Friday, June 19, 2009

Blackberry Storm and the iPhone

Lately I've been thinking about buying myself a new toy. I mean... I feel so out of date with my older version of the iPhone (as much as I love it).

Everyone around me now either has the new iPhone 3G or increasingly... a Blackberry. One thing I do notice though is most of the business people I know have Blackberries instead of iPhones. I was sitting in a meeting once with all the bosses of various companies in the advertising industry and guess what: I was the youngest... and the only one with an iPhone. The rest had Blackberries.

I've been looking to upgrade my phone lately. At first I was thinking of getting a new iPhone 3G but then after all this and after increasingly seeing quite a number of my friends carrying the new Blackberry Storm... I'm actually thinking about getting the Blackberry Storm now. Plus I recently read Xiaxue's entry about her Blackberry and I think that kind of pushed me a bit more towards getting a Blackberry.But before I decided on anything, I decided to consult two people I knew, one who owned an iPhone and another who owned a Blackberry.

On the Blackberry side we have Nicholas.

On the iPhone side however we have... Carol.

So here's how it went. I let Nicholas start off first with his attack.

1) Sending/Receiving MMS

Me: Okay Nicholas. So sell to me now. Why do you think your Blackberry is better than Carol's iPhone?

Nicholas: I can send MMS! Can you?

Carol: Can! Just need to download an MMS app!

Me: Show us Carol...

Carol: I downloaded the app but it doesn't work on my phone.

Nicholas: HAH!

Blackberry 1 - 0 iPhone

2) Push Mail

Nicholas: I get push e-mail! My e-mails come in instantly like an SMS. You have to click on download and wait for it to come right?

Carol: Yes =(

Blackberry 2 - 0 iPhone

3) Blackberry Messenger

Nicholas: I have Blackberry Messenger so I don't even need to be online to chat with anyone else around the world who has Blackberry Messenger.

Carol: What is Blackberry Messenger? I have Fring! Can use MSN and Skype

Nicholas: Yah but Fring on iPhone sucks your battery dry really fast right?

Carol: Yeah

Nicholas: Blackberry Messenger doesn't suck your battery dry. You can talk to everyone as long as they have a Blackberry.

Blackberry 3 - 0 iPhone

4) Opening Word Documents, Excel and Powerpoint

Nicholas: I can open Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. You cannot right?

Carol: Cannot :(

Me: Oi! We can open lar! Just cannot edit only but still can open.

Nicholas: Still....

Me: Fine...

Blackberry 4 - 0 iPhone

5) Battery-life

Me: Battery life leh?

Carol: HAH!!! I tried before... last for two days without charging!

Nicholas: Mine only lasts about a day but that's because I talk a lot! Some more it lasts with my IM and E-mails all constantly online. You not right?

Carol: No =(

Me: Yeah my iPhone battery life seems to be a little shorter now too. Lasts me only one day. Maybe because I talk a lot.

Nicholas: Yah some more if necessary I can just replace my Blackberry battery. You can't right?

Me/Carol: No

Blackberry 5 - 0 iPhone

After a while I decided that I had enough hearing from Nicholas.

So I let Carol loose. MAKE ME PROUD CAROL!!!

1) Cooler

Me: Carol... tell us why your iPhone is better than Nicholas's Blackberry

Carol: iPhone is cooler!

Nicholas: What !?! What does that even mean???

Carol: Yeah it's cooler... more colour and all mah

Me: Ish.... Give us something a bit more utility based la Carol.

Blackberry 5 - 0 iPhone

2) App Store.

Carol: Got lots of games and apps with the App Store.

Nicholas: Okay fine we don't have that many.

Blackberry 5 - 1 iPhone

3) Password Protect Phone

Carol: I can password protect my phone!

Nicholas: I also can!

Blackberry 5 - 1 iPhone

4) Touch Screen 

Carol: The iPhone touch screen is a lot better than the Blackberry Storm one if you ask me.

Me: Yeah I've tried the touch screen out before and I've got to agree with Carol on that. The clicking of the screen takes some getting used to.

