Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nuffnang Goes On Holiday!

This morning at 7.30AM I was at Bandar Utama with my luggage bags next to me waiting in the early morning for a bus that was about to take me somewhere. I wasn't going alone, some of our Nuffies in the KL office were coming with me and I waited patiently as they arrived one by one.

Verneece was the first to arrive after me.Then Pinky, with her glam sunglasses.

And just when I thought she was looking glam and all that, Robb strolled in looking like a Hong Kong Movie Star. It almost looked as if he was walking in slow motion as he walked towards us.

Robb makes us other guys look bad.

It's the end of the year and at the end of each year we try to pull the Nuffnang team from all our offices in the region to hang out. Throughout the year, the Nuffies in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Penang, Melbourne and Manila offices correspond with each other a lot via phone or e-mails but because of the distance we don't often get to meet.

Hence this year end, we got all the Nuffies from the Penang and KL office to make a trip down together to meet up with the Nuffies in Singapore (all except some of our other Nuffies who had to stay in KL and Penang to man the fort while the rest of us are away). We thought of getting the Nuffies in Manila and Melbourne to meet up with us too but I guess the timing was a bit tough this time.

The Singaporean Nuffies planned an entire packed day for us. Shortly after we arrived, the Nuffies from the Penang office flew in and we all met up at the new Nuffnang office in Singapore. It was my first time in the new office of Nuffnang Singapore and it turned out to be a really cosy place.The Singapore office has something that none of our other offices have. They have a patio area where they have nice seats for people to chill and talk and even eat their lunch or something. I still prefer our KL office though but maybe it's because I'm just used to it.

When I asked some of our KL Nuffies if they prefered the Singapore office to the KL office they all said that they prefered the KL office. But when I asked the Singaporean Nuffies though they all said they thought the KL office was nice but they all still prefered the Singapore office.

So I guess everyone prefers the office they work out of.

Still... I could imagine myself working in the Singapore office though busying away on my own.

Heck, the Nuffies in Singapore look like they have as much fun as we do in Malaysia. Look at Clara for example, always smiling away at work!

Anyway after the quick visit to the Nuffnang Singapore office all of us went bowling at the Singapore Island Country Club. We booked four lanes for two hours which was just about enough time for me to realize how much I hate bowling.

Dammit I just totally suck at it.. like really really bad. Only on rare occassions do I even pass 100 points!
I wasn't alone though.

Little Miss Naughty here sucked as bad as I did.... haha!

So rather than focusing on my poor bowling skills I spent time taking pictures with some people in the team. The first one of course had to be with Ming.

Then while everyone was in a picture-taking mood, Firdauz managed to get a picture with some of the ladies in our team.
But alas, after two hours of camwhoring and throwing bowling balls into the longkang, we finally got out and took a walk around the club.

Then prepped ourselves to take an outdoor group photo. A group photo that I don't have yet but one of the Singapore Nuffies PROMISED he will send to us all. You know who you are! Don't forget ah!

Tomorrow the Singaporean Nuffies have another long day planned out for us. From visiting the Singapore Zoo in the morning, to paintballing in the afternoon and then off to watch a musical at night.

I guess I better get some sleep now. I'm gonna need it. I shall end with a photo we took this afternoon with some of the gents!
While the Nuffnang team has grown so much lately to include many many great and wonderful colleagues, these few men you see in this picture were among the earliest in the team. Each of them like brothers to me and Nuffnang would not have been the same without them.

PS: To the Nuffies in our KL office and Penang office that couldn't make it this trip: Raff, Wenny, Mellissa, Yat, Kelvin, Chee Ching and Wendy, we're missing you guys already! And to the Nuffies in Melbourne and Manila, next year we shall do a meet up ok?


§pinzer said...

thanks for the updates, i'm missing my baby yeeho, kuzco and firdo too.

come back soon, i no friday lunch prans now T__T


six said...

bosssss!can i be part of nuffnang after i graduate???haha

Boss Stewie said...

spinzer: haha okok next Friday ok dude!

yik yang: hahaa sure just apply when you graduate.

ling ling said...

Wow!!!Boss, you are the BESTest, SPORTINGest, SMARTest boss in the world la, no wonder all your 'kuli' look so happy working with you. i wish my boss can be quarterly like you. *sigh*

Jordan Tan said...

lol, this was kept pretty low a profile when it was taking place..

I wonder, had we nuffnangers know about this, I'm sure we would have organized our own gathering and trip to meet up with you all.

They say, the more the merrier. But I guess in this case, too many Nuffnangers spoils the fun.


Simon Seow said...

Didn't swim at the roof top pool? I'm bringing my swimming trunks there next time I go down. :p

KY said...

Why I see pool but no bikini girls?

Chee Ching said...

Sniff sniff!

Unknown said...

haha. i like the part where robb being a hk celeribity poser. he is the man in that part ^^

Anonymous said...

omg, robb looks like he's going to las vegas instead. HAHAHA.

and yee hou said the exact same thing to me that he couldn't pass the 100 points mark.
HEH -_-'

and so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee. looks like you guys are having so much fun and i'm stuck here with my goddamn books.
Fark alvls. HAHA

Mellissa said...

Waaarggghhhh, we miss you guys too! :( :(

xx Mellissa

Kay said...

can i have Ming's yakult? pwease?

lina said...

wah, a company visit eh?

Chingy- why so sad? Had to man the fort, is it? :D

Chee Ching said...

lina: *Nods and sobs uncontrollably*


ahlost said...

It's so nice to work in Nuffnang !!

Boss Stewie said...

ling: ehh!! haha don't call them kuli wei! but no lar.. maybe it's just because we're all young

jordan: hahah no i'm sure we would have met up with you guys at least once if you actually did a gathering down here.

simon: hahaha yes yes go ahead

ky: hahhha okok we shall set that up in future

chingy: haha! LOL

irvine: yeah he is.. he'll be happy to hear what you just said

debra: yeah.. damn celebrity rite the fella.. pose some more!

mellissa: aww we'll see you soon!!

kay: hahaha nobody's allowed to touch that

lina: yah :P hehe

ahlost: no lar... actually a lot of pressure also sometimes

Kay said...

no, it's mine now >=D

Boss Stewie said...

kay: haahaha Ming won't be happy !

Kay said...

what if... i drink half then give him the other half? can right? =D