Tuesday, January 05, 2010

3 Questions

Okay here's what I've decided for this entry and the next. Rather than choosing what to write and share with you guys on my blog I'm going to let you guys decide. Here's how:

Leave a comment at the end of this entry of a question that you'd like to ask me. It can be anything. It can be about me, or about what I think about something or anything that doesn't even have to be about me.

Then I'll go through some of the questions and pick 3 of them that I will answer in my next blog entry (unless I find less than 3 questions that I think I can or want to answer). How's that?

Ok so ask away guys :)


fourfeetnine said...

is audrey the cutest girl in the world?

Boss Stewie said...

fourfeetnine: HAHA...

Boss Stewie said...

I will answer your question here and now baby. YES :)

kei said...

do u guys ever argue? cuz u two are just incredibly sweet. i am jealous. if you say you do have arguments sometimes, it will make you two more human. if you answer you don't, then i am gonna be all jealous lol. me n my bf are sweet too but we argue all the time! :(

Kling said...

tell us why do you hate long distance relationship that much.

Unknown said...

Maybe you might want to tell us more about ur high school (St Xavier) life ?? anything about your teachers / friends ??

Proud that there's a successful Xaverian like you.

oh.. btw, i m fr st xavier too ;)

Donna said...

how are u? wtf..
this is fun, but i dont know what to ask... okok..

1) when u want to get married? XD
2) are u millioanaire now? haha..
3) how are u again? =.=".. no la.. hmmm... oh.. how cute is fourfeetnine/audrey? state down 15 cute things u think is very cute.. HAHAHAHA..

ms.bulat said...

can i have an ice-cream showdown with you? :D hahahah~

zihwye said...

i really want to know why you think its so important to get responses to your blog entries.
isnt it enough to know that people are reading, even if they dont leave comments?
besides, nuffnang is based on page hits and ad clicks, not number of responses to blog entries. as its co-founder i'd expect your attitude towards blogging be along the same line as the company's.

Joey Siew said...

1) Maybe your most embarrassed moments?
2) Your most touching/romantic moments?

hahaha... i donno what to ask... ^__^

Summer said...

When was your first time? And last time if you don't mind...heee

Unknown said...

Since you are the boss of Nuffnang and is in a position to hire employees...perhaps you can share the interviewing experience.

The funniest response, the lamest answer, the most ridiculous thing an interviewee said, the biggest mistake, what goes behind your mind when you meet each interviewee.

It doesnt have to be personal. Im sure many would love to know how bosses think and many would benefit knowing what goes behind closed doors ;)

Mark said...

1) What motivated you to start NuffNang?
2) Did you always have that entrepreneurial spirit or did you learn how to become an entrepreneur

Mickeymiao said...

What is the difference of the blog adverising industry, pre-financial crisis, financial crisis and post financial crisis

用心,最珍贵 said...

Please share some interesting experience when you deal with customers of Nuffnang

Ray said...

1) Why do you choose Xbox 360 over PS3?

2) How do you feel about the BlackBerry you're using now?

Haha...I kinda interested in electronic stuffs :)

GlamRockChic said...

Hi Tim,
First time leaving a comment here since there is such a great opportunity to ask u questions since u have become such a big shot since the day i met u and skyler in uptown.

My questions are :
1. When u started, u didn't know anyone in the industry. Did it worry you and how did u go about to grow your relevant contacts?
2. How do u motivate your staff?
3. Do you think some bloggers are now overexposed and overpaid? Has blogging become too commercialised that consumers are not paying attention to advertorials anymore?
4. Your first ever client - do u still keep in contact with her? Has her business progressed from there?

Hope u answer at least 1!!
Happy 2010 and continue to inspire us.

Star Sky said...

Why are you 'Boss Stewie' when you should be 'Boss Timothy'?

CheemiL said...

1. Will Nuffnang sponser college event? (International)

2. If the answer is YES, how the procedure going on?

3. Can you support 3rd Wrld Mandarin Debate Tournament?

wish you all the best in 2010
God bless you =D

Zephyr said...

