Saturday, June 16, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Nuffnang: Our office in KL

I have been so terribly busy lately I can't even find time for myself these days.

Just yesterday I found myself at Heritage Row while in between some of my meetings.

I'm sure I don't have to remind everyone that Heritage Row is the HIP place in KL now with a very vibrant night life.

But unfortunately, I wasn't there to drink, dance or look at girls... I was there to check out our up and coming Nuffnang office that is about to undergo massive renovation.

The Nuffnang office in KL is going to be at this building called Heritage House.Now before I go on, don't be fooled into thinking that Nuffnang is making millions so much that we can open offices everywhere. We're not... but we don't have a choice.

To cope with the demands of our growing community, we're expanding our team, even in KL and we most definitely need an office here to house them. I can't possibly have everyone come work at my apartment can I?

I mean how unprofessional would that be. That would most certainly give the impression that we're some kind of fly-by-night company.

Anyway, before we decided that this was the building we wanted, I was a little concerned about the location.

It was just too in the middle of anything happening. Right below our office (and in the same building itself) for example is the famous bar/club BED.

Not far from here is The Loft... and a whole load of restaurants/bistros just across the road.

I started thinking if any of our Nuffnang team mates will be able to get anything done being so close to entertainment.. but I decided... ahh.. people.. especially the people at Nuffnang who work too hard... need a break.

Anyway, I was there because we'll be moving in to our KL office really really soon.. but before that.. we're going to need to carry out some MASSIVE renovations.

Let me show you a little bit of how our office now looks before our renovation.

When you walk in we have an orangey lobby and reception table that our previous tenant gladly left us.

Then we have a restroom and pantry of our own.

And some other rooms for our team mates to work in.

The view from our office is breathtaking.

But unfortunately all our windows are currently blocked up so it's hard to get a good shot.

I stood in that empty office with a notepad in my hand thinking to myself the things that the office needs.

New carpeting, newly painted walls, new furniture and new fittings = $$$$$$....

*sigh*... looks like I'm going to have to be eating Maggie Mee more often from now on.

Someone suggested that I have a PA seated right outside my own office but I don't think I deserve a PA right now.

Heck I don't even have my own office.. not even in the huge office space we have in Penang at Menara Northam.

I share a room and sit with everyone else there, even our intern Lance is placed in a workstation right next to mine.

While working at JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, I learned to enjoy the open concept we had. Your boss sits not in an office of his own... but in the cubicle next to you.

That's what Ming and I always wanted to cultivate at Nuffnang. No "bosses"... no "employees"... just team mates and team leaders.

One thing I would like though.. is my own parking lot.

Parking around the area at Heritage House is really hard to find.

So I want one just like the one I saw outside Cineleisure the other day.

It said

And on it was a smashed up car... obviously from some idiot who parked on Megatron's lot... YOU DON'T PARK ON MEGATRON'S LOT... UNLESS YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

But sigh.. unfortunately...

In our Penang office, people park at my Reserved Lot all the time... and the most we can do is stick a paper on their windscreen that says
"This lot is reserved.. Please don't park here next time? Please??"

And if he does it again then we leave a note that says
"Hi.... I don't know if you got my previous note but please don't park here.. this is reserved.. tenkiu ar..."

And if he STILL DOES IT AGAIN then all we can do is leave a note that says

or you could whip out your house keys and casually walk past the side of the car....


mooiness said...

Wow. Fantastic location. Parking problems, and temptations of the clubs and bars below aside, I think it's great for the business and the company image.

You can cultivate a cool list of clientèle from the businesses around to advertise - perfect for the majority of blogs which are lifestyle-oriented.

Unknown said...

WOOHOO Nike is here!!!

Wei, if you need a PA, my offer is still up...*wink wink* and I don't mind sitting in the SAME office as you! Muahahahhahahahahha!!! Wait after I grad...

Nicole said...

so whenever i'm there clubbing one night, i'll just pop by your office. :D (which i'm sure u'll still be working)

Boss Stewie said...

mooiness: ahh yes.... i actually started wondering whether it was really worth the premium we were paying to be housed there.. but I think it's for the better

clare: hahahaha... i'm not sure if i can afford you clare... you must cost a bomb

nico: hahaha yes nicole... i most probably will

chocolat-latte' said...

Tim! Why didn't you get an office where my office is la? You seem pretty impressed by the place and it's decent. ;) no?

