Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Day at the Zoo with the Nuffies

Yesterday morning we were all up early.

Nicholas went over to the rooms of all the other Nuffies to wake them up for breakfast.

He started patiently knocking on some of their doors at first.

Then when the patient polite knocks didn't seem to wake them up, he started banging.

And that instantly got everyone up! (In fact I think we woke up the whole floor)

We were up so early yesterday morning because the plan was that the Nuffies were going to go to the Singapore Zoo that Ming proudly announces is WORLD CLASS. He even brought his brand new Nikon camera that he called "The Beast"I've never really been to zoos before but I still wasn't very excited about the zoo at first. I mean when I previously thought about zoos, I kept picturing wild animals locked up in cages and that sounded very depressing to me.

But I was wrong.

The zoo is if anything, beautiful. I hardly saw any cages, all the animals were put in very beautiful environments!

The polar bears for example were put in this big area that had those fans that spray water all around to keep them cool and they had a huge deep pool for them to dip in if they were ever too hot and wanted to cool down.

They even had a special air-conditioned room to go into if they were feeling hot. I mean heck... while the downside of being in a zoo is that you get locked up the whole time and have no freedom, the upside as according to Clara is
"You don't have to worry about money, food or rent... all you have to do it sleep and chill all day".

So I guess some people won't mind that right?

Being at the zoo I somehow couldn't help but constantly make reference to Madagascar 2.

Like I saw some hippos there and I had to say out loud
"Motto Motto... the name so nice you gotta say it twice".

I thought it was funny, but nobody around me thought it was, so I laughed on my own.

Then I saw a lemur and I thought of King Julian so I said
"Whatever happened to the separation of the classes."

and again nobody found it funny =(

So I stopped making Madagascar 2 quotes after that.

And we went on taking pictures of more animals.

I saw some rhinos there.

I watched them for like 15 minutes and I kinda wondered how any of them got anything done. I mean if I had such a heavy body I would find it sooo damn hard to wake up in the morning (It's hard enough for me already as it is).

And I guess you can kinda see it in them too. I mean they had so many flies going round and round bothering them while they slept but none of them seemed to be bothered to get rid of any of them. They all just opened their eyes a little to look and then closed it.

Then later on in the day, we saw the famous white tigers in the Singapore Zoo. These are the same white tigers that just a month ago or two had mauled a cleaner to death. Apparently the story was that the cleaner wanted to commit suicide or something so he jumped into the den and swam across the river to get to the tigers.

But while the tigers were mauling him to death, he was screaming away for help so I guess he kinda regretted it. What a painful death.

There's a YouTube video of it but I decided not to post it up here because I found it quite disturbing.

The funny thing is right after the incident, the people thought that the tigers were traumatized by the incident because they had never killed anything before and they never meant to kill the guy. They thought they were just playing with him.

After the tigers we all went to watch two animal shows. This is a picture our official Nuffnang photographer KZ took of us there.Yes the truth is some of us didn't even know we were having our pictures taken.
While the rest of us that did made sure we posed.

Here's a picture I managed to take with Cherie and Clara who were sitting next to me during one of the shows.

I thought Cherie looked damn cute in her cap. Later that day she got me to do this pose with her.

Probably another one of those La-La poses that look good only when girls do it. Not guys.

We ended our day at the Zoo with a wonderful treat.

Yes... we all love our Ben & Jerry's!

There goes all my effort waking up every morning to jog =(


Anonymous said...

Ben & Jerry's!!! OMG I WANT. :( :( :(

And uh, nice LALA pose.
hahaha wtf.

six said...

boss!!looking good there!!those extra morning jogs are needlesssss laaaa!

Kay said...

lala pose -.- how i hate lalas, but not the ones from the sea =)

Boss Stewie said...

debra: where do i try fried mars bars?

nicholas: no no ... must.. you haven't seen what's underneath that shirt!

kay: hahaha whyy?? i think lalas are cool

Anonymous said...

You can get them @ Chippy, Far East Plaza, as far as i can remember : )

Doesn't the sound of caramelised mars bars, then only deep fried with batter, showered with chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream tempt you enough?

§pinzer said...

wei, that pose damn wrong leh. especially for you... didn't you say you'd never do that kind of thing, never in your life yadda yadda? don't know if you get what i mean but if you do, lolol *winks*

and poor chaychay looks like he was forced to take photos to suit your story laaa haha damn bad

Kay said...

i think they're down right scary, timmy. south park! go go XD

Nicole said...

nvm la.. still looking slim and pretty. :p

KY said...

I still wouldn't trade places with the polar bear cos there isn't any broadband in the confinement area.. haih

ling ling said...

don worry Boss, u still look cute in d lala pose..practice make perfect. hehe.. >.<

Simon Seow said...

Clara is pretty, got bf? :p

Ju Ann said...

It's so funny the way you talk about the poor rhinos...

oh ya fried mars bar is nice. you must try. Plaza Sing basement has chirpy, so does the basement of Far East Plaza.

Lol, no idea why all located in basements. :P