Monday, June 22, 2009

The Media Specialist Awards

Just the night before I left for Phuket, the Nuffies and I attended the Media Specialist Awards (MSA).

It's basically an award ceremony to recognize the best advertising campaigns in the way they use media.
For example if I'm doing a billboard ad and I do an ad with a car that sticks out of the billboard or something and it looks really cool then plus points for me and hopefully I might win an award that night. It's really interesting to see the kind of campaigns these people in the media agencies spend hours, days and weeks coming up with the idea and going about to execute them with media owners like Media Prima, The Star or Nuffnang.

There are all sorts of categories... like "Best Use of Radio" or "Best Use of Digital" and each award had a Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Upon arriving I quickly checked out the campaigns that were submitted for the awards and was a little surprised to see that quite a number of Nuffnang campaigns were submitted for the awards. 

If you've been around the blogs a lot in the past year, you would recognize some of the campaigns.

There was the Chipster Pajama Party.

The Happy-O-Meter
The Mister Potato Project Trafford

The Dutch Lady Friso Family Day Out
Our Oreo Campaign

The Ribena & Lemon 
Our Maxis "Wild Live" Blogging Event

And I'm not sure if we have any more but I didn't manage to take pictures of the rest that night.

The night started very formal. Everyone was dressed their best and there were speeches after speeches while everybody sat there to listen. 

I took the opportunity to take a picture with a few of the Nuffies there that night.

And of course with Princess who came along too :)

She so pretty!
The night quickly got going and the competitive media agencies there started cheering whenever they won something. Before long, everyone was standing up and cheering loudly when their agencies won something.

This agency called Mindshare won the most awards that night. Along with some of the Mindshare campaigns that won was a Nuffnang campaign that won a Gold. It was one of my favourite campaigns of all time... our Nuffnang Chipster Pajama Party.

I was thrilled!

And here's Desmondkiu, the person whom the award really belongs to and whom without the Nuffnang Chipster Pajama Party would never have had taken place.

It turned out to be a pretty fun night. My first time to be honest. I've never really been to any of the previous MSAs but I figured I had to go for this one.

Probably go for next year's one too.

Have a Happy Monday everyone!


Vy said...

Congratulations to Nuffnang!
More to come, yeah?
Next year sapu habis! :)

Vy said...
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pinkpaperplane said...


"She so pretty." Haha. You're so sweet. And yes, Princess is so pretty.

Cely said...

Big Congratulations! :)

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha thank you everyone.

And yes Princess is pretty :)

KY said...

Congrats! and nice pic with the top blogger DesmondKiu!

Donna said...

Tahniah tahniah..
gong xi gong xi..
gong hei gong her..
giong hee giong hee.
dont know what languge i know anymore.. =.="

Melanie said...

Congrats Nuffnang! Boss, I think you'll look better with a fitter blazor :P

Huai Bin said...

I thought Project Traffold was a novel idea - that was before I re-started blogging again. :)

Congrats to Nuffnang and Mindshare!

(and Desmond!)

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Congratulation!!! really gong hei gong hei!!

Great to reach that level huh...I feel proud to serve Nuffnang too! hahahah~ :) I love Nuffnang! HAHAHAH~

JD said...

Congrats Boss Stewie. A toast for greater success and achieving greater heights this year!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Ooo..Congrats on winning something. Next year GOld! Ooo..I can see Suet Li and Barry on the Oreo Board sweet..

You and Princess should do something better to outdo them as a couple. Summore Princess and Barry are siblings. How fun!


yeowhq said...


kevinpnp said...

Congratulation. Hope some time we can work together.

Simon Seow said...

Woot! Congrats the Pyjamas Party won Gold! Yeah Mindshare is a big winner, saw it on The Star and The Sun.

des said...

congrats tim!! truly deserved award for Nuffnang

Funky Dory said...

Hi Timo, just wondering... if I'm not mistaken, Saatchi & Saatchi is the creative agency for Chipster right? So does Saatchi plays a role in the winning?

I'm just trying to relate the whole media agency, creative agency and media owner thingy. Like who plays a bigger role etc.

E-mail me if you want your answer to be private. (