Monday, April 19, 2010

Raving Rabbids

We were at Karen's house warming last Saturday and I played Raving Rabbids for the first time. Man that has got to the be most fun Wii Party game ever!

Check out My Hello Kitty and Jestina playing. Both shaking the remotes.

It's basically about these few Rabbids (which you control) that go around the world doing everything from taking photos in a photobooth to washing laundry. Only that it's a lot more fun that it sounds.

Plus it really helps that the Rabbids are really really freaking cute. My Hello Kitty has been immitating them ever since we saw them on the screen.

Let me show you how cute.

Here is the laundry challenge

And here is the office challenge where you're supposed to make as much noise as possible until the boss comes. Once the boss spot check you're supposed to act all innocent and at work.

Hmm... I wonder if the Nuffies are like that in the office too.

Most fun Wii game evah!!


fourfeetnine said...

*scrubs clothes

*holds up clothes


*tosses over shoulder

electronicfly said...

raving rabbids! funnest everrrrrr

sarah said...

omg dis game is so freaking tiring..especially the ones where you have to shake your hands up and down..There's one easy one though..the one where you talk on the phone in the cinema and the guard will come and check at times..

The one I suck the most is where you have to swing from building to avoid game is very fun rite!

uzhe said...

there's this one where you throw stuff at your teacher and then you try to accuse someone else when the teacher turns around.

Isley Chang~ said...

this game is too over cute. i guess not suitable for me.

vic said...

ooh then I guess your Hello Kitty would like the DS Raving Rabbids too :D

Mummy to A said...

yup this game is FUUUUNNNN! there are rabbids 1 and 2. You should try them both :D My sis and I also kept "RAWWWWRRRR-ing" after playing this game and even my parents love this game!

There was this one time where I sprained my back and my parents playfully chided me, "Do too much laundry la! now cannot har!" (For the uninformed, the "laundry" here refers to the rabbids game)

major -_-"!

Mummy to A said...

fourfeetnine: don't scrub for too long! else you'll get torn clothes :P

tracy said...

it's my fav wii game too!! and i finished it in just 1 month coz it's super addicted!!