Saturday, June 13, 2009

Notes: Birthday Wishes from Nuffnangers

In my previous entry about the Nuffnang Tiger Party, I told you guys about the birthday surprise the Nuffies and Princess had for me right?

All the Nuffnangers at the end of the night suddenly came around to stick all these post-it notes of birthday wishes for me... and on me :)

At the end of the night, I went for supper with the Nuffies in what I thought was the longest Mamak table I have ever seen...
at least until I saw another group of Nuffnangers pull this off.

After supper, I went home and took a long shower... then finally got all the birthday wishes I got together to read them one by one.
There were just too many of them to put all up here but here are a few of my favourites.

There were the very strong Nuffnang supporters :)

There were the very strong Tim & Princess supporters ...

There were also ones that scolded me again for 'spoiling the market' when it came to Princess.

And one Star Trek fan that asked me to quickly "reproduce little Tims"

And of course there was Wafu, Pafu and Miao.

And even one from an old friend I was given the opportunity to help once before.

Then there were some inspirational ones like this 

and one from Cecilia Cheung

If you're wondering who and why, look at the girl with me in this picture (Pinkpau)
Then think Edison Chen.

And finally... there were some from the Spartans.

Thank you for the very nice notes my fellow Nuffnangers. I didn't manage to post them all up here but I enjoyed reading every single one of them.

Okay I gotta go now. Gotta head to the airport soon.

Princess and I are going somewhere for a short trip.

Can anyone guess where?

I'll give you a hint. The trip is a package from this site.


pinkpaperplane said...

Oh wow. They even got custom made post-its!

Happy belated birthday. Good to see you had lots of fun and lots of awesome birthday wishes.

Donna said...


~~haha~~ said... many nuffnangers in the photo from that link that you gave.

er...You are going to Bangkok?

Boss Stewie said...

pink: hahaha yeah.. very sweet of them huh. THank u

dolly: hahaha no not bangkok :)

haha: hahaa nope not bangkok :)

~~haha~~ said... it langkawi then? or bali?or ho chi minh city? simply guess...ha ha ha...

btw, princess and the tiger-nuffnang party are featured here:

Terrence Cheang said...


zia wei said...


Ken Wooi said...

great wishes!
enjoy the trip! =)

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

gosh my drawing is bad XD

hmmm im guessing Bali XD

~Elaine Tam~ said...

I know I know.."Phi Phi" Island....hahah~ Audrey mentioned in Twitter..

But where is Phi Phi island??? @__@

Cindy Khor said...

my guess would be hongkong?? your friends and employees are so sweet to write all those notes. i think i'm going to do the same thing for my bf too...

Maxine said...

Phi Phi Island is in thailand. They might be going to krabi first or phuket.


ling ling said...

H@ppy Belated Birthday Boss, wish you healthy and wealthy all year long...
and have a wonderful trip...>.<

KY said...

hahaha yah dude you stress too much!

Terrence Cheang said...

Phi Phi Island is somewhere around Phuket I think.