Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stewie the Mac Convert

I have been looking for a new laptop in the past 2 weeks.

My current 'old faithful' has been with me for more than two years and I thought it was time to move on, not because I was bugged by it being out of date but because it was getting too heavy for me to drag around.

I bought this Dell laptop when I was in the UK thinking that I wanted a huge but powerful laptop.

Since I only intended to carry it between my London flat and my home in Penang, the weight wasn't a problem for me.

But now that I'm out working on Netccentric, I find myself carrying my heavy laptop everywhere which is way too taxing on a fat man like me.

So I went and bought myself a Mac.I know what some of you are thinking
"WHAT!?!?! MAC?!?!"
Well I bought the Mac not because of the iPhone or any of Apple's immense branding power.

It's not even because the Mac comes with its own remote control.I bought it because I started thinking about all my previous computers.

Every time I buy a new computer, it would feel lightning fast... but sooner or later it will slow down and the next thing I know, the new computer would feel just as slow as the old computer does.

I'm sure we all know how it feels like to have Internet Explorer take 10 seconds just to start up when it took 2 seconds when it was brand new.Now the explanation that most people have given me for this situation is because of the Hard Drive more than the Operating System.

But my friends who use Mac always tell me that their computers almost never slow down so I decided to give it a shot, try a different Operating System for once.

When I think a Mac, I think of Hasan, one of my best friends back in my UCL days.

Hasan is very against the idea of a Mac so when I bought my Mac, I just HAD to tell him about it.

This is how our MSN conversation went.

Hasan says:

Stewie... says:
yes hasan

Stewie... says:


Stewie... says:

u're going to be so... not proud of me if i tell u what i'm doign right now

Hasan says:


Hasan says:

is it porn?

Stewie... says:


Hasan says:

is it gay porn?

Stewie... says:

i am setting up my new laptop

Hasan says:

gay porn on your new laptop?

Hasan says:

i expect that from you

Stewie... says:


Hasan says:

well, congratulations on a new laptop

Stewie... says:

Stewie... says:


Hasan says:

Hasan says:

gay porn with animals? with your head photoshopped in?

Hasan says:

on the animals?

Stewie... says:


Stewie... says:


Stewie... says:

my new laptop

Stewie... says:
is a mac

Hasan says:

Hasan says:

i disown you

Hasan says:

you are my timmy no longer!

Hasan says:

you've been lured by that iphon!

Hasan says:

that we won't even see for a year

Stewie... says:

Stewie... says:

i ordered it just a week before the iphone came out

And then I went on to ask him

Stewie... says:
come on

Stewie... says:

why do u hate mac

Hasan says:

i dunno

Hasan says:

i guess its just a historic revulsion

Hasan says:

to the traditional user of macs

Stewie... says:


Stewie... says:


Hasan says:

they were the true geeks

Hasan says:

the definiton of geeks

Stewie... says:

and bill gates wasn't

Hasan says:

Stewie... says:


Stewie... says:

bill gates was a jock in school

Stewie... says:

he played football

Stewie... says:

got drunk every night

Hasan says:


Hasan says:

now you're talking!

Either ways... I lurrrrveee my Mac (though I'm still trying to learn how to use it).

So here's a pic of me and my Mac
(Its "Me and My Mac" as far as I'm concerned... not "My Mac and I".)

Oh... and this blog entry... was written on my Mac.

MAC HOOoooO!!!!!

PS: Ok.. now give it to me... how many of you are going to stop reading my blog now that I blog from a Mac... HAHAHAHA


tasha said...



And uhm... it's "My Mac and I"

I don't care. I just need to say it.

Anyways... first!!

cely said...

so? does that make ur entry different ah by using mac?

mac is always designer stuff wo...

cely again said...

Oh.. mac and pc user always against each other... who knows u are going to ban us the pc user? instead of we quit reading ur blog...

kukujiao said...

i like mac!

e-Fei said...

cheh. to trust an apple to remember things. tsk tsk. but at least there's less viruses and stuff for macs out in the scary world wide web.