Nicholas: Okay fine....

Blackberry 5 - 2 iPhone

5) Virtual Piano

Carol: I have a Virtual Piano. See? *takes out iPhone and plays the virtual piano.

Nicholas: Okay fine.

Blackberry 5 - 3 iPhone

Carol went on for a while more after that on some of the fun apps she had on her iPhone and we stopped shortly right after. Things were getting a little hot and Carol and Nicholas were on the verge of throwing chairs at each other.

After the little debate I Googled "Blackberry Storm vs iPhone" and found this video.

Thought it gave a pretty fair review.

Either ways, here's what I think. The iPhone has a lot of really fun features but I'm thinking that for business use at least the Blackberry Storm does have some decent advantages over the iPhone. And since I already have an iPhone... maybe I'll get one.

There are a few Blackberry Storm plans out there but I think this one is the cheapest and the one with the least commitment.

Oh well... we'll see how it goes.


Amelia said...

a silent reader here! Get a BB! It's soo much easier to use than iPhone, altho I admit iPhone's design is sleeker and prettier and has HELLUVA LOTS of apps. Lol.
I'm using a BB Javelin myself and I'm sooo satisfied with it! :D
Can't imagine if I have to use an-all-touch-screen phone like BB storm or will be so troublesome for me cos they have no buttons lol :p

Wendy said...

the iphone 3.0 OS now allows MMS, and there's a new app that can edit microsoft docs/excel/ppt already. so 5-5?

ShaolinTiger said...

Yah iPhone 3.0 software changes a lot of the above.

Plus Storm touchscreen truly sucks, if you want a BB get a Bold - now that is a GOOD phone.

Ken Wooi said...

nice review!
too bad i cant afford both! =(

JD said...

boss stewie, just get 2 lar...1 for business, 1 for leisure. no need to compare compare..

Mark said...

If your primary use of the phone is email then get the Blackberry. Nothing beats it.

If your primary use is rich application and features especially internet surfing + twitter + gazzillion other games, then the iPhone is the phone.

Boss Stewie said...

amelia: hahaha yeah that's what a lot of my friends with berries tell me.... that I should really get one. Heck I'm beginning to feel the peer pressure

wendy/shaolin: oooo... that's good to know about the new iPhone!

kenwooi: hahahaha... i'm sure u can if you want to... just a matter of whether u really want to or not right?

jd: hahahaha but i'm a little afraid to keep two phones in my pockets. might cause low sperm count haha

mark: ahh thanks man... i can't really decide where i fall in these two things... i wish i could have both haha

chocolat-latte' said...

Tim, Bold is a better phone. Storm is less sensitive and it doesnt comes with wifi. If you want, wait for the newer one to launch. Without wifi means you need to subscribe unlimited plan (which i suggest la..) but with wifi, means you dont need to subscribe unlimited plan cause.. well, wifi.

Im using bold now and it's the best phone ever. Even the guy who sold me the phone at celcom showed me and compared bold and storm, explained to me. bold is a better phone, hence nmore expensive and it's often oiut of stock..

I got a few friends who's using storm and finds it.. sad. It's cool but not as practical.

Go for bold.

Me and a few friends using bold and it's the best damn thing..

Mellissa said...

Another person who says go for the Bold here! :D

Ray said...

Get a bold! storm don't have wifi, which is sucks ><.
It's time to learn new stuff~

YenWei said...

reader here!
GET A BB! no regrets. not sure about Storm but the Bold is Awesome Shiz

ninja said...

wait for the new iPhone 3G S,probably on 9th of July(according to Apple)
it will be so much better.
u can go to and see how the new iPhone 3G S improved compare to iPhone 3G. the battery can last longer also
it also come with the 3.0 OS

Louis Yap said...

the blackberry storm has pretty bad reviews actually,

do check out the blackberry curve.


ihave/hadwhatineverhad said...

if you want a BB get the bold. storm's touch screen is shit and you would not get what the BB was initially made for - the non laggy-ness and quick response, and the trackball.

hummingbird said...

