Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nuffnang Orientation

Nuffnang has been hiring quite a number of people lately... not because we're rich but because we've been growing too fast there's too much for us to do.

Since we launched, our team has more than doubled in size... and that's not even including the dudes at Singapore!

Now at Nuffnang... we hire interns too!!!

And the intern we have with us now is.....


Now here's what happens when someone joins us.

Step 1: Made to sit right next to a more senior Nuffnang team member.

Step 2: Non-Disclosure Agreement

This is where the new Nuffnanger signs a document that says that he will not divulge any of the secrets he learns at Nuffnang or we'll cut off his ballz and hang it outside our window sue.
Step 3: Forced Feed Cheezels


Just like KFC now says "We must have rice".. at Nuffnang, WE MUST HAVE CHEEZELS.

When I first asked Lance to eat a packet of Cheezels to officiate the joining of Nuffnang, he said "But I prefer Twisties".

I slapped him and screamed

He gave in and ate away.


We have a welcome lunch at Food Loft Gurney Plaza Penang, one of our advertisers at Nuffnang.

We joke, we talk cock talk about world affairs, eat and drink all under company expense.

This is part where Lance started taking awful pictures of me with rather weird facial expressions.

Of course, feeding a small but growing company is not cheap, so the bill turned out to be over RM227.60 for lunch.

Nuffnang Singapore's company lunches are a lot more expensive... as you can imagine.. in SING DOLLAR.


Visiting another one of our advertisers, everyone goes to MPH to pick up books on programming, marketing or anything that could help them learn the job better. All on company's expense again.
And there you go everyone.

Those are the 5 steps you have to go through while starting work with Nuffnang.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention... the 6th... to start a blog.

ALL NUFFNANG TEAM MEMBERS must have blogs. It doesn't matter if they get a lot of traffic or not, they must still blog.

Lance coincidentally already was a blogger before he joined.

He now blogs about his internship experience at Nuffnang (*ahem* during working hours).

Lance.. go get me coffee when you read this. Two sugars, no milk. And grab me a packet of cheezels while you're at it.


Unknown said...

you are d boss.

mooiness said...

Not bad what, you treat them all very well. Plus they can blog on company time because it's mandated! Shiok.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Congrats, boss.. the company is growing!!!! CHeers!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh..employing more people or not..sounds like good fun lar.. i cant program..but i can really talk cock..good for bringing around to see potential much can you offer?

Boss Stewie said...

richard: no ler.. not boss ler.. the boss are my clients and bloggers

mooiness: hahahaha loll... yah... yah

kuku: well that's a good thing right? heh

Boss Stewie said...

joe: hahaha okok.. email me dude...

KY said...

looks like being a camwhore is a requirement too?

Jason Lioh said...

Does Nuffnang requires an engineer intern? Low pay nevermind, as long as you let me rot inside Nuffnang for 12 weeks. :P

Wingz said...

erm ... looks like i also kena start feeding my staffs mammee liow! mammee is alot cheaper! lol

Boss Stewie said...

ky: lol... no not quite

jason: hahaha can can.. come lor ...

wingz: ahahahaha....pls ler.. cheezels not that ex ok?

Admin said...

fu yoh. work in nuffnang got free lunch wan ah?

Wan to employ jaga pintu onot?

Unknown said...

Wah! I oso want to work there lor like that! I love cheezels!

The last para...ada gaya boss! LOL!!!

a n n n a said...

so best work in nuffnang.

need accountants? XD

i blog. i cheezels. i make coffee.

deal? =P

Boss Stewie said...

ah pek: ahhahaha... pls lar ah pek.. u want to be jaga pintu? if you come in .. you'll take my place and i'll be your coffee boy

clare: lol.. no lar.. that's just me pretending to be gaya.. i don't talk to my colleagues like that

anna: we're actually looking for an accountant full time... but you're sooo far away

TNS said...

bosss, can i work for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oliviasy said...

psssttt... come to kl lar :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

damnit..i just realised u guys are in penang la.. im still not qualified accountant yet..but i would love to learn some entrepeneurship n marketing skills of u guys.. abit sick working for pwc now..

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hahaha u want to work with me? cann cann

olivia: we are opening up in kl

joe: hhah we are opening up in kl dude

Belle said...

wahhh!!!! blog while working i wan!need a lengnui coffee gal mou?
x] m very available ~
lol anyway cheers for growing company weeeee~

Anonymous said...

so nice...
haha i mean company expenses on books... so niceeeeee...

Dan said...


I dunno why but the pic with 227.60 just made me laugh out loud. I crazy dee. I hereby condemn your blog.

Daphne Maia said...

wallaoo boss. now no one will wanna intern at Nuffnang anymore lor.. go thr hv to make coffee for u.. do i hear poor Lance grumbling already? Haha.

but.. interesting post! i think a gd orientation will determine the direction of the employer-employee relationship in future! :) gd job. hehe.

eeeva said...

YAY nuffnang in kl! when?
i got teenie weenie bit of prgramming skills, and lup cheezels veli veli machi!
now i must start

Chee Hsien said...

Aiyakk... one more...
7th : must not shy during taking photo.
Do u hired a college boy like me? :P

Boss Stewie said...

belle: hahahahaha... u must be quite an expensive "coffee girl" to hire no?

jolene: hehehe yes yes.. that's quite necessary

blooming: hahaha what did u find funny about that?

daphne: haha that's why we don't get many interns :P

carv: very VERY soon :P

chee hsien: of course we do.. if you'd like to intern with us

Chee Hsien said...

college boy can work as what? hahaha... office boy? :P ahhaahha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

serious ar? stuff..mayb we can discuss dis thru email..

Boss Stewie said...

chee hsien: no ler.. intern

joe: hehe okok sure

MaN|acZ said...

ur company dress code, must wear tie n all ar?..

Boss Stewie said...

no ler... wed and fris are casual... even on formal days, we don't wear ties... but it was lance's first day and he wanted to make a good impression hehehe

Dan said...

boss...the fact that they never program it nicely. It says CASHIER2.