Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Last Weekend of June 09

Here's how I spent my weekend :)

1) Princess and I tried to go to Urbanscapes but when we got there we couldn't find parking. So Princess decided to get adventurous and go on to the muddy grass where a lot of other cars were parking. So I took my Honda Civic on a 'jungle track' drive and eventually ended up getting stuck in the mud.

Yes actually really stuck in the mud where we couldn't get out. I was about to get out of the car to push it out of the mud when we eventually manage to gain some traction and get out of it. Here's how the car ended up looking after that little adventure.

We both gave up on Urbanscapes after that.

And went straight to an automated car wash machine.

We spent the rest of Saturday shopping at Pavilion.

2) On the way back we passed a branch where people were putting up the CIMB sign.

I was amused... so I took this picture.

Princess didn't think it was anything worth taking though... to her it was just people putting up a sign. She shook her head.

3) Sunday came and we woke up late again. This Sunday was a little different though. Like many other Sundays where I normally wake up earlier than Princess, this time she actually dragged herself out of bed and straight to do some work at her computer. 

I do this every morning but I've never seen Princess like that before. Ahh... what working life has done to my poor Princess.

4) Went to Midvalley later on. Princess' old hair stylist was opening his own shop so she wanted to go give some support. We both went to get our hair done there.

By the end of the afternoon my hair was all over the floor and they weren't allowed to sweep it away. For Feng Shui reasons or something you're not allowed to sweep the floor on the first day of business.

4) We walked around Midvalley for a bit after that and we came across this.


I love New Zealand Natural!

To be honest, I never really discovered New Zealand Natural until just recently but since then I've been having it almost every time I get the chance to. I'm even a fan of theirs on Facebook. They sometimes give their Facebook fans some promotions.
My favourite flavour is Hokey Pokey... 

You guys have to try that... especially if you love Caramel. Today is actually a good time to try it out because it's the 30th of the month and every 30th they have 30% off their take home packs. 

They have some other stuff too apart from just ice-cream like Flos and Juices that I hear are pretty nice though I haven't had the chance to try them yet. They even have this Durian Flo that's made just for Malaysians. 

Princess and I hung out in the NZN cafe for a while.

5) Then we went to Princess' place later on to steal some books from her.

And to take her mum to Pasar Malam. We brought this little trolley thing and Princess somehow decided she had to pose with it.
6) Just when we're leaving this little boy came up to us and asked us if we'd like to donate for his school. I remember doing things like that when I was back in school so we donated a little bit of money.

7) Then we headed off to the Pasar Malam and we came across yum yum

and also a perfect example of polite Malaysians.

8) We had dinner with her family later that night then spent some time watching TV clinging on one another.

I was going off to Penang the next day and coming back only at the end of the week.

We were going to miss each other....

Now that I'm only halfway through my Penang trip... and I'm missing terribly much already. Can't wait to be able to hold her hand again.


Jamie said...


Boss Stewie said...

thank u jamie :)

Kristine said...

awh, how sweet. :)

bender said...

wtf! I thought when I was young my mom told me those were called "yum yum"s she was simply making up a random name.

I love yum yum.

pinkpaperplane said...

Oooo New Zealand Natural. Quite a few stores in Perth but never tried them. *blush* But I love Hokey Pokey. Very Kiwi. I know what you mean about Princess. Hurts, doesn't it?

Ken Wooi said...

dont worry..
one week will pass very fast.. =)

KY said...

not having a lot of luck with cars are u?

yuj said...

Hi Boss! You're such a sweetie to princess.. :) I was also away for a week recently and I wished I could hold my bf to sleep everyday :(!
Btw if you (or anyone who happen to read this) do have time, please please please help me fill in this survey form about twitter for a class assignment! I guarantee it's a short one!! Thanks and regards!

Boss Stewie said...

shinwei: hehee thank u

chiam: hahaha eh... it's not called yum yum...that's what i just called it. it's called mang chang kueh

pink: yes.. are u in a long distance relationship?

kenwooi: yeah just a couple more days now

ky: no... not at all =(

Boss Stewie said...

yu jin: hahaa ookok will check out ur twitter thing if i get the chance later :)

Wi said...
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yeowhq said...

have yumyum whenever there's tong tong chiang..how nostalgic!

samantha said...

it's true.

new zealanders worship the hokey pokey! every freaking pot lucks.. they will always be a large tub of hokey pokey and pavlova. :)))

samantha said...

sorry *there not they wtf.

Unknown said...

Its actually a good thing you didnt end up in Urbanscapes actually..
apparently someone who attended has H1N1 and its a confirmed case! =\

pinkpaperplane said...

No. But I did it once for 9 months! For absolutely no reason, e.g. I'll be walking down the street, then suddenly start bawling. But now back together. Phew.

Suet Li said...

yuk ma man!!! wtf

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

CIMB is CLIMB without the L. ANd the two guys where standing there climbing? is that why its funny? is that?!!!!



Boss Stewie said...

yeow: really? i don't have that during tong tong chiang... maybe my family different

samantha: that's a pot luck i'd love to go for!!!

wai: oh yeah i heard! *worries... a number of Nuffies went

pink: hahahaha.. that's funny! well glad u're both back togehter now

suet li: haha what a random thing to say suet

solitary: hahaha uhh uhh i just... was amused.. i haven't seen anyone putting up signs like that before

goingkookies said...

OMG! i just had hokey pokey last saturday!! it's really good!! =)
plus mango sorbet..