Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why Men Should Subsidize Womens' Shopping

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Once of my friends, who was and still is a shopaholic once came up to me to ask
"Tim... if you can find ONE logical reason for the government to get men to subsidize our shopping, I will give you a big kiss".

I was APPALLED !!!

I replied with a disgusted face!

Then she said
"Okay how about a blowjob?"


Yes... unfortunately she was... :(

while sitting on my throne one day, I thought of an economically logical reason why the government should have men subsidize women's shopping. Mind you this was when I was still studying economics in the UK and did lousy shit like this for my coursework.So naturally I thought of an economic reason for this.

I am however going to try very very hard to keep this as simple in layman terms as possible.

Now in economics, we have what they call an external cost and external benefit. An external cost is basically if someone else but you does something that eventually costs you something whether in monetary terms or in health.

For example say you and a friend go clubbing at Velvet one night. Your friend next to you starts smoking and you breath in his smoke.
That is an external cost to you because it's not something that you're doing, but you are paying the price for it because it might eventually add up to give you lung cancer and you have to pay for it in future whether with your life or with all the medical bills you have to pay for lung cancer treatment.

Now an external benefit is the opposite of that.

Lets say by some miracle, cigarette smoke is actually GOOD for health, boosts your immune system and cures cancer. Then him smoking it gives you a benefit that you didn't actually pay for.

Now if the government wants to achieve an 'efficient economy', it will have to tax cigarettes so that your friend smokes less, and use that taxed money to help pay for your medical bills.

Or if cigarettes are good for health then the government should take your taxes and subsidize cigarettes so that your friend will smoke more and you will live a longer life.

Okay so everyone has got me so far right?

Now how does this help us answer why men should subsidize womens' shopping?


Ask your girlfriend why she shops so much and spends so much on clothes, make-up, shoes, etc etc and chances are she'll tell you
"I want to look good for you".So technically that's an external benefit because looking good for you is a benefit but you are NOT paying for any of it.

In an efficient economy, you should technically be subsidizing your girlfriend's shopping so that she will shop more and look better for you so that your eyes will have a nicer girlfriend to look at and you'll be more proud of her when you bring her out with your friends.
There you have it!

So my fellow brothers... for the sake of a more efficient economy, go to your girlfriends today and say
"Darling... lets go shopping. For every RM1 you spend shopping today, I will put in an extra RM1 for your continued shopping".

Yeah... for the sake of the efficient economy everyone.


Nichole Low said...

Good theory!!!!
Man should seriously subsidize womens' shopping!!!!

radical85 said...


michelleho said...

So... wondering aloud...
Didya claim the "PRIZE" from the gal friend?

RealGunners said...

can't really get u boss...

economically, how does a better looking gf be external benefit to us??

ah well, mayb u can say, i better looking girlfriend makes u more energetic to work or fight for more ads participants.. well.. hmm...

pinksterz said...


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Tiam! EH, this is AJARAN SESAT man! Better delete the posts before the guys come bugging you for more ads! :P

pinkpau said...

thank you stewie! ^____^ i emailed this to martian.

hehehehehe. i'm going to write a list of what i want to buy now with my newfound subsidy!

ahbeng_style said...

This is so wrong man. Pls stop making all the poor bfs become poorer. HAHA!

Wilson J Q Quah said...

Boss so anticlimax, no blow job no business.

weiqi said...

hey boss, i m going to love u more for this post..haha..more shopping now!!!yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Say, if men were to subsidise shopping for women, would'nt that be giving a positive impact on the economy? 'Macroeconomically' speaking we men would now need more loanable funds (credit cards aihh) and that would bring down the interest rates as well? Boss, ngam boh?

Then like this, soon we would be able to live like the king of Brunei. Haih, I am so traitor.

Unknown said...

ooo goody... more money to spend...

Monica said...

not that i'm against the theory because i'm a girl, but if i'm not paying for my friend's cigarette, why should my man pay for my shopping in the name of efficient economy? shouldn't we get the government to subsidise our shopping instead? *tough chance*

RealGunners said...

actually, u should just ask the goverment to stop increasing petrol price for the sake of increasing petronas profits, then all other things will cease to increase pricing, then u can shop... :D

.:Baby Gin:. said...

*shiny eyes*

iamthewitch said...

thank you for this brilliant post! :) I absolutely agree with everything you wrote so let's hope the message gets across to ALL the guys out there :P

Alan said...

Nice read!

immi said...

yay! :)

KY said...

"increasing petrol price for the sake of increasing petronas profits"

I wish it is as simple as you described.

AnD said...

You should write a thesis on this. Maybe, you can win a Nobel prize.

McGarmott said...

Eh, nonsense ah, what about a balanced budget on the bf side of things? Sure there are 'benefits' but it doesn't return to the bf in monetary terms. Due to scarcity that means that he will have less money to spend on other (potentially) more important things. Like, I dunno, HIMSELF looking good, or to expand his own entrepreneurship/business. Where is the comprehensive cost-benefit analysis? Too many unknowns and fallacies, man!

Philip Pang said...

That reminds me, I came out with one theory during class the other day.

Elasticity of Marriage

% change in divorce rates/ % change in bonding period between A and B

Other factors,
a) Time
b) availability of substitutes (man/women)
c) gorillas
d) real size dolls (sexual purposes)

PEM > 1
PEM = 0
PEM < 1


lol. I'm not thinking much into it so, chill alright if it doesn't make sense.

wohoo! Distraction in class FTW!

