Monday, April 05, 2010

Capella at Sentosa

Announcement: From this entry on I have decided that I will refer to Princess now as "My Hello Kitty".

Which Hello kitty?

This Hello Kitty.
Okay good that we've gotten that straightened out now on to my entry.

While we were in Sentosa a couple of weekends ago, Ming put us up at Capella. Ming didn't want to raise our expectations so all he did was say that it was "nice". It was of course a lot more than nice.

The frontage of the hotel is a colonial style building but right behind it is this beautiful modern looking resort.

With a beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the sea.

It's the kind of place where we each got a villa that looks like this.

When you first walk into the villa, you walk into a beautiful living room like this that just makes you hold your breath.

The curtains automatically open when you walk in and you hear classical music play in the background.

My Hello Kitty was quick to get comfortable.

In the next room, there is the bedroom.

And then a beautiful bathroom. What My Hello Kitty calls her "Dream bathroom" mainly because it was big and had separate sinks for a he and a she.

This is the one My Hello Kitty was using (which was packed with her make-up stuff later in the day).

And this is the one I was using (which wasn't much different from how it looked like later in the day).

For people who like to bathe in the open Tarzan-style, there is an outdoor shower and an outdoor bathtub to soak in too.

Then when you open the sliding doors leading to outside, you're met with a small pool and nice long chairs to rest on.

If I had more time at Capella you would've seen me wasting away many hours like this.

My Hello Kitty made it a point to dip in the pool. At least halfway.

It was luxurious but the beauty of it comes from the little small details they think of.

For example, on the nightstand beside the bed there is a drawer you can open that pulls up an LCD screen.

From this LCD screen touch screen you can control everything in the room from the lights, to the air-con and even set certain light scenes.

Like if I'm in the mood to be romantic I can push a button and the lights will dim to just the right level.

Then there are other things. Like how both in the living room and the bedroom there was a Bose sound system playing nice soothing classical music all the time.

Or even the toiletries they supply each room in these little bags with all you need. Everything from a toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste... you name it.

Or even the simplest things like the power plugs for you to charge your phones all neatly packed in a small box.

In the living room there's a really expensive looking coffee machine on a pantry that has everything from soft drinks to a bottle of wine.

All complimentary.

Being at Capella was like a total escape out of Singapore. It didn't feel like Singapore at all. Just felt like you were in this really relaxing place.

Imagine living in a place like this. This is My Hello Kitty and I dressed up right before dinner.

And after dinner we come back to a place like this.

Life like that... is good.

If only every day was just like this :)

Too bad I can't afford it. Don't ask how much. Ming's condition for putting us all up was that we don't ever talk about how much it cost and just enjoy ourselves.

Thank you for the great treat Ming.


Constance Ant said...

very atas punya hotel! so nice!

Isley Chang~ said...

omg...i wish can escape to that place too..

KY said...

why were u sitting on a lawn chair with shoes and jeans?!

Boss Stewie said...

annant: yah it was really nice hehe.

isley: yah.... it's really nais... not too far away from home though so you can always go whenever you feel like it

ky; hahaha i was just posing.... didn't have time to properly chill there

Strawberry Love said...

One word: AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Ahh.. Wish to go there one day~ Or own at house like that!

Melanie said...

Life like this is like a beautiful piano piece. :D

Boss Stewie said...

li ean: yeah... we can all save up to go :) it's nicer in real life than it is in pics. I'm just a bad photographer

jackson: yeah.. owning a place like that would be... epic!

melanie: awww i like the way u describe it.... a beautiful piano piece

JD said...

The place looks great! Hmm, still wondering how much it's going to cost.

Lisa! said...

I like Ming, He sounds like a guy who really like living life to the fullest! :P Haha!

Glad you had an awesome vacation! :D

Matjoe said...

super nice. you should own 1 one day

Boss Stewie said...

jd: hahaha it costs a little too much for me to be able to go again

lisa: yeah he is.. really lives life to the fullest!

matjoe:yahh! i wish haha

Hui Yi said...

Wao.. nice place

iamthewitch said...

This is beyond five-star! Very posh and elegant. Love the LCD in the drawer.. perfect for lazy people like me! LOL!

rumtum tigger said...

very nice hotel!! :D
OMG they have Nespresso?? that thing is like so expensive!! lol

Boss Stewie said...

jd: haha don't ask!

lisa: yes he really does live life to the fullest..

matjoe: i wish

iam: hahaha yeah perfect for lazy people like me too!

rum: is it? wow.. great place to stay then huh

MaN|acZ said...

since you have private pool, did u try skinny dip?


Wilson J Q Quah said...

Boss this is so high crass

Huai Bin said...

Aha! So this is the place. It looks...breathtaking. Very impressive.

Susan said...

OMG! Cool place... it's like home away from home ;-)