Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FML 1 & FML 2

FML #1

Finally got myself the time to go buy Lady Gaga's album. Got it in 1-Utama just before the shops closed late at night. Was holding my CD happily in my hand when I got to my car and loaded the CDs into the CD Changer in the back.

There were two CDs. One of them was working fine but I couldn't figure out why the second one couldn't play. When I got home and took the CDs out I found out why: One of the CDs had a crack right down the middle.

I was like "WTF???.... come on if you bought a pirated CD and if this shit happens then fine. But that was an original album!".

So the next morning I had to go back all the way to 1-Utama to change it. Princess went down to help me get it changed and she told me the woman at the counter gave her a black face and reluctantly exchanged the disc. I think she thought we broke it in less 24 hours and tried to get it changed.

C'mon! How would I buy a CD at night and break it by the next morning? I've never even broken a CD before.

FML #2

Also at 1-Utama that night, Princess stopped by this shop and saw some face masks. She said "OOH OOH.. LETS BOTH WEAR A MASK TONIGHT". I didn't seem to keen on it. Ignorant me... I always thought masks were only for women but Princess showed me one that was made just for men.

She called it the "MAN MASK"... or something like that.
She said it would help me clean my pores and do something something... I wasn't really listening. Find it hard to listen when girls talk about beauty. I just like looking at beauty... not listening to how it comes about. It's like you just want to look at your beautiful crispy fried chicken in the bucket waiting for you to eat it. You don't wanna know how the chicken died before it got to the bucket right?

So fine... later that night we both tried out the mask.
Right after I took off the mask I began to see some redness on my cheeks. Thought it was nothing so I went to bed. Then in the middle of the night I felt some itch on my cheeks so I touched it only to feel like my face had just turned hard like a rock. An itchy rock.. if that makes any sense.

My face felt swollen. Started cursing and swearing mentally at the mask and telling myself that I shouldn't have done it. It was still dark and I was tired so I kept telling myself to stop thinking and go back to bed.

I couldn't.... my mind kept thinking about how my face looked and I had this image of me with the cheeks of Dumbo. So I got out of bed, went to the toilet and looked at myself in the mirror. I had two big round patches on my face. Rashes. I must've been allergic to something in the mask.

I let out a "Fuuuuucccckkk"... then I went to wake Princess to show it to her. The first few seconds that she began to wake she mumbled a "Huh??? Wha????" which actually meant "THE HOUSE HAD BETTER BE ON FIRE... OR IMMA KEEL YOU FOR WAKING ME UP FAT MAN!!!".

Then when she saw my face she went all "Ohhhh..... noooo.... I'm so sorry baby".

I looked at her with the most pitiful face I could make and said "It's itchy..."

She then cuddled me to sleep.

The next morning it got a lot better but I still look like I had rosey cheeks.

And it was still itchy.

Fortunately by the end of the day it had began to really clear out.

So no more masks for me... ever!


Joshualaw said...

Nowadays, guy also need some basic facial beauty..for girls to see! ;) If want use mask, try use skinfood (korean product)'s made up from food, something like shouldn't be allergic to your

Accyee said...

red cheeks cute what!! use women masks! more delicate, sure one :)

Star Sky said...

Not a really bad experience since your Princess is always there for you. :)

radical85 said...

"You don't wanna know how the chicken died before it got to the bucket right?" LOL I like the way you put it.

I did that with my gf too, thank god I didn't get allergy reaction like you did.

Gypsy On The Move said...

I REALLY was trying VERY hard to suppress my laughter regarding the whole mask incident. *Seriously Boss. you have to trust me* But i couldn't and I ended up laughing a little too loud...*Fail Case*
But but, looking at the bright side, you have Princess with you.. =D

Boss Stewie said...

joshua: hehehe no more skin products for me! no more!

accyee: hahaa no moree!

star sky: yes good thing she was around

radical: haha lucky you!

gypsy: hahaha at least my suffering made someone laugh

KY said...

at least the mask didn't take out your mole!

Hayley said...

Oh no! but at least your face is alright now right? my friend did have the similar experience like yours and he needed to consult the doctor right after the mask session.. serious huh?

Yannie said...

I have quick tips to share with you how to reduce the redness, itchy, swollen and allergy. Wash your face immediately with only ice water. Please don't use warm water, warm water is to oily skin, for sensitive skin is good to go for ice or cold water.

Vy said...


Wah, you face / skin so sensitive one?
Hmm...that means no facials too, huh?

choco said...

Eh, reminds me of the time I waxed my legs with some wax I chucked at the bottom of my drawer. The next day, I had hives all over my legs. Both legs some more T___T

Don't give up hope on masks, since you have sensitive skin try using an aloe mask next time instead or a water based one. haha.

And to relieve the itching/pain, just apply calamine lotion. If you don't want to go around looking like you put foundation, put calamine on your face at night before bed and after bath. And don't use warm water when washing your face for now. In the mornings, can apply some aloe lotion.

And most important - don't scratch. -_-

ariel said...

Oh noes!

Maybe you're just sensitive to that particular one (or mebe it's too strong. :S)

I get my bf to use some masks sometimes. Beauty Diary Mask is alright. ;)

Jason Lioh said...

LMAO. Next time stick to Biore Men's facial wash will do. :P

six said...

okay, no more mask for me too.

jazmint said...

ehh, why u so manja one??

michleong said...

Saw you today. And it looks perfectly fine (with not much lighting). lol. MAybe get another brand. The mask brand that you used, probably have something that you're allegic too. lol. I used it once. Cannot tahan lie down there without moving my head for 15-20 minutes. lol

WP said...

hahahaha... sorry to hear about it :)

Matjoe said...

hahaha, funny stuff. 2 events that F your life

nice to see you in person at astro blogger night. didn't get a chance to take the picture with the nuffnang tauke, coz i saw you bz talking at that time.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Haha the rashes made you looks like you put on Princess's make up =D

Huai Bin said...

Haha! I heard about your mask disaster. No worries mate it'll go away. :)

How Jun said...

My Gf had upgraded from asking me to do mask to apply toner etc etc etc...Feels like soon I'll become her sister. Lol. After listening to her and trying, I feel that masking really feels nice. Maybe you got the wrong brand.

JD said...

Wah bossstewie, you had quite the sensitive skin. But I guess it happens once in while.

vialentino said...

yeah...i hate mask too...esp when my wife did mask on me...gosh...not used to it and itchy lah...