Saturday, December 06, 2008

What To Get A Girl For Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it's present buying time (YES YES!!! STIMULATE THE ECONOMY PEOPLE!!!)

Now when it comes to buying presents it's the easiest thing ever when it comes to guys. Buy a guy anything, like buy him a DVD or a computer game and he's happy.
Jun King from New Era got me a Mac Version of Call of Duty 4 and I was smiling so big my eyes looked completely closed.

I love computer games... as much as I haven't found the time to play much of it lately, I still do love it and I intend to use this long weekend to start playing the game!

But what can you possibly buy a girl if you were a guy?

I mean you can't buy her a top, especially if you don't know her dressing style. She'll kill you. No actually she'll just courteously accept the gift but you'll never see her wear it only to go to her house some day and see her using the top you bought her to wipe orange juice off the floor.

So I went around and did a quick survey to ask some of the ladies in the Nuffnang office. I started with Pinky first who's been sick these few days but was so hardworking she came to work to clear up some of her work this morning.
I asked her
"Pinky, what would you like a guy to buy you for Christmas?"

She couldn't think of an answer but she told me what she wouldn't want a guy to buy her
"Just don't buy me another stuffed toy!"

I bet half the guys that are reading this probably bought a girl a stuffed toy for Christmas right? Haha! Nevermind!!! NOT TOO LATE TO GO BUY ANOTHER PRESENT!!! But then of course, maybe it's just Pinky who's had too many stuffed toys.

Then I went next to Wendy and she said
"I just want my boyfriend to cook for me for Christmas".

How sweet....

Next I went to Vernice and asked her what she would like for Christmas. Now Vernice is one of the nicest shy girls you can ever find. Today we went for KFC and I saw her eating out of a box instead of on a snack plate.
I asked her
"Eh why are you eating out of a box?"

And it turned out that she was eating a "Kid's Meal" because she only wanted to eat one piece of chicken. It even came with little toys.
Anyway, when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she couldn't give me an answer. But I couldn't take NO for an answer! I mean everyone wants something right?

Then I thought maybe she needed a little push. So I asked her
"How about an LV Bag?"

Her EYES LIT UP like Merdeka Day fireworks and she nodded her head repeatedly!
I guess bags are a girl's weakness but heck, how many people are in the income bracket to be able to afford an LV bag as a present. I know I'm not.

And it's also the expectations you set.

I mean say you were buying a present for your girlfriend, not just any girl friend but a girl you're dating. You buy her an LV bag for Christmas this year. Then when Valentine's Day comes you're going to have to buy her something better than an LV bag like an Omega watch or something.

And by the time you hit next year's Christmas, you're going to end up buying her a VW Beetle.
Now if you owned a bank or a telco then woohoo great for you. But if you were like the rest of us guys then... HOLY SHIT!

Next I asked Chingy, one of the cutest girls in the KL office.

Now you would think she would've said that she wanted something cute right?
WRONG... she wanted the most uncute thing ever... a new laptop.

Finally I went to Melissa and asked her what she would like for Christmas and her answer was quick
"Shoes... lots and lots of shoes".
That answer reminded me of a conversation I had with another girl friend just two days ago. Her birthday was coming up and I had something in mind to buy her for a present. She excitedly almost screamed
"Oooh ooooh oooh!! Is it a closet full of clothes?"

I ignored the silly statement thinking that maybe she was just joking so I went on that I might get her this or that but not telling her exactly what I was really going to get her.

Then 10 seconds later she asked again
"Ooooh ooh ooooh... Is it a closet full of clothes?"

I had to tell her "NO" and when I did her face went from a big big Mickey Mouse smile to the biggest frown I had ever seen.

Haih.. it's so hard buying presents for girls. You just never know what to buy. Suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cash Vouchers FTW !!

Be it Topshop Parkson Metrojaya wtf...

I'm SURE they can get something to buy using cash vouchers!! Woot!

Genova said...

give starbucks voucher.

povege said...

My best present was Isetan cash voucher from my friends for birthday. It's a great gift because it's almost like you buying her favourite clothes without risking getting the wrong one.

six said...

arrghhh!hello boss!i need more ideas!!i don't know what to get for my ...'crush'!LOL!!how how!!hahaha!

Amelia said...

A box filled with love & kisses. ;)

Andrea Tee said...

I guess that kinda depends on who it is. If it's just a friend, I wouldn't expect him to get me a present he had to put a lot of thought into, so something simple like a gift voucher would be nice. :)

If it's a boyfriend, though--that's a different story. Being a student, I'm not altogether comfortable with recieving terribly expensive gifts, only because I know I wouldn't be able to do the same back for him but I would love something that came from the heart--something that shows he'd been paying attention. Like a book I've been wanting to read, or something else I've been eyeing for a long time. I think the fact that he paid attention to me is the best gift of all.