Alexandrea said...

Boss!! I love you!! Now I just have to convince my fiancee....

Boss Stewie said...

Nichole: hahaha!!
Jeremi: no noo dude… I have a plan!!!!

Michelle: no ler she was just joking… FOOLED I WAS
Realgunners: well u feel nicer when u walk out with a really pretty looking gf rite? Some more u get some satisfaction by looking at a hot girlfriend rite?


Wet: hahahaha dude!

Pink: don’t.. after he send the bills to me then I die

t.c: hahahaha

boss lepton: sniff

weiqi: hahahaha

jyushiang: eh why would we live the king of Brunei’s life if interest rates go down? no lah dude.. we’ll just all be poor…
em: hahahaha

monica: yah yah.. the government will act as the middle man tax agent ler.. just that maybe the govt will haf to tax the boyfriends for every dollar the girlfriend spends, and then pay that subsidy to the girlfriend. HAHAAH what a terrible arrangement.

Real: hahahahahaa okok I doubt they’ll listen to me though

Baby: shiny eyes back

Iamthewitch: hahaha!!!! Woi dun get me in trouble

Alan: lol

Immi: hahah

Ky: aihhh
Creative: I will probably only win the nobel prize if the panel of judges were 100% female :P

Mcgarmott: hahahaha okok why not u do it dude… support it with empirical evidence too.. then you can win the Nobel Prize

Phillip: Ahhh…. Elasticity!!!1 I remember those days

Alex: hahahahaha

Y-ling said...

Good theory! Your lecturer will be proud of you! lol

Anonymous said...

wahlaoweh now the guys are seriously gonna go broke why boss whyyyyyyy

*grabs a baseball bat and swings it at you* =P

Pam Song said...


Heck, somebody tell my bf this!!!

Aaron Tan said...

ok. now i'm going to boycott this blog!!

but again.. gf doesn't read blog.. so, is ok lah.. :P

3POINT8 said... is gonna run the world's economy soon.

Goddess of Glen said...

CORRECT!!!!! You've got it again, Timothy!

Leon said...

The statement "she want to look good for you" probably is true but "look good for ONLY you" is how it should be. The subsidies paid would be diluted as she shares it with the rest of the world making the effectiveness of the subsidy approximately zero.

Leon said...

Now that I think of it, the Arab culture would be in the best position for making the subsidy work properly. Their women wear all the nicest things for their men, but cover it up in public. The subsidy would have a strong effect in this case. Between having to cover up and getting the subsidy...I think a lot of girls would vote down the subsidy idea in th end. XD

Cheryl said...

Y'know what, later the girlfriend looks uber chio and it caught the heart of an uber gorgeous, rich and kind man. HONG GAN LA.

Boss Stewie said...

david: hahahaha!!!

y-ling: u think? I think he's disappointed that I turned out to be an entrepreneur rather than an economics professor

cbb: hahaha!!

pamsong: u tell him lar haha

aaron: hahaha lucky you!

3point8: LOL dude!

olivia: hahaha!!1 of course u'll say that.. u're a girl rite? hahaha

leon: hahahahah!!!

luxen: hahahahaha!!!

ishihara: hahahaha yah hong gan hahahaha

Cheng Chun said...

Boss. Die la like that if your gf go buying 10 apartments as her shopping spree. O_O

joshuaongys said...

lolx... this is interesting and that sentence "i want to look good for you" sounds familiar.... hmmmm

Keong said...

I think you should come out with cash rebate system as well...

Pam Song said...

I have to cover your backside, too wat! If I tell him, he'll ask where I got the info from. If he asks, I'll tell him your blog. He'll ask who writes that blog. Then I'll say Timothy Tiah.

Then he go bash you up for ruining his life then how???

See... I summore protect you. AT MY EXPENSE!

Haih. Girls so good lah. No wonder they deserve to get their shopping paid for. =p

Anonymous said...

lol. Over the long run leh, we all need to work for money what. Since women has now become one of the main stimulants of the economic cycle. Quite good idea, quite good idea. By the time we know it, we might be paying more tax also hoh. why am i so contradictory. aih. wtf.

I oppose women shopping subsidy aihh wtf.

Christine Chong said...

superior de super extra superior good blog you've written on this. Thumbs up for you..eventhough I dunno you .. heh..

Firdauz takes five said...

but then again

"I want to look good for you." i'd say, from my personal observation, a woman dowan to look look good just for her bf, she wants to look good for everyone. even if she's single, even if she's married, even if she's not into guys, even if she's alone in her room, she just wants to look good. for everyone. for herself. for the feeling and the satisfaction. and the pride.

Should the rest us, the people (doesnt matter male of female), pay for everyone's shopping bills because each time we see them passing by, they look good in their outfits, and it's a benefit for us?

i'd say, we (the people, doesnt matter male of female) should subsidize for our partner's shopping not because THEY WANT TO LOOK GOOD FOR US AND ITS A BENEFIT FOR US.

but because we sincerely want them to be happy, to feel good about themselves. to share, to care, and not to spoil them (should they overspend on things that are not beneficial for either parties) .

and certainly not for the sake of efficient economy, u tipu la boss! =p

vss3t said...

stewie! you should be the government!!! then girls will have a good life ever after!