Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phuket with Princess: Day 2

After seeing grumpy morning Princess on the first day of our Phuket trip, I decided that the second day we had to take it slow. So I woke up in the morning, blogged about the first day and waited for Princess to wake up.

Her Royal Highness eventually opened an eye somewhere around 12.30PM. Normally that's her first phase of waking up. She opens one eye first with body completely still. Then gradually in a span of 5-10 minutes she opens both eyes and eventually drags herself out of bed while making grumpy noises.

If you woke her up any time before the opening of the first eye... she will rain terror on you and you will shake in fear.

So I waited patiently for Princess to wake up and by 1.30PM we were at a closeby restaurant having Thai food.

Princess loves Thai food. Me... not so much. I tried to convince her that she already had Thai food in Thailand the night before. She had Tom Yam Cup Noodles in the middle of the night when she was hungry. Tom Yam Cup Noodle is Thai Food right?

But Princess didn't fall for it. So there we were in this restaurant which actually to my pleasant surprise had really good Thai food.

I gobbled up my food quickly for after lunch we were going for the highlight of my whole trip.

Guess.... guess what my highlight of the trip is.

No it wasn't so much the beach (as much as I loved it).
Or the snorkeling.

Nor was it the "WORLD FAMOUS A GO GO GIRLS" (When I expressed slight interest in wanting to check that out, Princess gave me a stare that was so hard and cold it could've killed a deer on its own).

It was.... the SHOOTING RANGE!!!

That's right... boys will be boys.... and there are few things in life more exciting for me than guns... lots and lots of guns.

It was my second time at this shooting range. The first time I stuck with a 9mm pistol and ended up getting a score of 76% or something.

So this time round I decided to try something a bit more... I tried on a bolt-action sniper rifle complete with scope.

To my surprise, it was actually really easy to shoot. Very low recoil and really accurate too. Just aim right and you'll be ok. My trainer who was watching me the whole time was really impressed.

I ended up getting a score of 95%. 

At one point the trainer even asked me 
"Are you from army in Malaysia?"

I said no.

After me it was Princess' turn to shoot a gun for the first time in her life. 

Agent Audrey Ooi reported for duty. Do not be deceived by the innocent smile and the short dress. She can shoot you... and probably hit something near you.

The trainer picked her a revolver that he felt was the easiest to use... something she could handle. She held the gun in her hand, aimed at the target which wasn't too far in front and let out a shot.
The gun flew upwards into the air throwing the bullet somewhere else other than the target it was intended for. 
Princess then turned around and looked at me shocked with big big eyes. Like she felt the gun just exploded in her hands.

She ended the day with a 54% score. So you potential bad guys out there... that means if Princess were to shoot at you, there's a 1 in 2 chance that she will hit you.

If she shot at both your balls, statistically she would hit one of them. So don't play play!

After Princess was done with her shooting, my trainer came back to me... still probably thinking that I'm from the Malaysian Army. He seemed eager to push me on. So he got me to try out a Colt .45 which was a handgun but with a bullet so big it made the sniper rifle's bullets look like little satay sticks.

I think I read somewhere that the Desert Eagle that we all shoot in Counterstrike uses a .45 caliber as well.... but I think they use bigger too.

Anyway I decided that heck, I tried the 9mm before and it wasn't a problem so this shouldn't be too much of a problem too right? I was wrong.

The recoil was so strong that I probably ended up hitting one of the birds flying overhead (I'm sorry WWF). It was then the trainer finally accepted the fact that I was never in the army... and he started teaching me how to shoot that gun properly.

Heck in the beginning before that he even just threw me the bullets and expected me to load them into the magazine myself. 

I was like... "Hello Sir.... I see them do it in movies a lot but in real life it's a little difference... some guidance would help?"

After the first few shots I began to get better and I could feel my trainer gain a sense of pride. Then after I was done with the Colt he looked over to me like he would a Young Padawan of his and with a manic gleam in his eyes he said
"You want try SHOTGUN?"

I thought about it for a while. My brother once told me he shot a shotgun and recoil was so strong it nearly took his arm off. Then the adventurous side of me decided to go ahead with it anyway.

So he brought me outside to this empty open field with targets on the other end. Probably afraid that if I performed as badly as I did with the Colt, I might actually hurt somebody with a Shotgun. 
Excited but a little worried I asked him how bad the recoil or the jerk of the shotgun was. My heart relaxed a little bit when I thought I heard him say "Less than an M16".

I clarified
"Less than an M16?"

And to my fear he said
"No no... more than M16... MUCH MUCH MORE!"

No matter... I decided to do it anyway. I held the gun like he taught me, aimed for the target and then let it out. The very same second I heard a very loud bang, the gun jerked backwards and hit me in the arm where it was lodged against.

It hurt like a bitch and by the time I was done with the next few shots I had developed bruises on my arm just from shooting the shotgun.

Princess took a video of my first shot of the gun.

