Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When accidents allow you to meet nice people

Let me tell you a story.

Boy goes back to Penang. Boy's car breaks down in Penang so he has to leave it in the workshop there. 
Boy's Dad lends him another car to take back to KL while Boy's car is left in Penang.

Back in KL one night, Boy drives to pick Girl up after work.

Boy gets to a traffic light just 20 seconds away from Girl's office and waits excitedly for the light to turn green. Light turns green, Boy gets ready to shift gear but suddenly hears a big bang.

Boy looks in his rear view mirror to find a Kelisa had rammed into his car while he was staying totally still at the traffic light.

Boy curses "#$*(#($*#(*$"

That basically summarizes what happened to me in the past few days.

Yes, while waiting at the traffic light a car came and rammed me yesterday. It's a really peculiar thing... in all my history of driving, I have been involved in 4 road accidents and ALL 4 of them involved somebody banging me from the back. 

2 of the 4 involves somebody banging me from the back while I was not moving and just waiting at a traffic light. 

The good thing though is that the guy who banged me was really apologetic about it. He came out and said "Adui sorry sorry sorry... I salah!!!". His name is Idaham.

Idaham's impact knocked in my bumper and also knocked down my exhaust pipe to the extent that I couldn't move the car or it would be dragging all over the road.

Idaham was extremely nice though. He spent the next 15 minutes trying to figure out a way to tie it back up but we both didn't have any idea how to.

Fortunately my Dad has this practice to keep two things in a car.

1) A Jumpstart cable in case the car engine died and needed help in starting up again.

2) A ROPE!!! (in case we needed to tow the car).

So we used the rope and tied the exhaust pipe to the lid of the car boot so I could drive again and send the car to the workshop the next morning.

My uncle Danny was nice enough to lend me a car of his to use.


Even after I had gone home that night Idaham called me again to check on me to make sure I was ok. He was a little worried about how much the damage would cost, but I told him we'll find out in the morning.

The next morning, Idaham texted me anxious about how much the damage was going to cost. Finally the mechanic quoted us RM550 for the repairs. It was a lot of money and I was going to have to come up with it first to pay the mechanic but Idaham assured me that he will pay me back for it no matter what. 

I'm glad... because I've been in a few car accidents before and none of them were as apologetic and helpful as Idaham. 

Just compare Idaham to the asshole lorry driver that banged me two years ago while I was at a traffic light waiting, then gave me a wrong phone number and quickly ran away (though I made a police report with his number plate). A world of a difference!

Thank you Idaham..... if anyone were to bang me again... I would really like it to be you. And I really hope you win a RM100,000 cash prize or some big reward from somewhere because people like you are the ones that deserve it.

Funny thing though is that Idaham later that day asked me if I was working. I said yes and he asked me where.

I said I work at a company called Nuffnang.

And he went
"Ooohh!!! I know Nuffnang! I'm a member there too!"

I laughed and said 
"Yeah.. hehee we do blog advertising"

What a small world indeed :)


~~haha~~ said...

wa, go penang car broke down, go back kl, kena rammed at the ass. so bad luck one you? how did ur dad react after hearing abt this?

Anonymous said...

:) glad that Idaham is a good guy. He bangs haha.

Ken Wooi said...

sweet nice story!
Idaham is a great guy! =)

carol said...

i wonder how long till he figures it out!

kevinpnp said...

This is a small community.

But the rule of thumb driving in KL is that, you are always right in an accident. YES!! You must always insist you are RIGHT and the other is WRONG.

It's a sad thing that this is the world now. You'd be lucky ppl didn't rob you.

Cindy Khor said...

hopefully you won't get into another accident too soon or the damage to your account will be incredible... yeah, its hard to find someone like idaham with so much courtesy...

Ji@ EiK said...

Boss~hope ur bad luck gone after tis.

WAO~idaham is good man.haha!hope idaham wil drive more carefully frm now on...

yapthomas said...

Sometimes, it is not easy to gain a trust of a stranger. I recently bang a Vios too. Belakang mari also. My car totally no problem but that Vios got some minor scratch and bumper went in.

