Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

Now for those of you who don't know the story. Here goes.

I had always been skinny growing up (too skinny actually)... all the way up to university when I spent too much of my time eating chips and burgers. Then I started going to the gym to lose weight and build some muscles but a few years later I came back to Malaysia and started Nuffnang.

While working to grow Nuffnang I barely spent any time exercising at all and I spent way too much time eating. So I grew fat!

Then just about two months ago I started waking up early in the morning to jog in KLCC Park every day before work.I also started to control my eating, took a lot less rice, banned myself from ice-cream for a month and after 2 months... here's the result.

Here's how I looked like about 5 months ago while I was in Canada.The shirt I was wearing was a bit baggy so the photo might've been a little exaggerated but you get what I mean.

This is how I look like now.
You know what the joke is though... the joke is... as much as I think the jogging and dieting played a part, I think I lost the most weight after I had food poisoning in Shanghai. After almost a week of diarrhea, vomitting and loss of appetite, I came back to Malaysia and everyone who saw me said
"Wah you lost so much weight already!"

Heck I've lost so much that I think I should be putting back some weight now after realizing that I can't wear some of my jeans. I have two types of jeans, one with waist size 32 and one with waist size 34 if I felt like wearing it a little loose.

Now I can't wear the size 34 no more... it's like I can just pull it off if I weren't wearing a belt. And now my size 32 is a little loose but just about right fitting.

So there you have it everyone. Forget about slimming courses or exercise or dieting... just eat some dirty food and give yourself food poisoning.


*Okay you know I'm just kidding right, please don't be stupid and poison yourself.


KY said...

or have laxatives, hee-hee

Mt. said...

i don't disagree actually, I love eating all the 'tasty' food and do not mind get food poison by them ... hee hee hee ...

myname said...

Living alone in a boring place where food is scarce at dinner time would help. That holds true for me.

six said...

thanks boss,now i'll poison myself.

Nicholas said...

This is actually a very good idea. I've been doing a lot of cardio and controlling my diet for a couple of months already but the results are no where near what I expect them to be. So I might just go on a diarrhea spree. Fast and easy way to loose weight. The best thing about this method is that I don't have to do cardio anymore!

Thanks boss! Yippeeeee

pinkpau said...

you banned yourself from ice cream?!?! WHATEVER FOR!!!

oveously said...

Asking just out of curiousity, do you practice D&I in your office?

Rose said...

good for you, cos nothing works for meeeee... i beef up when i exercise (and i m a gal lor), i cant stop myself from eating ice cream, laxatives dont work anymore, and i didnt even lose weight when i removed my 3 of my wisdom tooth... sigh... perhaps its time to consider lipo... hahahaa

Rose said...
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Zephyr said...

haha, actually food dietary and exercise works. Most ppl failed to achieve result coz they did it the wrong way, too much or too little.

It always depend on what type/shape of current body shape u r n what shape u wanna achieve.

Previously, I did sumthing like u too perhaps trying even harder but nothing works significantly until I realized wat I realized now.

ps: I already achieved wat I wanted to

Glowing Star said...

just for your info.... diarrhea makes u lose water only. u get back the "weight" n fluid very fast. its the "yoyo" effect. Laxatives, if u take too much u will get rebound constipation... which u dont really want. :D

Anonymous said...

just have a lot of sex!

Boss Stewie said...

ky: hah! is that how u keep fit after all your eating dude

michael: no dude.. once you kena food poisoning, you're gonna wish you didn't say that :)

belinda: where do you live where there is scarce food at night? Australia?

yik : WOI WOI!!! DOn't ar!

nicholas: actually I do cardio because I kinda like the effect it has on my stamina, makes me feel a lot healthier

pink: hahaha to loose weight lor

oveous: what's D&L?

rose: did you really try laxatives?

zephyr: well mine was an accidental weight loss then hhehe

glowing: so i'm gonna be fat again in no time.. haha great!

dreamer: hahahaha lol

Anonymous said...

u still look fat to me..haha..i want to be fatter!!

Brenda B said...

Hmmp.. I don't see any weight lose, before and after :)) Hahahaha :)

Rose said...

its not laxatives laxatives la.. its those kind of tea that makes you run to the toilet a few times... it worked for a while... but lost its effectiveness the second time i tried... body must be immuned to the tea already... hahaha

Jannah said...

Good for you. Though the after pic baju kaler hitam so it doesn't count. Need to see you in tight fitting pink shirt. Baru cun.

oveously said...

:-) D&I -Diversity & Inclusiveness

Simon Seow said...

Great way to detox.

ahlost said...

Wahhh... I'm going to find dirty food later :D