Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The 6th of June 2007

Today is my birthday.

And at 12AM sharp on the 6th of June, I started receiving an influx of SMSs wishing me Happy Birthday.

Thank you guys, you're all so sweet.

One thing I noticed though, here is the list of the first 5 people who SMSed me.

1) Kelly
2) Stephanie
3) Cynthia
4) Cely
5) Michelle

Notice how THEY ARE ALL GIRLS!!!



It's almost like I have NO GUY FRIENDS.

To name a few: Sin Thean, Matt, Gin, Melvin, Eric, Rayvin, Yii-Toong... SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!

One thing you have to learn about girl and guy friends.

"Girls are always so thoughtful... they'll wish you when the clock strikes 12 or early in the morning. So if you get an SMS in the morning or afternoon then it's probably a girl friend. If you get one in the afternoon OR THE NEXT DAY... then it's a dude."

Anyway thank you all for your kind wishes.

Well as for how I'm celebrating my birthday?

Not much... this morning I was up early to go for a meeting with a client.

I am now back in the office working but about to take the whole Nuffnang team out for lunch.

The funny thing is, once I came back from my meeting and walked into my office, I saw a nice wrapped present on my desk... courtesy of one of my dear Nuffnang colleagues.

And inside was...



Arsky said...

EH i think we were the first to wish you la count gin out tho ... he's prolly in kl riding lol

Jason Lioh said...

I tried to call you at 12 sharp but the call didn't get through. And I SMS-ed you at 12:15AM, I am not that late still. How can you put shame on me?! *sniff sniff*

I want that Nuffnang tie too! I am so going to wear it during my presentation in my campus next time! Hah!

mooiness said...

No guy friends? I don't see that as a problem - girls are softer and smell much nicer. :D

As for the Nuffnang tie, holy crap indeed! All this time and you don't have one already?!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Timothy Boss!!
Hope you have a great one!


Cely said...

muahahaha.. the tie ! that was GREAT one!

So cuteeeeeeeee

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha..happy birthday that i know its june the 6th..maybe next year i will try to wish you la..but thats provided i get your hp number also lor..but dont worry i m not no hidden intentions ar..have a good birthday!

Boss Stewie said...

arksy: haha okok thanks tauke

jason: hahaha thank u jason.. I think you were the 8th or something.. but up to now, you're one of the few guys that have wished me

mooi: lol.. sorry ler.... i want to get a nuffnang cap!

mun: thanks so much dude! catch you the next time in KL

cely: heheh cute leh!

joe: hahaa i know you're not gay dude... thanks thanks.. you can wish me then.

TNS said...

happy birhtday boss

Anonymous said...

happy birthday...
just to tell u that u hav a same birthday w my car... just that my car "born" 6 june 2006... 666 muahaha

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hahaha thanks dude

jolene: hahaha what car might that be? Ferrari?

Eve said...

Happy Birthday!!

Maxine said...

happy bday yeah..

wanted to sms u, but my phone's barred, as usual. ugh!

loads of hugs! :)

sarah y said...

Happy birthday!
That's one cute tie.

aL said...


omg. the tie... so nice!

enjoy ur day! =)

*luckily me still sempat*

Kiss my ass said...

Happy Burfday!! :D

陈一豪 said...

Hey Boss, happy birthday.

*sends forth wish about nuffnang's success and the failure of all unethical competitors*

I wanted to do it yesterday before I slept but I forgot.

J u n e said...

Hey boss! Happy birthdayyyy....!!

Belle said...

happy burfday =DDDD
good ma all lengluis wish u woh!
anyway plz take a pic u wearing tht cute tie !! <33333

abit late but still WISH U ALL THE BESt one year older

chanraymond said...

Happy Birthday! See, I'm one of the last ones also. LOL.

Chee Hsien said...

Happy Birthday Boss!!! Nice tie! can i get one for my birthday too? :P

MaN|acZ said...

Happy B'day Boss!!!

Lance de'Cypher said...

Holy crap!
We're not going to be a "uniform-ed" organization now, are we???

*looks up with watery puppy eyes*

nyx said...

let me be the first to wish you HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. may you get older soon and not make me feel so aunty ... :)

Boss Stewie said...

Hahaha to all of you... thank you soo much for your wishes guys... wont' forget this

Mayz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS STEWIE! This is my first time posting a comment actually ... and i've been a reader of your blogs since the "Leng Mou" days.. hehe.. so HI!

HK said...

hey boss! Happy Birthday, I just got my internet connection up after about 2 weeks. sooo... Happy Birthday!

You see? First thing I read when my internet comes up is your blog. Hahahahaha.. actually nolah, it's hotmail first Ctrl+T your blog. Hahaha

Best wishes!

CRIZ LAI said...

Hi Bossy...Happy Belated Birthday :)
I did not know about it either. You should have advertise it earlier :P Anyway, the tie looks cute :)

KY said...

happy burpday

Rebel said...

Happy birthday boss!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice tie! Where do I get one? :)

- MENJ said...

okay.. i'm late - which only means im a guy. so.. happy belated birthday! :P

Syafiq said...

Happy birthday to u dude!

nice bday present there.. XD

Bee Ean said...

What a thoughtful and creative present!! You are very lucky people still thinking of you on your birthday.

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Happy Belated bday, boss!

§pinzer said...

kekekee... err.. happy belated birhtday (im okay rite, since i;m a guy and expected to wait for a day before wishing :P)

A world that i've seen said...

happy blated burpday!:P

Felix Ooi said...

hi there

nice tie though, where have they got it done?