Sunday, January 17, 2010

One of those days....

Have you guys ever had one of those days where you were rushing somewhere and all sorts of things that don't normally come into your life suddenly appear to slow you down. You know like a big truck on the road or something.

Well today I was supposed to meet Pierre and Lay See for lunch at Papa Rich in Bangsar. It was supposed to be at 12.30PM so I ended up leaving my place about 12.00PM or so. 20 minutes is all you really needed to get to Bangsar from my place.

Man it was one of those car journeys where everything was going wrong.

1) It first started with me taking a wrong turn. Instead of making a U-Turn at the Pudu traffic light then head to Bangsar through Jalan Parlimen, I went straight towards Petaling Street. I don't know why I did that. I was headed to a longer and more jammed way to Bangsar.

2) So I was forced to go through Brickfields where there were somehow busses stopping everywhere taking up half the road and creating bottlenecks.

3) I was forced to stop at every traffic light. I nearly made it across for one of the traffic lights but this really slow car in front of me took its time and true enough was fast enough just to make the light but slow enough to be the last car to make the light (leaving me behind... asshole).

4) When I finally got to Bangsar there was a long line of cars turning into Telawi. Seeing that I wasn't going to get any roadside parking I made my journey to the Bangsar Village 2 car park.

5) Again... there was a long line of cars inside the car park. All waiting for each other to park one by one. Plus you had one particular car that took an amazingly long time just to reverse park into a lot. I started tapping on my steering wheel impatiently.

6) Finally I found a spot and I tried to reverse it, only to realize later on that by the time I reversed in I couldn't open my driver's door in spite of me being so close to the pillar on the other side of my car. The reason: The asshole who was parked next to me was parked on one and a quarter lot. The extra quarter of a lot coming from the lot I was in.

7) So I had to give up on that lot and find another lot somewhere else.

8) After I parked my car I raced upstairs only to be stopped by a group of people at an escalator happily standing there and talking leisurely. Now I could've gone passed them and climbed up the escalator but there were a few of them there so I didn't want to be a pain.

9) So I waited... and waited... and when I reached the top of the escalator I dashed passed the group of people who were blocking me.

10) Got to Papa Rich and saw Princess there waiting for me. She told me that Pierre and Lay See were waiting upstairs so we climbed up the stairs to see Pierre and Lay See at the other end of the room waving at us.

11) It was 1.00PM. We were unfashionably half an hour late! But our long journey of constant red lights and things in the way was finally over.... at least that's what I thought.

12) While we were walking towards Pierre through the narrow spaces between the other tables, a grandma came in front of us and was walking in the same direction. So we respectfully waited for the grandma to take her time and get where she needed to go before we quickly walked over to Pierre's.

One hour, to get from the city to Bangsar on a Sunday when most roads are empty (except Brickfields).

Man it was one of those days...

Fortunately Pierre and Lay See were nice and didn't give us a lecture. I bought lunch in return.

Ok bed time for me guys. Gotta catch a flight to Singapore for work tomorrow.


fourfeetnine said...

no comments! how can this be!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's one hell of a list. Things surely can go wrong anytime, anywhere eh?
Hahaha (:

Louis Yap said...

we all have our days!

brickfields seems to always be jammed when i am there anyway.

you guys looked cute together at the corby event :)

Jwxwei said...

my mum and i were in kota damansara today and the jam was crazy! We wanted to visit ikea but ended up looking for parking for 45mins (ikea, ikano and the curve were all full ._.)

so we had to park in tesco and when we finally found a parking this woman took it instead =__= Luckily we found another one few minutes later

Later on when we were about to leave the ticket machine didn't accept the paid ticket. So we went to another and THIS ONE ATE THE TICKET!

Fortunately, there weren't any cars behind us and one of the guards finally came to help us -_-

Jessying said...

Yes "one of those day" situation makes u really wanted to shout I beh tahan already !!!

Boss Stewie said...

fourfeetnine: haha thank u for the first comment baby

jas; yeah man... murphy's law!

louis: thank you dude... hope you had fun at the event

jwxwei: hahahah sounds like you had a day almost like mine!

jessying: yah.. and all the bad things happen at the same time too right

Matjoe said...

one of those days *sighh*

u should by yourself a superbike. easy to cilok, u-turn, park. princess will be happy too i think

JD said...

It's just one of those days, but tomorrow is another day. So let the bygones be bygones!

Chopstick said...

i get those days quite often. it's really annoying and you feel like the whole world is against you from doing that one thing that you really need to do! *die*

niss.. said...

its jus one day la tim, c'mon u should be happy that u arrive in paparich, one piece, happy, and no accidents. this is character building, you still survive the day.. CHILL Kay?

Ruby said...

omg! im also face the same problem yesterday... brickfield never empty... sigh..

How Jun said...

My god timothy, I tot being raised in Penang you'd have gotten used to the brainless bastard utilizing the path like it belonged to them alone. At least you face it only on a sunday. Imagine I have to face that every single god damn day!

Unknown said... feels so good reading your post because i always thought im alone. Now i know that you have "one of those days" too.

The only difference is that almost all my days are one of those days. Im notoriously known as the "parking legend". Simply because wherever i go, there will be no parking until i park my car farrrrr away and start walking to the destination only to see an empty lot right in front! Always happens!

Nikel Khor said...

more way to go all is jam

Nikel Khor

Jessie Ooi said...

sounds familiar... but often i find it has a reason to it and eventually everything actually fell in the right picture...