Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Alpha Press Conference & Blogger Launch

Thursday last week was probably the most exciting day I've had in the past few months. It was the day of our Press Conference & Blogger Launch for Project Alpha Season 2. The Press Conference was held in the morning and the Blogger Launch at night.

Both launches were meant to unveil the trailer of Project Alpha Season 2. That's right everyone, after months of filming, editing and hard work... Project Alpha Season 2 is coming out in a couple of weeks (19th April 2010 to be exact).

Here are some pictures from the day.

1) Mike and I in front of the backdrop at the Press Conference.

2) Here's a picture of all of us with our sponsors on stage answering questions from the press.

From left: Wai Fong from MAS, Jojo Struys, Sam from Adidas Action 3 (Starasia), Idham from P1 and me *shy*.

I was told by journalist Niki Cheong that in many Press Conferences when it comes to Q&A time, the journalists don't normally ask a lot of questions. This time though they asked some really really good questions!

We've had the best sponsors to work with. Seriously. You know how it's like right, putting together a production like that is sooo much work but the whole gargantuan task is made easier when you have really smart and really good people to work with. Our sponsors were all great partners to have. I feel so blessed to have them on board.

After every Press Conference I always worry about whether we answer questions good enough but lots of people told me later that we all answered them really well together as a team.

3) Speaking of Niki Cheong, here's a picture of him and two other Project Alpha Season 2 bloggers: Ninie and KY.

4) We had food after the Press Conference.

They had really good Nasi Lemak there. Ninie was secretly whacking some 30 plates of Nasi Lemak there. Haha don't think we didn't notice Ninie!

5) I like how some of the sponsors decorated the place.

Like this floor vinyl thingy done by Adidas Action 3.

It went on to very very far. I think you have to really be there to see its real-life effect of it but it was just... simple yet caught your attention instantly.

After the Press Conference I went off to run some errands, head back to the office and then back again that night for the blogger's launch.

6) There was quite a crowd. Some 150-200 or so Nuffnangers were there to meet the Project Alpha Season 2 bloggers.

At first everyone started shy but as the night went on, more and more Nuffnangers went to take pictures with all the bloggers there. There was actually a freaking queue to take pictures with Xiaxue.

Took loads of pictures with all the Nuffnangers there!

7) All a fun bunch! I love Nuffnangers! They're always so friendly and fun to hang out with.

8) Here's me, Azwan Ali and Michael (the director of the show).

9) I like how each Project Alpha blogger had there own buntings with their pictures on it.

Love the photos they took at the photoshoot. Really nice. If you want to see the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot, click here.

10) Here I am with Niki Cheong, KY, Kimcun and Shaolintiger.

11) My Hello Kitty and me with Xiaxue

12) Xiaxue sitting on Mike's lap!

Probably tired from all the photo-taking she did. If you haven't caught on yet, Xiaxue is actually a guest blogger featured in Project Alpha Season 2.

13) Here's some of us Nuffies with Azwan Ali.

Azwan Ali is some Star man! So many bloggers were all taking turns to take pictures with him. So when we all saw the opening to, we just jumped in to grab a picture for ourselves.

14) Apart from a simple dinner that night for people to mingle with other bloggers and the Project Alpha Stars, Rimmel London also set up a little make-up booth for anyone who wanted to have some make-up done and look all glamourous and all.

15) My Hello Kitty couldn't resist it as usual so she quickly hopped on an empty spot to get it done.

16) Picture of me and Cynthia Seow.

17) If you haven't heard of Cynthia yet, she's from P1 and one of the people we work very closely with for Project Alpha Season 2

Meeting Cynthia was a funny story. When I first met her in a meeting room at P1, she came in wearing this really big towering jacket that made her look very intimidating. I was thinking to myself that this lady looks very very fierce and is gonna keel us. I commented on the jacket and she just laughed and said she was just cold.

Many months on, she turned out to be a really really fun person in real life. Very into social media and very active in 4sq! Always got higher points than me no matter how many check-ins I do. So far... almost a year in and we still haven't kena any big scolding from Cynthia yet.... she has however laughed a lot with us in that time. We all love Cynthia (we love you too Kenny! Don't worry).

18) This is a picture of My Hello Kitty and Shaolintiger.

Shaolintiger was trying to prove quite successfully that even on his knees he was the height of My Hello Kitty.

19) And finally, a picture here with me and some of the Nuffies.

I'm going to end this post now with the trailer of Project Alpha Season 2 that we aired that day.

Everyone, here it is.

I'm so excited to watch it when it comes out on the 19th of April. If you want to follow the developments of Project Alpha Season 2 until then, follow us on our Facebook fan page here.

To the sponsors: Adidas Action 3, P1 and MAS, thank you for supporting this program.

To the people who worked with us for this project: Julia, Sam, Margaret, Idham, Kenny, Cynthia, Wai Fong, Salina, Michael, Jojo, Tony, David, Xinxian and anyone I missed out... you know who you are.. Thank you for making this dream come true for us.


Lisa! said...

Yay! I can't wait.
My only issue with Project Alpha is honestly that horrid song at the beginning of each clip.

Its one of those songs, so horrible yet so catchy. :P


Good Luck with all :D

Joshualaw said...

No worries, are doing great! ;)

Boss Stewie said...

lisa: hahaha i actually like the song. crazy by ash nair :)

joshua: thanks a lot man!

KY said...

ooo ninie's leg on that pic make it look so scandalous!

Boss Stewie said...

ky: hahaha i didn't notice that!

Cayenne said...

awww.. =) we should really hangout more often.XD

Matjoe said...

That's awesome man. I feel so special to have glitterati status and inveted to the laucnh

Nikel Khor said... awesome show tat nite

-@dr!an- said...

hey is cool to meet u in person..
should hang out more often

~aSstHa~ said...

awww... shucks... i so so so wanted to take a piccie with Xiaxue... but i was shy...

n aso maximum fail as a blogger cos i din bring my camera to d launch cos i cudn't find it so a bit d paiseh wanna ask u all 2 take piccies wit me using my fren's mobile (both my mobile phones are useless wen it comes to pictures)... n aso i tink ard dat time i sneaked away for a quick shop... :P

Boss Stewie said...

cayenne: hahaha yeah we should. meet up at more nuffnang events :)

matjoe: aww that's great to know :)

nikel: great that you enjoyed yourself :)

adrian: hahaha definitely! pleasure to meet u too dude

asstha: hahaa you should have asked the official photographer or something to help you take a picture

michleong said...

Can't believe I missed that..! =(

RedButtockz Wern said...

aiks, got hidden behind you :(