Notice how I was pushed backwards and immediately gave my trainer the gun... probably screaming

To reduce the pain on my shoulders I eventually tried shooting the last 3 shots of the shotgun from my waist... you know like how they sometimes do in movies.

Guess what... total bullshit!

You can't hit jack shit aiming from your waist.... and no don't compare it to aiming from your waist when you pee. Two completely different things!

Anyway we soon left the shooting range feeling a lot poorer. Every 10 bullets we shot cost us between RM80-RM100. We spent the rest of our afternoon (and whatever little money we had left) at a Spa where we had a Sauna, Jacuzzi, Body Scrub and Thai Massage.

You get to pick all sorts of different Body Scrubs and Massage Oils. 

Seriously it's almost as if they had one massage oil for every single thing. There was massage oil for better muscles, for better sinus.... there's probably even a massage oil that could make stupid people smart or smart people stupid.

That was the part of the trip I think Princess enjoyed the most. The Spa!

After the spa we headed for dinner at this really nice Thai restaurant by the sea...

and then back to the hotel to rest. We had to be up at 5AM the next morning to catch a flight back to KL.

I really enjoyed my trip to Phuket. It was short but it felt like we did so many things. 

Thank you  for sending me on a much needed break.


Jason Lioh said...

I LOL-ed so hard at the video until the ribena I was drinking came out through my nose.

Ray said...

That is so cool! I wanna play with guns too!

electronicfly said...

1st time watching clip: O.O
2nd time watching clip: omg wtf
3rd time watching clip: shit weh must have hurt like hell!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I cant stop laughing at the video. Omg...Save me from this violent laughter!!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Grrrr..yet to get the chance to see the block it.. =__="

Anyway, great to hear you enjoyed and youdid great on the shooting!! WOW! 95% hit! Terror la you!!! hehehe~

Mr Gin said...

looks like a really fun trip!would luv to do that shotgun part.

pinkpaperplane said...


Thai food is awesome! Can't believe you don't like it! And your meal looked fantabulous. I'm drooling. When (if) I go to Phuket for my honeymoon, I'm making my husband (to-be) eat lots of Thai food. And not letting him set foot into A Go Go trash either.

The image of Princess with a gun is disturbing. It just seems too out of place with her looking her usual cute self in her summery yellow.. holding a gun.. and no, don't wanna mess with her with a gun especially if she has a kill-deer look on her face.

I can totally imagine you in the army though. You'll be organising intelligence or something.

陈一豪 said...

Oo apparently the M16's recoil can give someone a concussion / kill the person if it hits the head.

I wonder how do the CT people wield shotguns and fire on the move.

KY said...

that sounds funner than nintendo Wii!!!!

ShaolinTiger said...

Hahahah owned by the shotgun, I guess you wouldn't be much good at clay pigeon shooting then :D

Shotgun you have to press it against your shoulder HARD before you pull the trigger so there's no gap between the gun and your bones...if not it really hurts.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

for what it's worth.. you're looking well tim. keep it up at the gym :P

lufiasism said...

I think if u work more on the posture, u would find shotgun isn't that hard to shoot. I think the guy didn't teach u on the proper posture...

As for the bolt action rifle, it's a .22 calibre, that's just peanuts compared to let's say Arctic Warfare hehehehe....

the .45 ooooo that's one helluva bugger...

Boss Stewie said...

jason: yay! i love ribena! ribena makes me happy!!! so that's why you laughed... not because of my video but because of the ribena!

ray: hahaha yeah it's fun

efei: yes.. it hurt... so badd

solitary: ohhh.. so u like seeing poor me in pain eh... sniff

elaine: hehehe that was only with the sniper rifle... which was really easy to shoot. i did poorly with the other guns

mr: yeah u should do it gin!

pink: haha if i'm organizing intelligence then i won't really be in the army army.. but more like hiding in some bunker somewhere doing military planning and all that. i prob won't shoot much guns then'

yee hou: that fact about the m16 is a little scary.. not sure if the shotgun would give that same effect

ky" hahaha yes... and more fun than guitar hero too

shaolin: yeah that's what the trainer told me. press it hard... but i guess i didn't press it hard enough

linora: haha thanks linora..... lost weight :)

lufia: i've never shot an artic warfare before but would love to one day :)

Pinky Tham said...

I realise its nice to repeat the video a few time hahah can see the full effect! I wanna try shooting also man

Ken Wooi said...

lol so nice play with guns..
i also want.. haha..
only use gun in CS so far.. heh..

and LOL at your vid! =D

vialentino said...

i also need to release some tension by firing gun....nice way to de-stress

kevinpnp said...

I'm actually afraid of guns. Don't really feel safe when I see them, even if police carries guns.

Anyway, I think it is actually easier to aim if you are lying down. Your shoulder will transfer the jolt to your body. So, there's less recoil. I have friends who were in military and he told me that rifles are best fired when you're lying down.