Monday, November 24, 2008

Here I Come Shanghai

Early tomorrow morning I'm hopping on a flight to Shanghai. I'm going to be in Shanghai this week for a conference and for some work stuff there.

Funny thing is my friend Hasan is there in Shanghai right now too and will be there for just about as long as I will be there for this week. He's on holiday though.

He sent me a text this morning
"Dude.. no one here speaks Engrish!"

Then like a few hours later he sent me another text
"Dude I just met this random chinese chick and I'm having lunch with her now. She speaks damn good english , but if I get kidnapped you know why".

I replied him a little late, like 1 hour later because I was a little busy saying something like

Then he sent me a very short reply
"Dude I just got conned".

I guess there goes another story of being cheated in China, this one involving a friendly random english speaking Chinese girl.

So my little bag is packed.
My passport all set.

And enough Chinese currency to last me for a while.

Only thing I'm missing is my heart.

Feels so heavy leaving home again.... But I guess when you gotta go work, you gotta go work.


Owlivia said...

aha, nuffnang in china? :P

Will CK Teoh said...

haha... yeah yeah... nuffnang china!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think ur 'other' fren in shanghai is waitin to take u around also!

Sam said...

erm...if ur there for nuffnang China...I don't think u can make it..coz 1st of all...They don't write stuffs in english....

KY said...

bring me laaa, i speak mandarin!

xes said...

wat happened to Hasan?