Thursday, January 29, 2009

5 Things I Learned This Chinese New Year

1) Chinese New Year cookies are just the best. Someone should open a shop that sells them all year round. I'll be a regular customer. Love the coffee almond cookies, peanut butter cookies and pineapple tarts the best.

2) The gloomy economic outlook is already reflected in the Ang Pows. This year's Ang Pows seem a lot smaller than the previous years.

3) I don't seem to have trouble explaining to my relatives what I do for a living anymore. Now lucky for me, most of them have heard of Nuffnang. When I used to tell them that I was doing an internet business, I used to get a look that said
"Ahhh.. another one of those guys that are just too lazy to work so you create an excuse to stay home and play computer games".

4) Speaking of games, I played wayyyy too much Guitar Hero this trip back. Can't help it when my family tells me that playing Guitar Hero with them is "spending time with the family". After all, it's Chinese New Year.

5) The Nuffies are really hardworking. I can see by the e-mails that go out that many of them are still working from home throughout Chinese New Year. 

And when they're not working, they do things like what Raine from Nuffnang Singapore did in an e-mail she sent to all of us.

Thank you Raine.


electronicfly said...

Wah boss, choy sun wor! not bad not bad..

David said...

Happy CNY

six said...

nuffnang rocks boss!happy cny!

KY said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The card's super cute :D

pinkpau said...

why do you get to be the choi sun but ming has to be a character from south park!

Michelle Chin said...

Wei, you so rude ah, count your angpaus already!

People say after chor 15 only open mah.

Michael said...

sO CUTE, Nuffnang everything can :)

Blessed CNY!

KNizam said...

gong xi fa chai

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: hahaha yah Raine do wan... i didn't get to pick

david: Happy CNY to u too!

yik: Happy CNY dude!

ky: hahah credit to Raine

pink: hahahaha that wan have to ask Raine... if Ming reads this he might get angry

michelle: hahaha.. no ler my family not very CNY traditional. Like we don't necessarily wear new clothes or cut hair before new year also.

ahmike: hahaha :) Happy CNY dude

KNizam: thanks dude! Happy CNY

Mellissa said...


Elaine Chow said...

You know, you are scarily honest.

YES CNY cookies FTW!!! But please don't sell them year-round, I'll get fatttt.

Also, I had no idea Nuffnang was called 拿福能--That's *really* auspicious!

Boss Stewie said...

mellissa: hahaha yah!! but the set is expensive.. that's what's holding me back from buying one for my xbox

elaine: hahaha yeah I don't know how they came up with the name.

RealGunners said...

2 years ago, most of my angpows are red; last year 50% of them, this year it is all greens and blue..

Happy New Year!

ahlost said...

Happy Happy CNY, TimTiah !!!

Michelle said...

u'r way way friendlier in person huh?
haha.. yup. met u at phuture last nite with Aud. Junwei's friend.
u'r my daily pill.. so keep posting "daily" k.. lol
Nice meeting u... happy CNY!!

CC Foo said...

haha recession that bad? my angpau actaully remained the same or increased slightly =P (Probably Brunei is not really affected?) hehe

Happy CNY! =))