PA? I am working as a PA for a jap boss as you know, so I guess I'm capable for you eh? *blink*

so near my office, after office hours, IF you have the time to spare, we should hang out. Me lurve heritage row. AND I agree, parking there is a bit*h.

Boss Stewie said...

choc: i think your area is a lot more expensive no ?

Unknown said...

Office looks impressive, congrats!


Admin said...

pheewww phweeetttt!!!! Nice.

When is the Office Warming Party??

TingTitLei said...

bukak new office must belanja all nuffnang members okay *wink wink*

Yoong Family said...

congrats to the nuffnangers on your new office! about the parking in penang - just stick a note on the windscreen that says 'this spot is reserved for optimus prime'...

Chee Hsien said...

it reminds me last year. My landlord told me the wrong parking lots, so i just parked for about one week. One day, i saw i paper on my windscreen it wrote " Don't Be An Idiot! Park at your own place!" hahahhaha... is not that i want to park his/her parking lot. My landlord told me the wrong number.. haha

chocolat-latte' said...

what's your rate at Heritage House?
My place is pretty alright with the price la.. I think it's cheap though. RM3.50 - RM4.50 / sqft.

No furniture and carpet.

A smaller unit of.. 700++ sqft, selling price is around 300k.

Bigger unit of 1200++, selling price say around 400k.

Choose West Wing. You get the KLCC view like mine. ;) Manage by SBD Properties. Good.


but oh well. Rent is in the range of 2,500++.

But I guess your choice of office is awesome la.. Heritage row wei!

I am like.. RIGHT in front of zouk. Who goes to zouk? I don't. pfft.

No one goes clubbin anymore.. It's Lounging now. heh. Heritage row is awesome.

Now I think THEY should be paying me. pfft.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

when its complete i m seriously contemplating quittin my job and join ur marketing team u gonna b based in kl once this opens?

unnamed said...

Wah, so much advertisement for Asian Heritage Row & Heritage House. Never see it so nice until from the angle you shot. haha.
Hope you have already mastered the parking skill in H.H =)

Congrats on your 3rd office!

The Insider said...

Very nice pictures of your new office .. I have been there for a business meeting before... and your pictures really looks familiar though .. I wonder if the previous tenant was a company operating VoIP services coz the color scheme and the layout is axactly the same ... if you are the new tenant, I guess they must have moved and chap-lup.. :(

magicwizard said...

good luck on your new relocation and congrats on nuffnang expansion. loved your wittyness, enjoyable reading for my sunday morning. last word, you so courteous with dumb driver one ar? :D

Boss Stewie said...

menj: ahhh well it's not as nice as it looks.. don't worry.. we're still a startup

ahpek: will u come down all the way for it? hehe

ting: yah.. as ah pek says... office warming party eh? mebe we have party at Bed which is just on the ground floor

simon: optimus prime is the good guy.. he won't smash people's car.. if people parked on his lot, he'll just stick a note like me

chee hsien: hahaha!!!

choc: ahh well ... it's too late anyway.. we already took the lot :P

joe: well i'll be back and forth quite a bit.... can a small startup like us we really afford to hire you?

vicky: not yet master... still quite hard to naik.. but nvm nvm slowly come

the insider: yeah they kinda moved out.. so in comes another startup :P

magic: aaha thank you so much for your kind comments... and yes.. maybe i'm too nice to people who park on my lot!

xes said...

i used to work in heritage building. nice place, plenty of parking. you can either park in the building itself or at the open space car park next to bar savanth.

electronicfly said...

why my comment takde oneeeeee?!!!!

*hang sui wan oni man...=( *

MikeM said...

congrats on ur new office... there will many late nights... guess i will hang around more often @ heritage row :)

Bee Ean said...

The office looks good. Have a nice start for the third office!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha im cheap labour..lets just say abit more then fresh grad pay is all you need to pay me..

oh yeah..i received an email saying im meant to get an ad..but it hasnt arrived..who do i find??

KY said...

time to borrow megatron's jackhammer

Sapphira said...

Haha, put up one of those big ass signs and chain them somehow!

But I do like the house keys suggestion.... If it's the same bugger lah. ;)

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Congrats on your new office.. It looks nice.. Hope everything goes well for you in the renovation.. Don't eat so much maggie mee. LOL.. All the best ya!!