Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nuffnang Tiger Stand Out Party

Last Saturday we had one of the largest Nuffnang Blogger parties ever in HQNine at TTDI Plaza with close to 300 attendees. This time we worked together with Tiger on this... so naturally it was a party with lots and lots of booze.

Just about all our parties have some sort of theme for people to dress up and that night the theme was to wear anything that "Stands Out". The best dressed male would win an XBOX 360 and the best dressed female would win a Coach bag.

The best dressed male came as Edward Scissorhands

and the best dressed female was....
It's unbelievable... the number of girls that night who wanted to win the Coach bag so badly. Some even told me how badly they wanted to win but unfortunately I had no say in the judging.

I'm going to let the photos tell the story of the rest of the night.

1) Here's a picture of the main people responsible for putting the party together.

and this is the client Eileen,

Who many many times warned us before the night that if anything went wrong that night she would "Come after us".

2) And a picture of some of the Nuffies that went that night.

3) We had a wall right outside the party Nuffnangers who did the best pre-event entries could put on their hand print there.

4) Just around 7PM or so the crowd started to gather.

And as the sky darkened, a lot more Nuffnangers started crowding around outside HQNine.

Registering themselves and getting their goodie bags.

5) The Spartans showed up shortly after all dressed for war.

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw them. If you're wondering why... then make sure you've seen this.

They were like celebrities to me! And I was star struck... especially when one of them called my name "Timothy!!!"

I was expecting him to say
"MADNESS??!?!? THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!!" 

and kick me down a deep dark longkang but instead I ended up taking a picture with them.

6) There were lots of games that night with Liang and Jojo Struys taking the stage as the emcees.

One of them involved having two grown men put stockings on their heads and have a little tug of war.

Kenny who went as Susan Boyle that night 

won the match.

Seriously... it wasn't even a challenge to Kenny.

Check this out. He pulled this guy so hard he almost swung the guy through the window in front of him.

This is Susan Boyle celebrating after she swung his competing finalist to Abu Dhabi.

And Susan Boyle giving her tearful "Thank you speech".

While everyone else watched on

7) There were lots of prizes that were given away that night too. Apart from the XBOX 360 and Coach Bag, there were like Nintendo DS Lite's that were given away.

For the other people that didn't win best dressed, we also gave out little goodie bags with a little bolster in it but with a hidden Topshop/Topman voucher inside.

8) Oh and I nearly forgot the food.

For some reason there were two buffet lines but everyone just seemed to want to line up only at one. The other line was completely empty.

I think it's because Nuffnangers are all so polite they just decide to queue where everyone else is queuing so it doesn't look like they cut anyone's line.

9) Here's the big surprise of the night.

The party was held on the 6th of June which also happened to be my birthday. Whatever it was I made it very clear to Robb that this was going to be a Nuffnang Tiger party and not my birthday party so I told him to make sure there was no birthday related thing or anything.

Robb and the rest of the Nuffies though... disobeyed. Apparently with authorization from the other Founder of Nuffnang (Ming), 
Robb and Princess ignored my orders and put together a surprise for me.

At the end of the night Liang announced that it was my birthday and Princess appeared with a cake in her hand.
This I thought was the best picture of the night. 

When I saw this picture of Princess holding the cake later on, my heart melted. Princess was walking towards the stage and everyone was singing Happy Birthday when she happened to walk under the gush of air from a ceiling air-con. All the candles were blown off and everyone rushed to light it back on which was when this picture was taken. 
Right after I blew the re-lit candles off the cake everyone started coming up to me and pasting these little post-it notes on me. I later found out that they had earlier distributed these notes quietly to the Nuffnangers there that night and asked them to write a birthday wish.

At the end of the night I went through the notes and there were some really touching and really funny birthday wishes.

I think I'll dedicate a fresh new blog entry to them in the next few days and share some of them then.

Until then my dear readers!

PS: For more photos from the night, click here.


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

1st and foremost I'd like to say...

OMGGG!! My picture is in your blog...So touched T.T!! I think this might be one of the highlights of my year..other than meeting you guys at the Standout party..THis is so awesome. T.T

Btw...yes indeed when I saw the girls there..I wanted to just go home and give up..not that I was aiming to win. *coughs*

No woman is as beautiful as the one you truly love huh? :P

joshuaongys said...

i bet u still smiling up till today!

kevinpnp said...

Finally a surprise birthday party. :D

You're lucky you have ppl around you.

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Happy birthday Tim, how come I din get to get the notes to be paste on your body?!!

Or only special nuffnanger can get the note.... Ggrrr~~~ :(

Anyway, Wishing your for a prosperous year, and Nuffnang continues to grow!

~ Elaine ~

JD said...

Great party and I would say great surprise birthday celebration with all the bloggers there. Have a happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Luckily no direct face photo of me in pantyuhole ^@^"

Vy said...

Wow! Such a nice party...The Edward Scissorhand looks really cool! Kenny looked hilarious.
You must feel really touched, eh Boss? It's good that the Nuffies got authorization from Ming, to approve of it. What's a birthday without celebrating?

Happy Birthday again, Boss!

jess~ said...

wow! u actually had 2 birthday parties!!! bestnyer!
i bet u didnt xpect the 2nd one coming rite rite...

mae said...

Aw :) Happy belated birthday Tim! The Tiger "Stand Out" party looked like great fun, and it looks like we both had an awesome birthday this year on the 6th of June.

Boss Stewie said...

solitary: hahaha yeah it's so nice to finally meet you in person :) Now I can put a face behind the name :)

joshua: haha yes i am still smiling. thank you

kevin: yes i am indeed lucky :)

elaine: thank you elaine :)

jd: hehe thank you for your wishes :)

tian: hahahaa yah i didn't manage to take that picture

vy: I am really touched. :) even up till today... hehe

jess: hahaha the 2nd one was really unexpected

mae: hahaha aww... wish i could've seen yours

ms.bulat said...

happy belated birthday :)
it's very sweet of everyone to disobey and celebrate your birthday. haha you are blessed with people who love you many times over :)

Cindy Khor said...

glad that you are having a whale of a time. and kenny looks cute as susan boyle. and this time round, the surprise party really did surprise you, right?? ^__^

KY said...

for once kim got to an event early!

Unknown said...

Awww.. Everyone gave in effort for the surprise. Princess more sayang lah hor~ *huhu

chaborkia said...

so sweeeeet! hope to join in next round! happy belated bday boss~ :D

Ken Wooi said...

great party! and awww.. what a sweet ending to it.. =)

Chew said...

Each time when there is a event or party, it go more and more ppl join, look so fun.

Ren said...

Everyone had fun that night :)

And glad that you enjoy ur birthday :D