Dude, long time didn't leave comment here.

I'm gonna ask u a ques and I hope u will ans it and ans with the business sense of yours :) but 1st don't include nuffnang in it

Here are the scenario & ques:-

You're running a SME type of business and you're offered by someone to develop a website for your company for a charge of RM200 (no extra charges) and upon website completion you will get a Google Adwords advertising coupon worth RM200. At that time your company doesn't have a website yet. The website will have 4-5 pages (Home, About us, products, contact us...etc). The only drawback is lack of e-commerce features but still able link to Paypal or other payment service. Other than that, you'll be given 2 weeks of maintenance support after signed off.

Now, if you hire a freelance web developer to do it it may easily cost RM400-500 and on top of it there will be some other extra charges like hosting service. Even worst if you want a web developer company to do it as it will be in 4 figures charges

Will take the offer?

Zephyr said...

sorry the question is....

Will you take the offer and why?

SamZzzz said...

Okay I'm an avid environmentalist. With the world climate drastically changing for few years running already, ever think of utilizing nuffnang as a platform to enhance environmental awareness among bloggers/net surfers?

For the only mother earth we have. =)

Daniel said...

Could you give some insights from your university days from first to the final year?

Jojo said...

If u r given the chance to write something for a time capsule, how do u see urself in 2060 or wat do u see in 2060?

i am a passive reader of your blog, by the way.

Hayley said...

Being the sweetest couple ever, i'm sure marriage came across your mind. so, when's the planning for getting married? ;)

Jun King (JK) said...

which of these questions will you answer? lol.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

A simple question, what is Nuffnang's next target in year 2010? =D

Unknown said...

lets share about the happiest moment of ur life, aside from princess.

Genova said...

boss, can u share more on the some of the toughest obstacle that u faced in growing a dotcom company.

Genova said...

or some lengmou happiness story during study years. Haha

Axiao said...

my questions are:

can you tell us ur experience in doing business in malaysia?

do you face any "redtape" situation in malaysia?

and how does it differ to start up nuffnang in malaysia compared to singapore, philippines & australia?


value investing in malaysia said...

hi tim,

whats your favorite real life success stories/business books that entail d A-Z of how an entrepreneur made it to d top? One of my favorite books is Sam Walton - Made in America or the story of WALMART. Have u read d book? I am interested to buy books like that.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Boss Stewie said...


Okok guys... lots of good ones too. Keep them coming and I'll answer them in a few days time ok ? :)

Aina said...

any plan (or at least have it crossed in ur mind) to expand nuffnang business to Indonesia ???

Unknown said...

the mole..The Mole...THE MOLE!!!

it is damn sexy on u ^__^

how do u feel abt it??

Jadetofu said...

can audrey fit into your pocket?

lol just kidding ..! XD

Unknown said...

Yo BS,

1) Whats your next venture, apart from Nuffnang?

2) Whats your honest opinion of bloggers in Malaysia? Mostly writing crap or worthy materials?

3) Whats the one thing that can come between you and your missus? For real, no cute mushy answers :)

4) Are you politically inclined?

RealGunners said...

what a cheat, you're just doing this to get ppl to comment, aren't you lolz???

Gypsy On The Move said...

Hi, I've got only one question in my head.

Who/What is your inspiration in life?

Unknown said...

wah...this can make people want to leave comment

fourfeetnine said...

feng: hello! *waves arm. can i answer you! hehe i thought ur question was very interesting.

i think if you're looking to earn $ on ur blog, page views & clicks are important. but i (and tim) value comments a lot more because comments means that as a blogger, i'm connecting to my readers cos my readers feel like they can relate or are interested enough to leave a comment.

so to me as a blogger comments are way more meaningful :D

dheep said...

Nuffnang has grown from strength to strength in recent years and it is a success that i truly admire. I mean you are just 2 years older than me but you have already achieved a lot.

My question to you would be this:

How come Nuffnang shy away from political blogs? There are some pretty good, popular political blog out there but i don't see them getting much recognition. Is Nuffnang trying to avoid controversy by staying apolitical?

