Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Nuffnang is Hiring!

The past few weeks have been crazy for us at Nuffnang.

So many new developments, so much work just coming in all at one go... all of us has barely had the time to have everything done in time.

Ming and I for example used to monitor blogs that talk about Nuffnang and personally address the issues that any bloggers have, but as of late, we've had so much work on our hands we can't seem to find the time.
Our entire team has been just as busy.

They used to be able to reply support e-mails within the hour, but now we get over 100 e-mails each day and that's from BLOGGERS alone, not even including the follow ups with our advertisers.

So one day while in our busy office, Ming and I decided that everyone needed a short break away from the computer screen so we got everyone in our Penang office together and headed for our Conference Room
(Well everyone except another two of our Nuffnangers who were out of the office at the time.. boohoo! unlucky you.. missing all the fun).

The objective... was for everyone to prepare alphabets of Nuffnang and put them all together to deliver an SOS message to the Blogging Community (that we need more people to sustain our growth).

Ming started off trying on an "N"

Then we all got together to grab our favourite alphabets.
And struggled to get organized.

Well we kinda spelled it right.
Then we all got together for the full name.

But Ming spoiled our picture with that blur look on his face.

So we tried it again and we got it right this time.


At the end of it, everyone in the team was happy and morale was high again as everyone got back behind their workstations.

Some say we wasted some company time doing this... but I say everyone needs a breather every once in a while... and everyone was certainly much more productive after this.

You can check out the official post on our Nuffnang Blog here.


Unknown said...

woooo? still no one commented? FIRST~!!!! Im so far away also can get 1st...

well, boss hope u get ur drones soon

Observer said...

Hmm..how come one pix your hand is down...south.....

MaN|acZ said...

mebbe u guys can learn from
www.meebo.com ,
oso another net start-up , but they're working in IM.

hao said...

How come like some of the nuffnangers kena forced to do it one? lol

unnamed said...

that's a very creative way to hire for new blood!!!!

I love it!

Nicole said...

such adorable bosses

Chee Hsien said...

the "a" u're holding... looks abit weird... hmmm....

TingTitLei said...

interesting in hiring delivery bots to deliver your cheezels ? =)

Lance de'Cypher said...

Now where's my commission for d pics? =P

Wingz said...

Can i work for 3 days 2 nites oni?? I can be a very good photocopy boi!!!

5xmom.com said...

Stefan works in nuffnang? Small world! Ask him to croon when you are bored. LOL.

Boss Stewie said...

william: get drones? are you serious? lol

free thinker: hehehe don't get any thoughts

maniacz: yeah i know about meebo.. damn cooll

hao: eh where got..e veryone was so happy in the last pic

vicky: hehe thanks vicky

nico: :P

chee hsien: haha blame tht on samantha.. she drew that

ting: yes yes.. we shall soon hire someone specialized in feeding us cheezels and keeping up with our cheezel supply

lance: hah! back to work lance! 9.49AM!!! surfing blogs while at wrok again ehh lol

wingz: hahaha pls ler wingz.. i can't afford u

5xmom: to croon?

electronicfly said...

some like so shy shy one?
I bet you didn't put a piece of cheezels on top of the camera right?

MikeM said...

hi tim, a bump for you here. nice meeting up with yourself and marcus... hope nuffnang grows bigger & bigger... cheers and cya soon!!!

Belle said...

wingz...u still boi?!!!! LOL!!!
boss hire me la..
i know how to massage head whil;e shampooing ( mom runs salon )
i can make nice coffee
i can tell lame jokes
me can cook nice meal
clean house..
eh wait..wat job m asking for now LOL

5xmom.com said...

U mean you don't know Stefan is one of the 'Il Divo of Penang' members ah? Fuyoh, he can sing wan. From my church choir lah.

Kiss my ass said...

hey... err this was before your funky haircut