Saturday, January 23, 2010

Malaysia Boleh!

Today was the day I finally decided to renew my passport. My passport was due to expire end of this year and since I know I'm going to be traveling quite a lot for work this year, I thought I'd get it done. Man I really have a really busy travel schedule ahead of me.

For starters, next weekend I'm going to Kuching for a Project Alpha shoot. Then right after Kuching I'm heading to London for another leg of the shoot. That's right, Project Alpha Season 2 has started production and is due out in April.

Adidas remains as the main sponsor with P1 and Malaysia Airlines as the other sponsors. If you'd like to keep track of the coming developments, join our Facebook fan page here.

The Nuffnang and Kyanite crew have all been busy updating the page with photos of the filming sets and stuff like that aside from the other stuff they have to do.

Anyway, after I'm back from London I head back to Penang for Chinese New Year. Then a few weeks later I'm off to Manila to visit our Nuffnang Philippines office. After Philippines, I'm off to Melbourne to visit the Nuffnang Australia office. Then after all that is over, I'm supposed to follow Princess to the USA for her bro's graduation and then to Bahrain for Hasan's wedding.

That's right... my buddy Hasan is getting married!

You guys remember Hasan right?
Heck I'm going to be traveling so much the next few months it's going to be so tiring. So I've been trying to cut the traveling down a little bit. Was invited to give a talk in Jakarta end of February but decided not to stretch it.

So back to my passport. I went to get it renewed today and man was it done efficiently.

First off, you don't really have to take a number and queue anymore. All you have to do is go to the kiosks they have right outside the immigration office and follow the very simple instructions. You have to do stuff like insert your IC, give your thumb print, pay for your passport and then drop your new passport photos, a photocopy of your IC and your old passport into it.

You can pick it up two hours later. When I went to pick it up later in the afternoon, all I had to do was pick a number and wait for 5 minutes before I could collect my brand new passport.

That was it! I think all it took was something like 10-15 minutes just to get the whole thing done! (not counting the 2 hours it takes to get your passport ready because you can actually go have lunch or do something else and come back later to get it).

Man I was impressed. I told the immigration officer at the collection point that I thought they were very very efficient and he gave me a big smile. I've heard so much about the immigration office being efficient. Nice to experience it first hand.

I'm going to end this entry with a picture that shows how some Nuffies work in the Nuffnang Office. This is a picture of David talking on the phone with a client... walrus-style.

And you know what, I've seen weirder positions from some of the other Nuffies. So if you're on the phone with anyone in the Nuffnang offices, there's a chance that person might be talking to you in some Kung-Fu position instead of just sitting at a table.

Have a great weekend everyone!


CLF said...

yep, last time I had my passport renewed all in just an hour! not by the kiosk but manual labour.
good job JIM!

electronicfly said...

Wooo! Do give my best wishes to Hasan. :D

and are you going to go get duck while in London? hehehehe

Joshualaw said... are busy flying here and there so frequently! I think later on you're sure hate travelling with airplane...feeling 'sien'

p/s: The last pic is sooo epic!!!

ahlost said...

Wow.. the JIM there is so efficient.

My bro did his last month and we saw notice saying it could be collected in 2 hours time. But the officer told him to go back the next day :(

But then, one day is also good enough lar. :D

Stella said...

JIM is efficient!
I look in disbelief when my friends in HK tell me it takes weeks to get theirs!
Malaysia pasti boleh! :)

Terence said...

no fair! i had to wait an entire hour just for my turn when i had to replace my IC!

linsey said...

so familiar that girl ;p

Boss Stewie said...

clf: yeah that's pretty quick too!

electronic: oh most definitely. won't miss the duck

joshua: hehehe yeah it gets quite tiring after a while

ahlost: yah one day is still pretty good. just as long as you don't have to spend the whole day waiting there in the waiting room and can come back the folloing day

stella: wow i always thought everything in hk would be very quick. they're very efficient.

terence: oh i'm not sure about IC. haven't tried that yet

linsey: yeah! where has she been!

Unknown said...

not fair.. u get to go to kuching.. i wan to go.. haha..

and it's not really a great time to come to london.. too cold.. lol..

joegrimjow said...

Heading to london dont forget to drop at sheffield :$

dreckker said...

coming to Kuching eh?? so are you u gonna have time to meet up with some Kuching bloggers??

Matjoe said...

wow, malaysia memang boleh

i thougt someone is doing renovation or something, it's actually someone talking on the phone. talk about walrus, i cant help but to think of furung jiejie

Barry said...


Super Gentleman said...

Yah yah... Able to meet up?? Didn't know dreckker read Timothy as well... =D

How Jun said...

In Penang we had to wait for 15 min in the queue but it's still short for me. I must say though, they've improved!

Vy said...

I want to travel like that too...