Boss Stewie said...

tasha: hahaha tasha

cely: mac is not designer stuff wor.. it doesn't cost any more than a laptop from other companies either

kukujiao: hehehe....

e-fei: well that's a plus point... one of my worries for it is that it's white!!! give it 2 months and it's keyboard is going to be soooo black

mae said...

wooo mac.. I LIKE!!!

belle said...

I AGREE mac users r geeky!!!
say no to mac!!! one of my fren said he wanna buy mac and yes he is a WEIRD f*** & 100% geeky.
boss i fear u..i know how hasan feels

Boss Stewie said...

mae: do u use a mac too?

belle: hahahaha!!!! yes.. so now i'm a fat geek

bunny said...

I like macs, they're much easier to use than pcs and everything just looks nicer. kakakaka.

Boss Lepton said...

i think mac is very user-friendly

still the mac osx is based on the unix operating system

I love my linux and I think i'm gonna stick with linux for quite sometime, it's frankly quite a learning experience

mac = too user-friendly = not geeky enough

it's just more fshionable

btw, the mac widget system is wicked and the look'n'feel of a mac is cool

still, nothing a linux can't do
it's after all designed by hackers, VIRUS FREe!!! HO!!!!

p.s. there's at least 1 known virus for mac

Boss Stewie said...

bunny: hahaha.. i'm still trying to get used to the mac

boss lepton: eh u shaddap!!! u're using linux ONLY because the mascot is a penguin... and u lurve penguins.. think i dunno? some more trying to bluff people say that linux is good for this and that bla bla bla

Hasan said...

This! This is the kind of user you're joining!

And Hussain too!

Goodbye Timmy,

Your soul is lost to us


earl-ku said...

one of the few reasons why mac are cool is that it does not have a registry, unlike a fucking windows ... so program managements are like so fucking easy ...

i like the glowing mac logo ...

belle said...

bosss! i din say anything hor! i din say FAT geek =PpPppp

Shireen K said...

mac is alright but it transports you to your own world.. and when you get back on track... vice versa to windows if you are damn blardy used to MAC....

i feel so retarded now.. after not using mac for the longest time....

arghh *fingers freeze.

LASTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and MAC ROCKS!!! IPHONE ROCKS!!!! IWANT!!!!


Shireen K said...

oh... nice legs.. Phweeett

Shireen K said...

and yes u're a b|tch for having a MAC... bet my bottom dollar you will get your hands on the iphone the soonest..

Boss Stewie said...

hasan: LOL!... where the hell did you find that picture

earl: but mac has a 'library' which is just their version of the registry

belle: but i know u meant it!!!

Anonymous said...

WABIANG EH.. i'm so the menjealous-ing now... In my humble opinion, Mac users are cool, although they are somewhat geeky and sometimes fat.

You, boss, seem to fit only one half of the bill. muahahahaahhaaha :p

jeez said...

hi stewie, i'm a mac user as well. i'm not sure what u heard abt mac(that it rarely slows down) is true or not, coz most of my friends using mac had to have their hard-drive replaced average within 1.5-2 yrs. mine broke down after 1.5yrs.

btw, since u r concerned dat ur keyboard might turn black, y not get the black mac. it has greater hard-drive capacity summmore.

Shireen K said...

err.. jeez is somewhat ..... adding salt to the wound.. i bet hassan is super duper happy now..

ahhh but what the heck stewie... you've got loads of cash....

yothemans said...

omg MAC?
good luck to your mac reliability.

i think you'll need a MAC version for CS2.

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: yes.. i do fit the fat part :P

shireen: yes.. jeez just burned a hole in my heart

jeez: noooooo!!!! my mac friends have been lying to me then!!!!! i bought the white one because i was thinking... for RM6K i could get either the one with a 120gb hard drive, or an upgrade to 2gb ram.. i decided the 2gb ram was better value for money so i went for that... and i didn't quite like the black colour one so much...

yothemans: :P well i might live to regret it.. ask me again in two months

-blake- said...

Boss Stewie poor konon. The BIG TUB of ice cream and now a Mac? Startup earning lots of money? Can I still buy shares?

