Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nuffnang Samsung Corby Carnival Day

Last weekend we had a Nuffnang event that was a little different from the ones we've had in the past. Most Nuffnang events were parties, movie-screenings or meet up sessions. All indoor.

The Nuffnang Samsung Corby Carnival Day we had last Saturday though... was OUTDOOR!

In conjunction with their new phone (the Samsung Corby that lets you change the backing of your phone to all sorts of different colours) we decided to have an outdoor challenge between 4 teams of Nuffnangers, each to represent a different colour.

About 100 Nuffnangers or so were split into 4 teams represented by 4 colours (orange, yellow, pink and white). Then they were put together to compete in things like tug-of-war, rock climbin and even paintballing. I didn't get to join myself but it was soo fun just to watch.

I took plenty of pictures and videos that day so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

1) Everyone sitting down at the briefing for the day. Right before they all changed into their team t-shirts.

2) Princess just before she changed into her yellow team shirt.

3) Princess right after she changed. The shirt looked so big on her it looked like a dress.

4) Tug-of-war match between yellow and orange. It was done on water so the losing team would be dragged into the water.

I love watching Tug-of-war. If you look closely at the yellow team you'll see a very small figure somewhere in the middle. That's Princess. Don't know how much she helped when it came to pulling the weight but ... well... maybe she helped with the moral support.

Took a video of the tug-of-war match but had so much trouble uploading it on YouTube. Was so funny watching one team pull the other team into the water.

5) After the tug-of-war, everyone regrouped to go for..

6) Rock-climbing!

The teams had to take turns to go up the wall and grab a balloon each.

7) It was right next to the reverse bungee.

Man that is a ride I wouldn't want to be on.

I mean I love rollercoasters and all but being tossed into the air is a whole other thing altogether.

If you want to see what it's like, watch this video I took of it.

8) The last activity for the day was a paintball match between the teams.

9) Caught a picture of some of the Nuffies talking. One thing I notice is that some of the Nuffies use a lot of hand gestures when they talk.

Just like Christy here....

and Pinky here....

and Christy here again.

I have no idea what they were saying but everyone else seemed to be pretty intrigued.

10) A picture with some of the Nuffies there that day.

They were all showing off their blackened hands that they got from climbing up the back of the rock wall to place the balloons for the rock climbers to retrieve.

From left: Tim2, Christy, Xinxian, Pinky, Me, Michelle, Jestina, Yuen Yee.

11) Here's Ker Loon. One of the people who we worked with to bring this event around.

12) Happened to see this group of people at the wave pool standing right in front of the water jet coming out of the lion's mouth.

Some were massaging their backs

and some like this woman here looked like she was water massaging her butt.

Looks damn comfy. Man I gotta try that some day.

13) The Samsung Corby prizes.

The winning team (which turned out to be orange) won each a new Samsung Corby. There are supposed to be 25 in each team so that's like 25 phones that Samsung gave away that day to Nuffnangers!

Naturally team orange couldn't contain their excitement.

In second place was Yellow team who won RM2,500 in cash for the whole team which worked out to be about RM100 each.

14) And here's a picture of the Nuffies who were there to put the event together that night.

Thanks for putting everything together Nuffies. And of course, thanks for the fun day Samsung.


WP said...

BURP!!! nice

Jacquelyn Ho said...

i still rmbred that u, robb, liang made fun of audrey when u guys knew she was joining lol >.<

i want the phoneeeeeeeee. sobs. was so close of winning it lorr

Unknown said...

can't wait for the next BIG event. gotta have to miss this one out because my exams. Shucks!

KY said...

pinky looked so serious!

JD said...

Wow, 25 phones, that's a lot! Gotta try that AJ Hackett thingy soon.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Audrey look so cute in the big T-Shirt =D

Nikel Khor said...

is fun...

from Nikel Khor

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

That's was really fun. Enjoy it so much~!!!

colorcoatedchocolatecraze said...

christy here..

we were talking about extreme rides in melb that are kindda like the bungee ride..

Kancilbiru said...

audrey is so comel in the yellow "dress"...:)

JAI said...

Hi Jai here,

Thanks for the event and congrats for the succes of the event..should make it an annual event bro....

goingkookies said...

audrey looks as adorable as always!!

looked like a super fun event!!

kAhYe3 said...

sad, i miss that bcoz unable to check my mails on time! really fml!