Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2!

Hey Guys,

This week is the first week that Project Alpha Season 2 has been launched (thanks to Adidas Action 3, P1 Wimax and MAS).

For all those who have missed the first few episodes.

Here's the trailer.

Episode 1 - Where we all fly to Kuching to see Kennysia and his gym.

Episode 2 where Jojo runs into some immigration problems arriving at Kuching. I learned something new that trip. Did you know that Sarawak has its own immigration laws? So even if you're a Malaysian citizen that lives in West Malaysia, you need a Visa to enter East Malaysia?

And the Visa doesn't allow you to work and you have to leave in 3 months or something. Jojo on the other hand is Singaporean so in this episode she gets stuck at immigration. For a minute there I thought that she was going to be sent off back to KL but I won't spoil it for you.

Episode 3 - This is my favourite of the newer episodes. All the bloggers at Kenny's gym doing this dancing exercise class. I thought My Hello Kitty looked so cute.

Episode 4 where we're asked stuff about the bloggers featured in Project Alpha Season 2.

And Episode 5 which was just out today.

Have a great weekend guys!

To catch the rest of the episodes as they come out, click here.


Genova said...

happy weekend boss.

Unknown said...

something different in PA2. i like!

Boss Stewie said...

genova: happy weekend :)

dylan: really? what do u like about it

KY said...

am waiting for more!!!