Sunday, June 07, 2009

How My Surprise Birthday Party Turned Out To Be Not A Surprise

Updated: Just added a few more pictures that I just got from Yee Hou.

Since like a month ago, Princess was planning a surprise birthday party for me. A party that I knew everything about by the time I showed up at Modestos last Friday night for dinner.

Here's how I figured everything out.

1) Suet Li

The first news I ever heard of the party was from her.
She had just come back from the USA and we were both at Princess' house having a family dinner. She as the gf of Princess' brother and me as the bf of Princess :)

Suddenly at the dinner table she shouted out at me 
"EH!!! Why you never invite me for your birthday party?? You invite Jia Meei but didn't invite me lah!"

I looked at her confused.
"What birthday party?"

And then I looked over at Princess who by then was giving out a very nervous look (though she was trying really hard to act cool).

Then I hugged her and laughed
"Awww my Baby's planning me a birthday party!!!"

But Princess denied it...

So by then I knew that Princess was doing something for me. Though in the end we just decided between me and her that we were just going to have a quiet dinner with just the both of us and then meet friends for drinks later.  I just didn't know the details.... until the day of the party itself. 

2) Yee Hou

On the day itself Yee Hou called me to tell me that he had to apply for last minute emergency leave for something. So I said okay.

But he later on added
"But don't worry dude... I'll be back in time for tonight".

At that point I was like
"Huh? Tonight?"

And he said
"Yeah the surprise party... OH SHIT!"

Then I laughed.

But it didn't get so bad yet. Here's when everything really spilled out.

3) Suet Li (AGAIN)

Suet came by to visit us Nuffies having lunch on Friday. After her quick Hi's she had to go. Just before she left she said to me

Suet: See you tonight! Eh where is it again ar? It's in Capsquare right?

Me: Huh?

Suet: Must be right? I mean in KL itself only got one Modestos at Capsquare right?

All the Nuffies there who knew of the plan kept totally quiet and then later proceeded to scold her for leaking out the plan. Suet apparently had forgotten or something that it was meant to be a surprise. When Princess later found out that Suet had accidentally leaked it out, she was furious. In Suet's defence though, she thought I already knew about the party.

So I knew we were going to Modestos but I thought maybe for drinks later after Nicholas finally admitted to me
"Hey dude.. we're just having drinks at Modestos ler.. not dinner".

So I still thought that I was going to have a quiet dinner with Princess at Jake's as we had planned. Something I was actually beginning to look forward to. 

4) Pierre

Then sometime after lunch, Pierre called me up to ask
"Eh bro! Tonight what time and where again ar?"

I immediately stopped him from saying anything more and said
"I don't know and I'm not supposed to know. So just ask Princess".

5) The Final Blow

One hour before I was supposed to pick Princess up for dinner. Just as I was about to leave the office I asked the Nuffies where they were going to go for dinner before we met up later for drinks and Robb quickly presumptuously shouted
"Don't pretend lar! We know you know everything! We're all eating together at Modestos lah!"

I wasn't pretending. I really didn't know. But after that one reply I knew. By the time I picked Princess up I knew exactly what was going to happen. It was going to be a dinner with 30 or 40 of my close friends at Modestos (though she accidentally missed out Cheng Leong in all the rush. Sorry dude). 

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures from the night because I was too distracted but here are the few I have on my camera.

And one of them with me drinking a Flaming Lamborghini that they all made me drink later on.

After dinner that night, some friends came over to my place to chill for a while.

Kenny challenged Kim to a game of Nintendo Wii Boxing. And Kenny ended up losing but it's not his fault. For some reason I often lose to girls in Wii Boxing myself... something about the damn game!

At the end of the night, Princess hugged me and asked if I was happy. I said yes. There's just nothing better than spending your birthday with the friends that matter and nothing better than having someone put so much effort to put everything together for you. The surprise element in the end didn't really matter. 

