Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My New TV!!!

I've been thinking about it for soooo long!

So long I tell you! I used to play XBOX and watch all my movies on my old boxy TV at home

until of course I had some friends start telling me that playing XBOX on a proper LCD HD TV is a whole new experience altogether.

Still.. I didn't buy it right there and then. It's a heavy commitment. So I thought about it for a full month until Mike (Xiaxue's bf) one day finally pushed me over and convinced me to buy one. What he said was that he was having the same dilemma as I was before he bought his LCD TV.... and now that he has, the only regret he has was not buying it earlier than he did.

Of course Boss Ming's tweet reply to me the other day as well helped egg me on.

So well... I went shopping with my Dad (who was visiting from Penang) yesterday. We went to lots and lots of different places to look at TVs. We even went to this shop in Low Yat that claimed they had the lowest prices. The sales guy went to the extent of showing us a piece of paper with prices on it and saying that the price he was quoting us was already at cost. I didn't believe it of course. Why would you sell a new product at cost?

We eventually ended up at Harvey Norman in Pavilion. There this salesman starting telling us all about what TVs to get and he was pushing this particular LG model really really hard. The 47-inch LCD TV came free with a home theater system and a DVD player all for RM7,299.

I compared it with the other brands in Harvey Norman and they all cost about the same or more (without the DVD player and home theater system). So my Dad immediately said "Son... buy this... it's value for money".

And like a good son I did... along with what could've been my life savings. (Then again LG ran a Nuffnang campaign to push its Scarlet campaigns some time back so okay I'm just returning the favour).

One day later, my new TV arrived!!!

Along with my home theater system.

My living room looks a bit more equipped now.

And my XBOX games... look a lot more fun to play.

I'm so happy with my new TV (at least until my credit card bill comes). My only regret is that I wish I could've gotten a bigger one. Like a 50-inch but they didn't have a 50 inch LCD TV. It was either 47 or 55 so oh well.. 47 it is.


Now off to watch Ugly Betty on it with My Hello Kitty!


electronicfly said...


quite a good price leh, RM7k plus for a whole package. LG somore.

Ray said...

Mass Effect 2 really looks good on it! You should not have torture yourself with that boxy tv~ You only got 1 life to live!

xes said...

will get one too when I have the money to spare! hehe!

michleong said...

Woah! Nice tv! Your eyes will be stick on the tv from now on. ahhaha

Tim said...

Eh boss is that Mass Effect 2 or 1?

Isley Chang~ said...

wow~ watching the upcoming fifa world cup will be great!

KY said...

ugly better? oooOO


Tim...i want that old boxy TV (for free)=p.. since u already get the new one....haha..social welfare from captain nuff!!haha

Melanie said...

When my dad bought a new LCD tv, he made me carry the old boxy tv to the store room with him! I almost died carrying it! Lol.

And.. Ugly Better??

Jun King (JK) said...

tim, now you can read Mass Effect 2 text without a microscope on your boxy TV!

Unknown said...

Good price!

And unfortunately Ugly Betty has been cancelled :(

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: hehehe yeah quite okay right hte price... yay

ray: hahaha yes yes.. so that's why i decided to buy it. plus now i plugged in my xbox to my home theater system. when i shoot my sniper rifle... gosh it's like an earthquake in the house

xes: yah i blew off a big chunk of my savings on this

mich: yes! totally man! have been glued to it since then

tim: mass effect 2. not bad actually

isley: hahaha yes.. totally!

ky: whooops i meant to say ugly betty

hafiz: my dad decided to take back that tv to our home in penang

melanie: yeah our tv was really heavy too. nearly died.

junking: yeah! at first i cannot read man...

su ann: yeah i heard.. sniff

erin: heh thank u erin :)

Unknown said...

aiseh bro...i bought a 40inch LCD TV from Samsung for RM2899 like 6 months back. Add in another RM1199 for the Pioneer home theater system with DVD player. Only about RM4098. Dun think ur deal is that good la bro.

Next time better look around first. Never believe a salesperson :P

Unknown said...

wahhhh best nih tgk astro beyond lagi best nih

Matjoe said...

that bossming is sure know how to racun your brain.

anyway, enjoy your new toy

~~haha~~ said...

time to get astro b.yond then!

Patresa said...

Hubby and I planning for a new tv and home theatre too ... we don't have a tv at our new home ! ..... Have to prepare for world cup oooooo~

Patresa said...

Hubby and I planning for a new tv and home theatre too ... we don't have a tv at our new home ! ..... Have to prepare for world cup oooooo~

Patresa said...

Hubby and I planning for a new tv and home theatre too ... we don't have a tv at our new home ! ..... Have to prepare for world cup oooooo~