I love the storm. But the major problem I have with it is the sounds profile. It does not change as you have programmed it. It just has one profile and one profile only no matter what you choose- loud/outdoor/silent. If you've saved one profile, thats is. If you have different tones for certain people, you will have to individually change that. Its not auto.That's my only grieve. Other than that, I love the storm.

ange said...

hello! just a friendly imho:

i was quite torn apart when choosing either the bb or the iphone just about 2 weeks ago.

i ended up with the iphone just cos the provider i was with had a better deal for the iphone(monthly costs etc). so maybe you should take that as a consideration too! cos at the end of the day, a phone is just a phone.

oh and yea, the new iphone software really does change a lot of things, makes it more on par (mms, copy paste, etc!) it can be both a 'business' and 'fun' phone.

on the other hand, the bb bold really is a darn good phone!(my dad+sis uses it) straightforward functionality. if the nature of my work involves a lot of docs and 'storage', and i have to be mobile and editing etc, bb would have been more appropriate.

good luck choosing your new toy! have fun!

Jessying said...

just get both, bb bold and iphone 3g, and that solves the problem. Nothing too wrong or sinful having so many phones. that save yr headache..

As for your low count sperm. perhaps u should go to the sperm bank and stored it 1st... heheheh.. better be safe than to be sorry right ? jk jk

JHL said...

Both are good phone. i would like to play with both, but the result posted is abit bias against iphone so i would like to clarify

1)Sending/receiving MMS - Yes on Iphone

2)Push Mail - Yes on Iphone as well
Blackberry Messenger? Beejive on iphone can allow msn with practically no battery usage due to the way it works by keeping your msges in their server

3)Opening document- Apps on Iphone does that
Password Protect- with the latest 3.0 update you can not only password protect, u can track down your phone with its built in GPS. do a remote wipe out of all its data, ping it with msges, or even sound.

4)touch screen- capacity vs resistive. iphone wins

Kristine said...

Definitely go the BB. Not sure about the Storm but I'm using the Bold 9000 atm. Battery life is kinda short, but then again I talk on it and e-mail with most of the day.

And the BB is much more professional looking too than the iphone :) i'm using the BB Bold and the Nokia e71 atm, but i'd take the BB over the nokia just cos the push email function is so much easier than gprs

kevinpnp said...

Hmm.. shouldn't you be taking into account some weightings, when comparing both phones. I mean, user friendly is more important than coolness. Hmm... just a suggestion only. But since I won't be using any phones for get my emails, I think an ordinary phone that text and call is good. Better to get cheaper calling rates than a good phone. :D

Jeff Khoo said...

blackberry rocks!!! if u text or email a lot... get a blackberry... perhaps blackberry bold!!!
i'm using a blackberry and i'm really impress wit it... well.. if i dont really use the phone... battery can last me for 4-5days")

carol said...

okay i'm here to defend the iphone!

1. sending/receiving MMS:
Check with iPhone 3GS and 3.0 software.

2. Push Mail
Check. iPhone 3GS

3. Messenger
IM+ Lite. Does msn/gtalk/skype AND twitter.

4..doc, .xls, .ppt
paid apps. and besides, google docs!

5. battery life
increased battery life. plus, charging the iphone is so simple. USB cable!

6. iphone as an ebook reader
i iz happy girl with many free books to read.

7. iphone as a gaming platform
i iz happy girl with asphalt4 and waiting for 5.

8. iphone with skype app
DUDE this is the best thing ever. with a wifi connection you can call your skype contacts. like, the free calls. i skyped with my iphone at a starbucks.

9. apps
APPS make the iphone even cooler than it already is

10. Speed

11. video editing

you iz mac user, you iz knows the wonders of spotlight. especially if you have a lot of files.

i stop here ;)

Unknown said...

For business and messaging needs, definitely Blackberry. Get the BB Bold. You won't find corporate company provide iphone to their management anyway. That explained everything. cheers!

Tzy Wen said...

The iPhone 2G with 3.0 firmware can now send receive mms. Imho, the app store alone is a good enough reason to get the iPhone ;)