Anonymous said...

boss stewie is just rich, start up or no startup. that would only add to the mountains he can afford to spend on haagen dazs while ppl like me eat Mat Kool.

now is this sour grapes i'm smelling? muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

boss stewie is just rich, start up or no startup. that would only add to the mountains he can afford to spend on haagen dazs while ppl like me eat Mat Kool.

now is this sour grapes i'm smelling? muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

boss stewie is just rich, start up or no startup. that would only add to the mountains he can afford to spend on haagen dazs while ppl like me eat Mat Kool.

now is this sour grapes i'm smelling? muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

oops. diok spam again. lousy blogger :p

Boss Stewie said...

blake: hahaha no lar... i had to change computers mah... old one getting old... i wouldn't suggest you buy shares in my leetle dotcom :P

suicidal: pls lar.. i am not rich ... i wish i were...

MaN|acZ said...

Say NO to MAC.


mae said...

No I'm not a Mac user.. Mac is for stylo kia like you Boss.. Haagen Daz also very stylo wan.. Me.. I'm not rich enuf to be stylo.. So I use PC. XD And Linux is niceee!! Penguins rock XP

sara said...

Mac is nice...i use it in school for movie editing...=]...good choice stewie...=]...!

Pinkfrog said...

Rawr!!! Mac users are so not geeky! What kind of stereotype is that? Haha...Anyway, I can pass to you a few CDs I'm not using like Microsoft Office, CS2 Suite and a few random apps.. Pirated software is available as well! Hehe... Going to get myself more soon...bwahahaha... About the hard drive thingy, Mac used to be legendary before it switched to SATA, but about the hard drive filling up and still running fast, I am so totally for that!! Woooot! My 4 year old iMac G4 still boots as fast as day one although there was 100MB left in the hard drive. It's a 1.0GHz with 256MB RAM but it could still run Capture One and Photoshop simultaneously while processing 100MB .tiff files. My current iMac is even faster! But it's best to keep 15% of the hard drive free for optimal usage on the Mac, filling it up wouldn't clog it up but the 15% will make it marginally faster.

Cheers boss! Happy Mac-ing!

Boss Lepton said...

Penguins Roxxers

End of story :P

Shireen K said...

i totally agree... stewie is just f*cking rich..... -period-

McGarmott said...

Man, what took you so long? Join the Mac club - most people never leave once they're in. Just ask around.

Was about to say, why not go for MacBook Pro ... then turns out most ppl here still have the misconception that Macs are more expensive than PCs and that buying a MacBook makes you 'rich' ... sigh ...

And oh, by the way, say goodbye to computer hangs and jams and viruses (... as well as about half the computer games you used to play on PCs).

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: HAHAHA... i knew that phrase sounded familiar...

mae: i'm not stylo mae... as much as i wish i were really rich.

sara: yes yes.. thank u :P beginning to like it already

pink:hahah that's brilliant!! good news for me! how come you don't use office and all?


shireen: i am not lar.. i wish i was though

mcgarmott: that was part of the reason why i never bought a mac before, because i played a lot of games but now i don't play anymore games so... mac it is.. i didnt buy a macbook cuz i wanted a small and light computer...

Shireen K said...

admit it....

last!!!! hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Chapree Da Grande said...

What? You said your Dell is heavy? What? Compare that to my Acer!

And you changed yours after two years? What? My Acer going to it's 3rd year this year. And you changed to a MAC? What? It's a sin. I despise you. XD

But that would not stopped me from visiting your blog :p

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the dark side....

Boss Stewie said...

shireen: if i 'admitted it'... i would be lying

chapree: hahahaha... my dell is heavy.. trust me... doesn't it look heavy

anonymous: Lol

mae said...

U lieeeeee!!! Ur richhhh!!! Probably living in a bigbig mansion on Hillside right!!! U know what gives it away? Ur "fatt tatt" mole. XD

William Leong said...


Boss Stewie said...

mae: i am not rich... i live in a medium cost apartment

william: LOL

bUttsH4k3r said...

i am not going to download a macword - msword converter, or buy all my games all over again.

i thought about it. i mean, i don't even play games that much, anymore.

but in the end, so mafan dowan la. next time hit the lottery, i can buy a mac and a pc - mac cause its pretty, pc to do my work on. hohoho.

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