Thank you very much Timothy.

Lucia Leong said...

How would you handle people who are emo?

Have you ever fallen out with any friend? How do you handle it?

zihwye said...

fourfeetnine: thanks for replying me :) and yeah you have a great point there. it was the same for me at the start but after i got started with nuffnang i decided that hits are more important -_-" hahaha. anyway i also think if the hits keep coming it probably means the same people are coming back and that would also imply im connecting to my readers.

also maybe cos my blog's very personal and i use it to document my life more than anything else so i dont really care if it doesnt connect with the people who read it.

still, thanks. i suppose its important for real hardcore bloggers like yourself :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

What's inspired you that made you a successful person today?

Jolyn said...

What kind of guy do u consider yourself to be? ie. Romantic?

Perhaps you can share ur guide to a sweet relationship? hehe :)

and..yea, what keeps you blogging?

Brenda B said...

Hey Tim,

I heard/read how you started Nuffnang, etc. My question is, how HARD is it to get started? Alot of people have the vision, but to actually get started is really hard. And when you do start something, the first few times, you tend to fail, etc. Share :) Thank you.

Orange Armada Inc. said...

What makes u take the big leap to open a company right after u grad?

How does the whole ads and Nuffnang works,who pays who-who

Nikel Khor said...

izit u r the chio-ness?lengzai-ness?wakakak

Nikel Khor

Vy said...

Wah...so many questions...I don't know what to ask... -_-'''


Actually most of the questions asked also I want to know. I'm sure everyone does too.


A simple one: Generally, how are your readers to you? Do you have any "hate" readers? (Which I don't really see here) What is the worse thing a reader did or write or comment about you?


Wen Xuan said...

tell us your love life until you met aud

Fi Oh Na! said...

Mmm...u all share the same bed..hve the both of u "done it"? :P

Ken Wooi said...

Here are my questions:

1) What made you thought of starting a blog advertising company?
2) How do you see Nuffnanf 10 years from now?
3) Who is your best employee in Nuffnang? Tell us about him/her!

And lastly, and unrelated one:

4) Do you read kenwooi.com?

Cheers! =P

Donna Bong said...

Alright.. here's something unrelated to your success and your awesomeous gf.

Growing up what show did you watch most? In sesame street, do you like elmo more or cookie monster more?
You did your university in UK did you get a chance to go snowboarding? Or skiing? Or any snow sports? Would you want to do any of that?
oh oh yeah, since you guys(you and aud) go to lots of places every year, what's one place that you would really really want to go to with her and WHY? (okay fine something related to you and your awesomeous gf)

LOL. Thanks!!!!

Keep your daily posts up! I get soo bored here in Edmonton :(

Donna Bong said...

one more!

I've noticed that you've been wearing the same glasses for a loooong time now. Are you gonna update your prescription and get some new glasses??? It'll give you more options when you go to different functions and you should get a store to sponsor your looks. YAAAAAHH :)

(When I have my own store one day I will sponsor your glasses. :D In like... 6 years)

Kancilbiru said...

I just want to ask:

Why is it Boss Stewie instead of Boss Timothy?

And Nuffnang is stands for what?


Thank you!~~


Julie Lim said...

1) How do you get companies to advertise with Nuffnang? Do you make random calls to make an appointment to pitch to them?

2) I noticed that most of the companies that advertise with Nuffnang are FMCG companies and companies that target the youth market. Is this part of your marketing plan, or did it happen by chance?

Cindy Wong said...

I like the way you approach your blog. You make it very interactive.

As a very young person, you are indeed a role model for the entrepreneurs to be.

What's your advice to all entrepeneurs-to-be, since all of us have heard this adage many atimes - study hard, get good grades and get a good job?

How did your parents react when you dropped the bomb shell that you wanted to start your own company?


Jowin said...

I'm planning, or attempting to plan, a family trip to Penang during CNY.

My question is, how deadly quiet will Penang be during the first 2 days of CNY? Also, what sightseeing & food places would you recommend?

Matjoe said...

alahai, miss the train already....
my question sudah ada org lain ask.