The nicest gift I ever got was a box of 100 handmade paper cranes from my then boyfriend, because I was into prison break at the time. Symbolism FTW!

Of course, if someone could afford to give me a closetfull of clothes, I won't mind at all, either. ;)

...That came out longer than I expected.

LeangFM said...

the statement "Shoes... lots and lots of shoes". is scarrryyy (to me) .. haha

as im kinda in a broke situation,i bought a keychain(consists of cute dogs) and a handphone-chain with a CUTE domokun on it
altogether less than 20bucks

and also a xmas card for free from

n yeah, i agree top is a no-no, coz i bought once, and i now hv no slightest clue of its fate. Haha

Zephyr said...

tide urself up with ribbon and press her doorbell.....XD

kyliemc said...

lol..buying a gift for a girl is a tough work for a guy just like when a girl having a hard time buying gift for a guy..anyway, i agree with miss hazel...give her cash vouchers. she can buy the things that she really wants instead of getting a thing that she doesnt need. ok, perhaps it may sound like a cheapskate but you can get her parkson gift vouchers. lol... you buy the things that you want then use the receipts to exchange for those parkson gift vouchers. rm120 in a single or accumulated receipts for rm 10.

alternatively, go shopping with her but don't tell her that. you can observe what she wants but she doesnt buy it in the end. haha..obviously make sure it's within your budget.

Stella said...

I think a book voucher is good.. :) No one ever gets me a book voucher and I end up spending thousands on books every year. *grumble* And Pinky is right, a girl doesn't need another soft toy.

How about a nice dress from MNG? :)
Or a kiss under the mistletoe?

six said...

Zephyr said...

tide urself up with ribbon and press her doorbell.....XD

i would consider this as a really unique

.:Baby Gin:. said...

angpau. HAHAHA

Danielle Bumblebee said...

how about a set of freshly-sharpened coloring pencils tied with some twine? or a 50 feet tall chocolate structure? 2 years' subscription to her favorite magazine.. japanese parasols would be nice.. a pair of marc jacobs flats or some polka-dotted japanese scarves.. a cross-eyed sock monster made from scraps of cloth..

sky's the limit! :)

Autumn said...

HEY! Why not you come out with a post what to get for guys with different ranges of prices? =/

-tAkEmOtO- said...

Call Of Duty 4...didn't that came out some times ago? I've played it for some time bored due to repetitive play, u can imagine how many times I've played it. But it's nice anyway. Waiting for Empire: Total War and Diablo 3 ^_^

Lonely Christmas for me T.T

On the bright side no need to buy pressies for anyone....swt....

ps:Doesn't matter what you buy, it's the sincerity that counts.

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Cash is always best...
a Visa Cash card or the latest... Prepaid American Express card...with US$500 in them.

My company gave them out this year....
I wonder where is mine....

azrin @

Suet Li said...

why nuffnang got so many female employees edi! *a bit jealous wtf

seriously for me i just want to be with someone i'll be happy with for xmas aww but yeah i think gift cards are the best!

*JayNy* said...

I agree with Danielle Bumblebee's idea pretty much! a set of freshly-sharpened coloring pencils tied with some twine...i'd love to receive dat. =P

Panache said...

A gold ring or a diamond one... if not a gold necklace...

Nicole said...

i know i know...
go to
there're many things for a girl! :D

Just E said...

Give her a coupon for a free hug

Me said...


ahlost said...

Never expect anything from MrBF since I haven't got the Valentine's gift that he promised he'll get me. T__T

Like pinky, Just don't buy another stuffed toy o_O !! *LOL*

Simon Seow said...

A signed blank cheque should be cool. lol

雙妍 said...

If you not dare to risk, juz give her cash voucher.

For me, spend you x'mas with her is the greatest gift.....for any girls indeed. :)

mummymeow said...

Hi, take her to watch Twilight and then buy her the entire set of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight novels.

Actually that's a bad idea cos she will be so engrossed with the books to bother with you.

Other option : Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.

amb3r1te said...

i agree with Drea! the best gifts are the ones that prove you have been paying attention to her needs and wants ;)

Anonymous said...

Melissa looks sweet.
just perfect!

Lydia said...

Hello! I have always loved reading your blog and think that you are very inspiring!
Personally, I like presents which I can use, and that eliminates things like keychains, fridge magnets, photoframes (there are only so many you can hang on your wall), soft toys, and etc. On the other hand, I prefer fashion items such as handbags, shoes, jewellery and etc from my boyfriend, mostly because I appreciate that he would been spending time to look around and decide what I would like instead on settling on something 'safe' :)

aSmiCe said...

I want Timothy or Santa for Christmas