He was so afraid I ran away even tho I gave him my IC number and what not.

We need more people like Idaham. Worthy of their wrong doings.

pinkpaperplane said...

Wow. What a nice guy. Glad to know that there are still decent people out there!

~Elaine Tam~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Elaine Tam~ said... sui ah.......

There is a good thing being famous/well known (nuffnang founder not famous enough??!!!Hahahhaahh~).....

So, he (Idaham) will feel pai-seh if he bumped into you. If he know the power of nuffnang [ and full support of nuffnang members to Timothy] sure he will feel scared and imediately compensate you more than RM550!!

Anyway, thank gos you and Audrey are ok!! Treat it "Poh-choi, tong choi" :)

n_rick said...

hope everything is ok with u..
but the main reason i comment here is to ask u how to get rid of the nuffnang advert msg box which appear on ur blog? it block the content of the blog.. find it annoying.. sorry for that

KY said...

So you want Idaham to bang you again huh?

Boss Stewie said...

haha: he said "Aiyoo why so bad luck wan!"

miss: hahaha yeah./. he bangs!

kenwooi: yes he is :)

carol: hahaha i don't think he ever will

kevin: yeah i heard a lot of about the robbing part after a car accident. Well if I got into a car accident and I was clearly in a wrong, like I banged a car that was staying still then... nothing much to argue right?

cindy: yeah it really is :)

jia eik: hahah yeah i hope so too... it was late at night that he finished work so i guess he must've been working really hard and was really tired as well

yapthomas: then what did he do in the end to make sure u didn't run away?

pink: yeah... great to know huh :)

elaine: hahahahno larr... i don't think anyone should feel that way... i just work at nuffnang :)

n_rick: i think you must've placed it wrong. either ways, send a ticket to our helpdesk and my colleague will help you out.

ky: hahaha...... no.. i'm just saynig if i had to get into another car accident... then i wouldn't mind it being idaham again..

~~haha~~ said...

ic. Glad you are alright.

yapthomas said...

He took leave and repaired it on the same day! and collected it from me the same night.

Called me repeatedly to update on the progress of the repair and what not. -__-

Vy said...

Boss, let's hope that your streak of bad luck ends here.

Nibble of Thoughts said...

Woah what a lucky and unlucky accident...
Wish you all the luck for your cars in hospital!

Unknown said...

you are always meant to get "banged" from the back? Holy! Sounds so wrong XD

Ray said...

seems like the car your drove are bang prone. better luck next time~

alohamolly said...

Ha..ha.. I bet Idaham will remember this accident very well..

I must say I am quite "impressed" myself when I stumble upon nuffnang co-founder blog and find him rather down-to-earth person from his blog entries..

May this be blessing in disguise for you and you are right by being grateful meeting such guy in an accident..cos it can be worse rite..

Stay safe!


ahlost said...

Aramak !!

Ren said...

poor the pretty civic ..
Did Idaham explain what made him bang into ur car?

reddaisie said...

that's funny..idaham is a member of nuffnang but doesn't know u...
a sleeping member i guess..

Farrah Azmi said...

is idaham cute?hehe

ch3ryl said...

hope idaham is reading this :) the world needs more ppl like him.

JD said...

boss stewie, need to go to places to change luck. end of the day as long as people are safe, that's more important.

RealGunners said...

Boy goes back to KL, Kancil kena bang from behind by a Wira while entering a corner, nothing happen to Kancil while Wira suffered broken headlights and bumper; boy heads back to Penang for work, Kancil gets bang from behind while waiting for traffic light to turn green, this time it's a Satria, nothing on the Kancil again, Satria suffers broken headlights and crooked up bonnet.

That's me, and moral of the story: Pero2 alwiz beats M'sian version of GM

Donny Ang said...

aiyoh timothy... why every time its a "rear end" tragedy one.

Better go bath with flower.. Buang suay...

Josephine See said...

what la u want ppl bang u again... better wish get kiss by a cun chick better.

opps. apologize to ur princess =P

Simon Seow said...

A Nuffnang member that doesn't recognize Boss Stewie? Why everyone like your back so much lol.