Though I did tell her that if she wanted to do a surprise next time she needed to brief everyone properly and have some kind of back story to it just in case I asked. Just like how I skillfully planned hers a few months ago :)

I don't think my Princess can do it though. She's too innocent, honest and naive :)

Thank you Princess for organizing my 25th Birthday Party for me :)


Ray said...

talk about big mouth...surprise party becomes a "not surprise" party...your friends sure like to talk~

girls got innate skills called catfight. that's why they always win in boxing~

Elaynne said...

So many surprises horrrr Boss!!

Glad that we were down for it :)

see you in SG!

Boss Stewie said...

ray: hahaha they don't mean to talk.. just accidental :)

elayne: hahaha... yes... nice that you were down elaynne

SamZzzz said...

dude, lu ada xbox 360, nintendo wii, ada ps3 tak? can i go ur house play? pleaseeeee.. pretty pleasee... haha. happy belated birthday anyway XD

Ren said...

awww so sweet XD
i was asking her yesterday will it be a surprised party?
she drag me away from you, afraid that i know something but blow it up, but actually i dunno anything XD

Anyway, happy belated birthday again :)

Cindy Khor said...

that's very sweet of her to involve so many friends and try to make the surprise. but i think its the effort that counts.

curryegg said...

Anyway, it is still a great celebration right? haha.. Glad to read the whole story.. :D

joshuaongys said...

very niceee!!!! hahaha though it wasn't such a surprise at the end of the day but still, it was nice... =)

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Then how come I always lose in boxing? Am I really a man deep inside me? T.T skillfully planned hers...means means...guys are sneakier right?! Hor!


Glad you had a good birthday! I wonder if you read each and every note pasted on you yesterday. =P

Ken Wooi said...

awww... your princess is sweet..
but ur friends ar.. lol.. leak everything lol..
sure u suspected it edy haha.. =D

Jason Lioh said...

It's the effort that counts. Hehe.

Genova said...

happy birthday boss!

JD said...

I agreed. The element of surprise is not that important, the most important is everyone is there to celebrate! Happy birthday!

Boss Stewie said...

sam: hahaha sorry i don't have ps3 dude :(

ren: hahaha thanks man

cindy: yes it was very sweet of her :)

curry: yes it was still really great :)

joshua: yes it was :)

solitary: hahah yeah maybe we guys are a little better at doing things behind the scenes.. hehehe

kenwooi: hahah no matter.. she was really sweet for doing it anyway

jason: yes it is :)

genova: thanks man

jd: yeah.. thanks man

Vy said...

Happy Birthday Boss!

KY said...

hahaha yah your planning was a lot more pro!

fourfeetnine said...


Mellissa said...

Kenny and Kim boxing on the Wii was the funniest shit ever man, OMG, cannot tahan! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry for not coming your birthday party

Ji@ EiK said...

WA ~ its really a "siprise" birthday party. hahha!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, She's too innocent, honest and naive :)

Happy belated birthday!

Donna said...

Suet is so funny la..

anyway.. Happy belated birthday.

Kitten-chan! said...

surprise or no, its sweet how your princess planned it out for you. xD

and Wii boxing pwns! I always win my guy cousins. We're more lithe wtf. xD

jennykoo said...

Hahaha... if i were your gf, I'd be SO PISSED!!!! :)

Good on her. For tahan-ing.

Kimberly Low said...

all our love add up also cannot match up to aud's hehehehe. happy birthday man

Pinky Tham said...

I wanna be in the party too! :(:( audrey so nice la plan you such big suprise party hahaha

mela said...

Many happy returns! :)


Unknown said...

hey boss! I had a damn good time in MY! Maybe all SG Nuffies should be down for all ya parties! When are you and Ming making it compulsory? LOL!

kevinpnp said...

I never liked surprise parties.

You should be lucky that your friends are there before you. In my birthday dinner, I was the first person who reached there cause everyone was late. WTF is wrong with ppl.

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...

wah ur my age! Happy Birthday BOSS! ahhaha!
i think they did it on purpose one la ahaha! so damn funny hahah!

Information world said...

I just say : enjoy and happy for your life