Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What People Do For RM8,000

I decided to buy my uncle dinner last Friday for all the help he's given me. To those of you who have been following my Twitter, you would know that every time I bang my car this particular uncle helps me out and lends me his car. Then recently I happened to bang his car as well. So I decided that I had to make it up to him.

I called up Victoria Station.

VS: Hello Victoria Station Damansara.

Me: Hi.. I'd like to make a reservation for 6 people at 7.30PM tonight.

VS: Sure. Under what name Sir?

Me: Under "Timothy Tiah"

VS: Sorry Sir?

Me: "Tee-mo-thyyy Teeeaaahhh"

VS: Sir could you say a little slower?

Me: *starts spelling* T-I-M-O-T-H-Y

VS: T-I-M-O... Mr Timo? Okay Sir. I've booked the table under Mr Timo for 8PM tonight.

Me: No no... Timothy.. TIMO -O-T-H-Y...

VS: Sorry sir? 

Me: *demotivated*.... forget it. Table under "Mr Timo please".

Not sure if the line was bad or if I now unknowingly start mumbling when I talk. The dinner was good though... not as good as the bill I got for repairing my car. RM2,400. *sigh*

I'm so broke now. I think I should go work as a Promoter in PC Fair or something giving out flyers. Speaking of which, Pierre was over at my place the other day and he was showing me some videos that were made as part of a Corntoz contest. The prize is RM8,000 and it's actually ending in a week or two. But here's the thing that surprised me most. 

Here are a few of my favourite videos that went up.

Now keep in mind that these videos are just done by people like you and me. No big movie crew or anything and look at the effort.

And of course.. Kenny Boyle.

But here's the video that made me go... "What the f....?"

Did you see that? Holy shit! My hats off to you guys.

I watched it like 5 times already.


pinkpaperplane said...

OMG! They should definitely win! You sure that's not professional? That's so awesome. And I watched it without sound too. (At work la. A bit shy.) I'd have to watch it again. With sound.

Unknown said...

Tim, let's suggest to pierre to make a movie called "Kung Fu Corntoz". This movie sure can sell.

seon said...

omg..nice choreograph..are they professional stunt person?

Dennis Lim said...

Do you have a second thought of re-take your driving test? :P cause you keep bang the cars.

Jun King (JK) said...

go buy a bumper car tim.

Vy said...

Hahaha...Erm maybe you should let Princess drive you around, then you won't bang so many cars around...Or better yet, get yourself a driver... :)

cHrIstInA_YY said...

OMG, the fourth one the best!!! Btw, you should try driving a smaller car instead, easier to control =x

~~haha~~ said...

how on earth the PIC at VS can't spell Timothy?

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...

ppl always spell my name wrong too..

for reservation, to be safe from loso. Mr Tim will do.

Cindy Khor said...

yeah, i love the last video too, totally creative and the effort put in is really un-speakable.... are all of them kung fu masters??? and they really do hit each other, don't they?

Boss Stewie said...

pink: hahaha u should hear with sound. really nice too

kahseong: hahahah yeah good idea.. shall bounce it off him

ky: =(

seon: i don't think they're professional stunt people... but i think they're students of some martial art filming school or something

dennis: WOI! No i don't need a retake !!! only once i bang was my fault ok? most of the time people bang me

jun: yeah... that might really help huh :)

vy: hahaha i can't afford a driver

christina: hahahaha okok i shall keep that in mind

haha: yah... no idea !

timothy: hahaha ok i'll keep to Tim next time

cindy: i don't know to be honest... but fun to watch huh :)

ch3ryl said...

oh, wow that last one! geng!!! really Malaysia boleh. :D

fourfeetnine said...


Ken Wooi said...

haha money matters alot to many.. =D

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

They seems to be capoeristas.. from the moves they did.. ^^"

Seriously, I think they gonna win it XD

xes said...

Kungfu Corntoz FTW!!!

yzhuhuong said...

corntoz action ftw! omg, creativity. now, that's what we're all talking about!

cLiu said...

comment to the last video:
wah lau eh~!

Catfish said...

What the f...?

Holy good video man for the kungfu moves, video angles and editor/director!

I watched it 6 times... shit and it is in office...

Hayley said...

haha the last video.. really made me go what the f..... its creative but quite 'fai' though. lol.

Malicious said...

Whoa, I've seen and know some of these guys from the action vid at it before! They performed at this Giant in Kinrara doing a promo for a dance studio.

Some of them of from karate, some from capoeira, some taekwondo. They do good stuff, it's on their youtube channel guys!

kevinpnp said...

You must be joking to say that you have no money. Just be careful with your driving (whether it's your fault or not).

Ulat said...

Kenny Boyle looks so... ewww~

Kalamari said...

The stunt guys are pretty good. I hear that they practise in Puchong on weekends. Also heard that they are involved in an independent short movie called 'Ramly at War' with more fight choreo and action. Check out youtube for videos of their training.

Josephine See said...

I think the last one will win, good video and very 'ohm!' and real type of action!

thks for sharing!

L said...

OMG. the corntroz wasabi is dammnn funny. HAHAHAHHAh. But salute to the kungfu corntroz action. very kaw2 man. As for kenny boyle, not soo much.