: sniff.. i know! what's worng with me right?

barghers: hahaha yes i did

qian: eh it's funny cuz i couldn't sign properly ler.. quite hard to sign on tits actually

Kay said...


Boss Stewie said...

kay: hahaha cannot!!!! mine !!!! no borrowing my funny friend

real: hahahaha

Kay said...

T.T boss stewie meanie... zzz XD

Sharon Q. said...

Wow, what a funny fan & friend u've got there.


The weirdest signature is taken, so any chance to meet up wif u in da' future must think of other innovative ways to sign.

:p Have a great week!

Boss Stewie said...

kay: :P

sharon: hahahahahahhaha yes yes... just let me know where else to sign

Kay said...

sign my converse bag 8D

Wannabe Economist said...

I cannot believe he took a dump in the elevator, seriously =/

Genova said...

haha. awesome friend

luxen said...

cheh, why so terrible your writing.

At least sign lar clockwise around his nipple. Or if you really power, you sign small small on his areola.

pinkpau said...

i like this adrian guy!! he got straight a's and all that, summore bring toilet into the elevator and so cool during interviews :D i am intrigued! stewie will you introduce us please!

Simon Seow said...

So gay man, so gay.

JenKin Yat said...

chiu lai moi......tits

Boss Stewie said...

kay: ok can!

wannabe: hahaha believe it!!!

genova: yea i know :P

nicole: hahahah!

luxen: eh it's quite hard to write on that tit seriously

pink: hahaha ok i intro u next time he comes back

simon: hahaha

jenkinyat: haha!

Josephine See said...

HAHAHAHA, to sign on flatter boobs (Adrian's) also so hard, imagine sign on a full size boobs..?!?!?

Jono said...

Adrian Lee? hahaha. Its been a while. Caught Khoo sin thean in the pics also. Yeah , catholic high school do produce some nuts during that year, theres more of those ppl in our year, happy to inform you guys. smart but nuts.


Kay said...

so i have to mail my bag 2 u? XP

Josh said...

Very gay... Did you sign on him twice? There's a green signature before the black one.